10 Fashion Trends to Help You Start the New Year in Style

Who says New Year’s resolutions have to be boring? Why not resolve to get out of your rut and improve your fashion IQ? To some, fashion may seem frivolous, but the way you present to the world starts with the way you dress. This year, resolve to let your personality shine through the winter months, with trendy plus size clothing sure heat up the coldest days.

1. Go Long

Skirts and dresses in midi and maxi lengths will be a staple of the aspiring fashionista’s look for 2020. What’s the difference? Midi skirts can hit anywhere from slightly above the knee to mid-calf, while maxi skirts go past the calf to hit at the ankles. These lengths are appropriate for the office—save your miniskirts for a night on the town—and can be worn with or without tights. For a casual look, opt for denim. Wool is perfect for a polished and professional style.

2. Seek Out Shorts

Bermuda shorts aren’t just for vacation anymore. They’ve been showing up on the runways for a couple of years now. These tailored, belted shorts are just shy of knee-length and are appropriate for a semi-casual look. In sumptuous fabrics, they can be worn as evening wear; but you’ll also see them as part of a suit or paired with a casual blouse. If you want to wear them to work, choose a crisp fabric and add a blazer. Too conservative for you? If you’ve got the bod to rock hot pants, you’ll be in good company with the likes of Chanel, Hermès, and Ferragamo.

3. Leap Into Jumpsuits

If you’re up for trying a bold style with a slightly masculine flavor, consider a jumpsuit, a boilersuit, or a playsuit. Denim, corduroy, silk, or the more traditional cotton are all options. To soften the look, choose a print or a feminine color and wear with heels. If you want to go ultra-feminine and are feeling bold, leave the top undone to show off another of the seasons’ trends: the bra top.

4. Consider a Cape

Capes aren’t just for superheroes anymore. Why not change up your outerwear? Capes come in a variety of silhouettes, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding something flattering.

5. Lean Into Leather

The black leather motorcycle jacket will always be a classic, but today’s designers are using this material in more creative ways. Try a leather skirt or vest, colored leather, or lightweight “summer” leather for a more contemporary look. When purchasing leather, look for good stitching, and remember that you get what you pay for. Be sure to clean and store your leather garments properly.

6. Get Textural

Just because people will be looking at your clothing rather than feeling it doesn’t mean texture can’t play a part in the statement you make. Crocheted knits, feathers, ruffles, netting, and fringe are all trendy choices.

7. Show Your True Colors

Bold use of color may be the most visible trend for spring. Neon colors, especially greens, yellows, and oranges, are being featured on fashion runways. At Paris Fashion Week, Anthony Vaccarello clad his models with glow-in-the-dark colors lit by LEDs, a look that’s a little extreme for everyday wear. If you’re afraid of looking like a poster child from the 80s, start small: try a scarf or a funky pair of shoes.

8. Slightly Dotty

Polka dots have been around since the mid-19th century, but that doesn’t mean they’re dated. They’ve been popping up everywhere lately, from Paris Couture Week to New York Fashion Week. Often associated with childhood, polka dots impart a bit of whimsy to any outfit. When going with a larger pattern, keep your other pieces subdued. Teeny-tiny polka dots, on the other hand, fade into the background a bit and can be considered a neutral, so don’t be afraid to pair with statement jewelry or a bold handbag.

9. Prints

If polka dots aren’t your thing, you have no shortage of options when it comes to finding a print that matches your personality. Florals in both small and large prints are popular, with roses being featured heavily. For a touch of class, choose a floral in an embroidered fabric. If florals seem too precious, tie-dye and psychedelic prints are also making a comeback.

10. Don’t Settle

It’s tempting to reach for that outfit you’ve had forever, and it’s never a bad idea to “shop your closet,” if only for the sake of the environment. Fast fashion has had its moment, but investing in a piece you look and feel great in will never go out of style. When looking at price tags, be sure to consider the cost per wear, and remember that higher-quality fabrics will last much longer. Put your best foot forward as you step out into the new decade and take the world by storm!