10 places you must see before you die

As the “big 40” approaches, it got me thinking about where I would like to visit in the world, ideally before dementia and blue rinses become part of life! I have experienced jumping aboard a ferry to france to do some shopping in Paris and a few other things but there is still lots I want to see. Upon researching the far flung corners of the globe I a) became very depressed and b) suddenly desperately needed some sun. I also, however, discovered some amazing places that are definitely on my Top Ten list. Some are pretty obvious tourist destinations, others are more off the beaten track. (Whether I actually make it to any of these places with a toddler to feed and a huge mortgage to pay remains to be seen, but one can dream…)

Number 1 – Paris, France

Perhaps it’s the romantic in me but Paris has always been on “my list”. And I don’t mean Euro Disney. I mean the lovely restaurants, the Eiffel Tower, the boutiques, the wine, the Arc de
Triomphe. And the romance.

Arc de Triomphe

Number 2 – New York

I’m cheating slightly on this one as I have been here before – but it’s one of the few places I’d rush back to in a heartbeat. And I know that, no matter how many times I visited, I’d never get bored or run out of things to do and see. A truly amazing and addictive city.

new york

new york

Number 3 – Hawaii

I don’t mean the super-touristy Waikiki. I mean the likes of Maui with the gorgous Lahaina, the infamous Lahaina Luau, the fantastic waterfalls on the Road to Hana and the famous Pools of Oheo in Oheo Gulch. Oh and the surfing lessons look good too.


Number 4 – Sydney, Australia

Some people don’t get it when I say that Sydney is on my top ten list, but it has a real appeal to me. Maybe it’s just an itch I need to scratch. I have a few pals living here so it’s got more potential than some destinations on the list…just need to book the flights!


Number 5 – Vietnam

Despite being described as  “one of the most enriching, enlivening and exotic countries on earth”, Vietnam is not an obvious choice to visit. But the white sand beaches, the palaces and pagodas, the tombs and temples – all are an enticing combination and I’m intrigued.



Number 6 – Maldives

Perhaps it’s because it may not be around forever, but this group of islands has always held great appeal for me. The thought of combining snorkelling on the coral reef with spa days and supper on a sand bank is irresistible!



Number 7 – The Pyramids, Egypt

Yes – a pretty obvious choice, admittedly, but I think this is something most people would love to see before they die. The pyramids must be a completely awe-inspiring sight.

The Pyramids, Egypt

Number 8 – Grand Canyon

Another pretty obvious one, but this looks pretty awesome. I’d hope to NOT get vertigo when peering down from a great height!

Grand Canyon

Number 9 – Venice, Italy

Again, a romantic one, but those gondolas, the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Basilica and the Grand Canal all look amazing. I love Italy, so Venice is definitely on “the list”.

Venice Italy


Number 10 – Taj Mahal, Indai

One of the seven wonders of the world, it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for many years now. The fact that it took 22 years to build is amazing in itself, and the history behind it is even more fascinating.