10 Practical Activities You Can Try While On Vacation

We keep pushing ourselves all year, tolerating the stress from work, school, college, and all of the responsibilities we have. We can’t wait for the vacation to finally come and break us free! Just sleeping in all day sounds like heaven.

But a vacation should serve to refresh and rejuvenate you. While you’re too busy all year round working and focusing on taking your career to the next level, holidays are the best opportunity to discover more parts of yourself.

Here are 10 practical activities that you can take on when you go on a vacation.

1. Enrich Your Mind And Have Fun At The Same Time

Who said that getting educated about something has to be boring? Well, yes, our schools and curriculums and basically the whole educational system- BUT, it really doesn’t have to be!

There are lots of ways you can learn something new and have a lot of fun learning it. Not to mention the feelings of enlightenment and achievement you get whenever you add one more category to the topics you can talk about.

Some of the fun ways you can get educated about a certain topic are:

  • Watch Educational YouTube Videos:

YouTube is a mine waiting to be excavated. You can find channels discussing cool physics applications and theories, chemistry, history, anatomy, science, technology, woodwork, anything you can think of.

  • Watch Documentaries

Watching documentaries is a great way to learn about nature, real biographies of historical figures, understand more about nature and all of the effects of climate change, and travel back in time to old eras.

  • Sign-up for an Online Course

Another way to learn is to sign up to the thousands of MOOCs available out there. How lucky can you be to get access to expert courses for free? You can learn anything, starting from complex mathematics in creating your own melodies on a piano.

  • Read

Not everybody fancies reading, many find it too… boring. But we argue that, if you find reading boring, it’s probably because you haven’t found a book that stimulated your mind and took you over an emotional roller coaster yet. You’ll get addicted when you do!

2. Unlock Your Potential

Getting some theoretical knowledge in a fun way is cool and all, but have you tried learning a practical skill? Nothing beats the feeling of exploring more parts of yourself, realizing there’s so much hidden potential you can unlock. Delve into a self-exploration journey through:

  • Learn a New Skill

There’s nothing cooler than being skilled at something and showing it off to everyone. Imagine you are able to deliver the best moving speech in front of a huge audience, or that you could use some cool karate moves to help the damsel in distress from a thief. How about negotiating your way into the best deal of the year, or making the best Italian dish in the whole neighborhood?

  • Take a New Hobby

Hobbies are a great outlet you can vent off all of your stress and negativity into, but becoming good at something needs practice. Take up drawing courses, create some art using unconventional materials. Bake, cook, sing, dance, learn photography, go stargazing, play music; do whatever makes your heart beat with life.

  • Write

This may sound way too academic to be on this list, however, writing is way more than that! You can write down your thoughts and emotions, make a diary, start on your own novel, or do some research on a random topic and write a blog about it. Writing not only stimulates the brain, but it helps you organize your thoughts and give words to what you’re feeling. On the plus side, yes it’ll definitely help with your career.

  • Try Out Acting

You can further immerse yourself in a fictional universe by acting out the characters, maybe even add in some voice-over intonations. You never know, you might find your passion as a voice-over artist!

3. Work For Fun

If you’re a student and you’re looking for ways to make the most out of your vacation, try out how the “real-life” feels like. You can volunteer into a club or an activity with cause you want to support. Or search around and get a job early on, you can learn a lot about yourself and the fields you like, without the pressure of needing the job to survive.

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4. Rejuvenate Your Physical Health

Holidays are for relaxation, yes, but they’re also for recharging and getting your energy levels back up. Make the most out of your day by waking up early to do as many activities as you can. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, and to workout your body to get replenished with those feel-good endorphins. Go to yoga classes, meditations, and get your mind and body in their best stress-free state.

5. Channel Your Inner Creative into DIY Projects

Few things could beat the feeling of making something with your own hands. Vacations are a great opportunity to learn something new and make it yourself. There are many DIY projects that you can make, and get your family engaged with you too. You can build or fix something in your home, or give your house a makeover. You can create musical instruments from stuff lying around your house, or learn how to automate your house yourself. The best part? There are millions of DIYs to help you with that on the internet.

6. Remove the Junk

Declutter from all of the junk you don’t use anymore, but have piled in your attic, give away the books, clothes and notes you no longer use, and empty your inbox from all of those spams you’ll never read. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

7. Enjoy Your Time With Nature

Take your time with wandering around and enjoying the quiet, mesmerizing nature around. Take long walks at night in the moonlight, go on a picnic in the middle of greens, go on a geocaching trip.

8. Travel, Learn People’s Stories

If you’re planning to travel on your vacation, make sure you get lost on purpose. Talk to the local people, hear their stories and share your own. There’s no better connection than getting to know the human essence of other cultures, it expands your mind and meaning of life.

9. Play Hard With Family and Friends

Make sure you make the most out of your family and friends time. Go to a concert, party late into the night, make a movie night with a lot of popcorn, pizza and drinks, enjoy a pool day, play games and make every minute count.

10. Prepare To Get Back On Track

Vacation is about breaking free from work, to be able to get back to full speed. Take some time in your vacation to revisit your goals and plans, realign your tracks, make sure you’re totally focused when you get back to work.

Making the Most Out of the Vacation

The whole purpose of a vacation is to recharge your energy back to full levels. But it’d be such a shame to waste it all in sleeping and watching movies. Squeezing in fun, practical, mindful, and energizing activities will ensure you’re completely ready to take on the days once more.