10 Most Romantic Island Destinations

With the stress of modern life piling up, every couple could use a break now and then. There is absolutely nothing better than taking a quick romantic getaway, to clear you mind and strengthen your relationship. Whether its your dream honeymoon vacation, or just a weekend away from the city, such a vacation could have a strong, lasting effect. It can help relieve any tensions, and create positive shared memories instead.

While each couple has its own ideas on what a perfect romantic holiday should look like, we’ve tried to assemble the ultimate list of vacation spots. We’ve favored countries which provide a rich and full experience and not just a nice beach and all-inclusive resorts. This will help make sure your time together is well spent, full of adventure and fun.

10) Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a volcanic island with beautiful sandy beaches. For many years it was famous as a tropical haven and one of the best diving and surfing spots. A rich and diverse marine ecosystem offers a truly unique diving experience, and the beaches are simply stunning.

The island is full of temples, in case you want to learn more about the local culture. Bali is also a great place to learn or practice yoga and meditation in one of the many known retreats – if that’s something you and your partner are into. Along the beach you can find many bars, since the nightlife scene here developed significantly as the stream of tourists increased.

To many people, Bali is synonymous with paradise. However, the reason it’s only 10th on our list is it’s no longer the tropical hidden secret it once used to be. Tourists flock Bali throughout most of the years, causing prices to go up and making it harder for you to find privacy.

9) Thailand

We are sure you already know everything about Thailand – one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Similar to Bali, the sheer amount of visitors could be overwhelming so one should plan and time his trip very carefully.

Thailand offers visitors a great combination between culture, adventure and relaxation. You could visit old temples and shrines or go to one of the many local markets to get a taste of the amazing local cuisine. And if its a party you are looking for, then look no further because Thailand is known as one of the best nightlife locations in the world. Make sure you don’t miss Koh phangan full moon party – most likely the craziest party you’ll ever go to in your life.

8) Maldives

The Maldives, a small group of islands in the Indian ocean is the absolute epitome of a beach haven. If you are after an all-inclusive resort experience of the highest standard imaginable, look no further than the Maldives. What could be better than staying at your own private island with the beach right at your doorstep, while enjoying the best service and amenities possible?

One thing you should take into account though, is how expensive a trip to the Maldives is. If budget isn’t an issue, go ahead and book your trip – and brush shoulders with the world’s rich and famous. While the islands are perfect for relaxation, don’t expect much in terms of activities. The capital Malé has a busy fish market and an ancient masque you can visit – but that’s about it.

7) Greece

We feel Greece is a highly underrated island destination. Sure, it does not have the pristine white beaches some other location has, nor that exotic, tropical vibe. Instead, you get a more cultured experience with European standards, coupled with Mediterranean food and hospitality.

When people do mention Greece, Santorini usually grabs the most attention. The picturesque island town with its colorful hillside villas is definitely a great place to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, and you should make sure to include it in your Greece vacation. There are, However, more than 200 other islands you can visit – and that’s just counting the inhabited ones!

Each island has its own unique trait and flavor – some are perfect for an all inclusive luxury vacation while other are more robust and fit for those who wish to rent a house and take care of themselves. In any case, with so much to choose from we are sure you can find something to suit your needs.

6) Mauritius
Another Indian ocean island makes to our list, but this one is totally different than the Maldives. The only similarity is they both have pristine white beaches and high end resorts. Being a former British colony, the island’s culture is heavily influenced by the west and all locals speak English quite well. Maurities did manage to keep a lot of its old traditions and culture alive though, which has made the country even more fascinating thanks to its rich ethnic and cultural diversity.

Maurituis is best known for its beach and especially the exotic wildlife. Its one of the best destinations for nature lovers – if you don’t mind hiking all day then there are not many places on earth where you can witness nature firsthand like here. The island has won numerous prestigious awards and is widely considered to be among the best tourist spots in the wolrd – so it’s simply impossible not to include it on our list.

5) Italy

Similar to Greece, Italy is often overlooked as a romantic island destination. Going to the south and visiting the island of Capri and Sardinia can be an extremely rewarding vacation. You could easily combine this tour with a visit to Sicily and the entire south – what more could you ask for?

South Italy has a unique style and culture. Less recommended for the adventure seekers, its a great destination for couples who wish to travel in style and mix some culture and food into their island vacation. Consider landing at Rome and spending a few days there before heading south – why not enjoy the historic landmarks and amazing boutiques if we are already there?

4) Philippines

This country is usually overlooked by tourists who prefer nearby locations such as Thailand and Bali. That is exactly the reason why we think its better – at least for those of you who are looking for a truly exotic, off the beaten track experience.

The Philippines is one of the last places where you can find completely private beaches and hidden lagoons, while still enjoying world class resorts and service. It is also the cheapest country on this list, which is never a bad thing. The best thing about the Philippines however, is how diverse it is. With over 7000 different islands – there is something there for everyone.

Since its not a big tourist destination, planning a trip to the Philippines can be quite challenging. While the people are very friendly and helpful, the country itself is yet to fully adapt to its increasing popularity among tourists. There isn’t enough information online, and once there you can find your plan is disrupted by weather or transport delays.

The best solution to overcome these obstacle is to use the help of a local travel agency and book your vacation through them. We especially recommend agencies that specialize in complete travel packages – they will help make sure you can travel safely and make the most out of your romantic getaway.

3) The Caribbean

What else there is to say about the Caribbean that hasn’t been said before? This group of islands is heaven on earth, and a perfect spot for couples seeking some romantic time away from their day to day life. With so many different islands to choose from, you are definitely sure to find the type of vacation you are after.

We have already written about the Caribbean and everything they can offer, but it’s worth mentioning again how wonderful this place is. If you are looking for a dream beach vacation in a luxury environment, this is one of the best places to choose.

2) Hawaii

Everybody knows how great Hawaii is, we have all seen the movies and shows. The beaches here are world famous and constantly feature in ‘best beach in the world’ type of lists. When thinking about Hawaiin beaches, Maui immediately springs to mind – possibly the most famous beach destination in the whole world.

That said, we believe that for couples on their romantic getaway the island of Lanai is a better choice. It offers the same beautiful beaches and luxury resorts, but at much more relaxed and private atmosphere. Lanai is really one of the most romantic places on earth – but who said you can’t combine a few different islands into one vacation? It’s all a question of how much time and money you got!

1) Tahiti

Tahiti tops our list of recommended locations, mostly thanks to the amazing Bora Bora island. Everyone knows about that place already and how great it is over there, it’s really the closest thing there is to paradise. The Beach, the atmosphere and the nature around you all blend in perfectly to provide that elusive sensation of relaxant and joy.

We can’t think of any place better than Bora Bora to share with your loved one, its really something you will both cherish forever. CNN however, did think of a few other islands worth checking in French Polynesia, so go ahead and check those out as well. These islands can provide a nice twist to your vacation and help make it more special. Out of that list we especially recommend Moorea, which is just as beautiful as Bora Bora and perfect for couples.