When Should You Really Visit a Salon?

The beauty industry of today is extremely advanced and growing rapidly. You can get any kind of service at a salon from waxing and laser epilation to hair colouring into any colour imaginable to cosmetic treatments that will have your skin glow with beauty and health.

Of course, it’s very tempting to do all that, but the costs of these treatments are high, so the majority of us need to think carefully about what to invest in and which things are better done at home. If you aren’t sure which of the treatments to get where the following list will help.

Hair Removal: Best Left to Professionals

Hair removal techniques are extremely versatile today and you can definitely perform a lot of them at home. But shaving or using specialized creams will only provide short-term results. If you want to avoid worrying for at least three weeks, the most popular treatments are waxing and laser epilation.

While there are at-home epilation machines available today, you shouldn’t risk with them if you don’t have specialized training. Any technology even remotely resembling lasers carries a risk of burns, so these treatments are best left for salons with experienced certified technicians that use top-quality professional equipment.

Waxing is simpler and as safe to do at home as it is at a salon. It’ll take some practice to learn how to do it right and fast, but you should be able to do it with little effort. The only exception is waxing in the intimate areas. It’s much more painful and difficult to perform, so it might be more comfortable to get this treatment from a skilled professional.

Hair Care: Colouring, Processing, and Haircuts

There can be no arguing the fact that a salon is the best place to get your hair cut. It’s not like you can do this yourself, and even if your friends swear by their skills, would you really like to risk it?

But getting a haircut isn’t the only thing you can do at the salon. The stylists of today seem to have fully-equipped portable hair beauty labs in their trolleys. And hair colouring is definitely a thing you should entrust only professionals with. This way, you can be sure that you get the exact kind of colour or treatment (highlights, lowlights, balayage, etc.) you want without damaging your hair too much. At-home colouring products aren’t as effective and using them incorrectly might burn your locks.

It’s the same for hair straightening and perms. All in all, if you want processed hair, go to a professional to do it.

Deep conditioning treatments, on the other hand, can be done at home just as easily. If you want, you can purchase the same professional products they use at a salon to get the same top-grade care at home. You can also make a variety of natural hair conditioning masks from the contents of your pantry and fridge.

Skin Care: Only Go Pro for Special Treatments

The matter of skin care is both more complicated and easier at the same time. On one hand, there are treatments that you can only get in a salon. Procedures like mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, and IPL all require specialized equipment and training and should only be performed by certified professionals.

But there are also microneedling, peels, and facials that you can get both at a salon and at home. And there is no definitive choice between which option is better because both are good. Well, except for at-home microneedling, that’s a rather risky setup.

Chemical peels and facials, on the other hand, only differ in potency. Like it usually is between store-grade and professional-grade cosmetics, the treatments offered in a salon are more effective because the products used for them contain more of the active ingredients. However, the products you can get to use at home will also be effective, just a bit less so.

Therefore, the choice boils down to your budget. Can you afford some pampering at a salon? If yes, you should get these treatments there to enjoy maximum benefits. But if your budget is tight, you can do these things at home. The important thing is to do them regularly as consistent skin care is essential for maintaining that beautiful healthy glow.