Get ready for spring!  5 steps for a glowing complexion

After a long, hard winter, when we’ve all had to spend most of our time indoors, it’s natural that our skin needs a boost to get ready for the spring and summer.  We’ve chosen 6 of our favorite hacks to restore your glowing complexion.

1.     Exfoliate

The first thing is to remove dead cells that give your skin a dull appearance. Instead of using harsh chemically-laden products that will strip away your skin’s protective layer, why not make your own?  Try gentle scrubs, using common store cupboard ingredients. Combinations of salt, sugar, honey, and even coffee grounds can be used to dissolve any dirt and reveal your fresh complexion just underneath.

2.     Natural products

The next step is to take a fresh look at the products you’re using on your face. Toss out all those old moisturizers and lotions, full of obscure chemical ingredients, which are past their use-by date.   Then, when you’re looking for a natural face moisturizer, choose one packed with ingredients suitable for your skin types, such as aloe or pomegranate.

To increase the effectiveness of your moisturizer, don’t spend time working it into your skin.  Instead, try this beauty secret that many Asian women use to keep their skin looking great.  After cleansing and exfoliating, apply a good layer of the cream, and wait for it to be absorbed. Then, remove any excess with a tissue and your skin will feel softer and plumper.

3.     Nutrition

We are, literally, made up of what we eat and our skin reflects the quality of our nutrition. Heavily processed junk foods, excess sugar, and sodas will all take their toll on your skin. Cut them down and substitute them with alternatives to help your skin to glow and your eyes sparkle.

Collagen is vital for skin repair. Boost production of this vital hormone, by incorporating plenty of citrus fruits, berries, egg whites, and garlic into your diet.

Foods rich in antioxidants will also help to counteract free-radical damage to the skin and help to brighten your complexion. Avocados, broccoli, papayas, and red peppers are loaded with them and will work their miracles from the inside.

4.     Make a DIY face mask

Create an effective hydrating mask, also using ingredients found in most kitchens, to fight back against dull winter skin. Use a base of yogurt, which is an effective anti-inflammatory, and mix in crushed avocado, a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, which also have plenty of fatty acids and vitamin B.  Add some honey for a little extra hydration. Apply liberally, leave for 10-15 minutes or so, then rinse away with tepid water.

5.     Massage away stress

Use some quick and easy massage techniques to ease away tension and boost your circulation.

First, take two or three drops of your favorite oil, and rub them into your palms. Starting between your eyebrows, smooth the oil up and outwards over your forehead.  Use gentle pressure to ease away any tension around the brows and temples. Keeping your face relaxed, use your middle and ring fingers to massage your forehead in small circles.

Next, use long strokes down one side of your jawline and up the other side. The more you practice, the more you’ll discover which strokes help to ease your attention most effectively, and develop your own favorite moves.

If it feels good, include your scalp in the massage. Tap lightly all over with your fingertips to release tense muscles. Grab small handfuls of hair and firmly (but gently) rotate your scalp. You’ll soon notice your expression clearing, and your skin starting to respond.

6.     Sleep

Your skin needs you to get the right amount of sleep,  and typically, that’s between 7 and 9 hours.  If you’ve not been getting enough lately, you’ll soon see the effects on your face.  Why? When we sleep the body produces HGH (human growth hormone), which is needed to produce collagen.  So, to get that glowing skin back,  use a sleep-tracking app to understand just how well you’re sleeping, and adjust your bedtime if needed.

7.     Make it cold

Our grandmothers had a special beauty secret –  they splashed their faces with cold water after washing to create a beautiful healthy glow.   Try it – you’ll see amazing effects in a short time.  Once you’ve finished your cleansing routine, and your moisturizer has been fully absorbed, splash your face with icy cold water. Your skin will soon be craving its daily blast of cold.  It doesn’t just boost your circulation,  you’ll also feel energized and ready to start your day with that glow you’re looking for.