10 Ways to Keep Your Husband Occupied on Sundays

10 Ways to Keep Your Husband Occupied on Sundays Now That Football Season is Over

Football season has ended in the United States, and millions of men everywhere are in a depressed mood, wondering what to do now? For couples whose Sundays have been taken over by football from August through February, getting through every Sunday without football  in March, April, May, June and July can be a chore. Here are some ways to make Sundays more fun for your husband, and for yourself, until it’s time to watch grown men chase after the elusive pigskin once again.

1. Get creative in the bedroom. If you have the privacy on a Sunday afternoon to just spend it alone, together, in the bedroom, you now have the opportunity to try a few new things with your man to make him forget all about his sorrow over football season ending. Try on that new Victoria’s Secret lingerie you bought during football season that he never would have noticed at the time. Use toys to spice things up, or better yet, rent an adult film to get things going. If you have older kids, lock the bedroom door and tell them it’s Mom and Dad’s private time together. If you have younger children, see if a friend or relative can take them out for the afternoon. This is a great time to put the romance back in your marriage and make him forget all about missing the NFL cheerleaders each Sunday.

2.  Go shopping at the home improvement store. Nothing can make a man forget his sadness about not being able to watch football anymore than a trip to the home improvement store. And this doesn’t have to be a total snore fest for the ladies, either. Even if you have nothing concrete in mind to buy, you can get all sorts of ideas for remodeling your home, making little changes like paint, or replacing the floors. You don’t have to actually purchase anything, but you and your husband can put your heads together and decide what you like jointly and what you don’t like, and plan for the future.

3.  Have a his ‘n hers movie afternoon (or two). Is it hard to twist your guy’s arm to see a chick flick? Well, maybe if you watch one of his favorite, action-adventure films, he’ll return the favor. If he can sit still for long enough, you could have a double feature Sunday afternoon and watch a guy film then a chick flick; or, if he’s only a one movie at a time guy, try watching his movie this Sunday and yours next Sunday. Just don’t let him weasel out of watching yours with you!

4.     Spend more time on outings as a family. If you have kids, Sunday afternoons are a great time to go places with them that tend to be more crowded on Saturdays. I’m thinking Chuck e Cheese’s (if you can stand it), museums, the zoo, go bicycling, have a family picnic, spend time outdoors. Now is the time to get your man out and about with the family, so that you don’t have to take the kids to all of these places yourself later on (during the next football season, that is!)

5.      If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Are you one of those wives who likes watching football with her husband and is actually just as upset (well, almost) as he is that the season has ended? Then commiserate over your shared woes one afternoon, but make it upbeat. You should both wear your favorite team jerseys or colors, serve up some snacks, and sit down to watch replays. These can be found all over, on the Internet, on the NFL Network, and maybe even some you’ve taped on your very own DVR. This won’t solve the problem, but it might make one Sunday afternoon a bit more tolerable for you both.

6.     Cook together. Is your husband the cook in the family? Are you? Or are you both either really good or really terrible at cooking? Whichever description fits your situation, you might have some fun spending a Sunday afternoon cooking each others’ favorite foods, or even trying out new recipes. Then at the conclusion of the afternoon, you can pig out on what you’ve created (or better yet, have friends or family over to help share your new creations!)

7.      Plan your next trip together. Has it been a while since you and your husband, or family, took a vacation? If so, why not spend a Sunday afternoon planning your next trip together. Even if you already have a vacation planned, you can sit and dream about where you ‘d love to go, whether it’s just a fantasy or a reachable goal. Plan where you’d go, how you’ll get there, how long you’ll stay, where you’ll stay, what you’d like to see while you’re there, who you’d take with you (if anyone – maybe it’s more romantic to plan a trip just for the two of you!)

8.      Play games. This covers a broad area, so I’ll leave this up to your interpretation and you can decide which idea fits your situation best. You might simply want to play nice, safe board games, maybe with the kids. Or you might want to play card games. Or strip card games. Or bedroom games….

9.      Go to a baseball game together. America’s favorite pastime, right? Even if you’re not a big baseball fan, support your hubby for at least one Sunday afternoon and go cheer on his favorite team with him. An afternoon at the baseball park can be really fun, even if only for the atmosphere. The smell of hot dogs, the breeze, the sweaty guys in tight pants… all of these add up to a fun afternoon together.

10.     Go fishing together. Is your husband a fisherman? Or maybe he’s never tried fishing? Either way, you might want to pick a nice, warm, sunny day and go to your local fishing hole with him. I know, fishing can be really boring, but if you really think you can’t stand it, take a chair and a book. Just being with your man while he’s doing something he loves can help to bring you closer together as a couple.