12 Las Vegas Tips and Tricks for First-Timers

Hello there! Are you new in Vegas, or are you planning to make your first trip there, and you don’t know what to expect? Pleased to meet you. You are just at the right place. Las Vegas is an ever-bustling city, full of life, colors, and vigor. You need a lot of adrenaline to match this city’s energy. Below are 12 Las Vegas tips and tricks for first-timers.

1.   Book Tickets Ahead Online

We are talking about Vegas here; procrastinating when to purchase tickets is never a good idea. To get the best seats and to prevent missing out on a top act or your favorite show, you need to buy your ticket before the show. The best shows always sell out at the speed of light.

2.   Check-In Ahead of Hours Online

In Las Vegas, the prime time for checking in at hotels is usually between 3-7 pm. With this information, you know better than to check in at this time because you would meet a queue. If you can’t arrive at your desired hotel early to check-in, you can try an alternative that permits online check-in before time.

3.   Understand The Gaming Before You Start

Are you new to the gaming scene, and you don’t know the dos and don’ts? You should probably sign up for a players’ club at a casino and a tour around the casino with a local guide. If you are too lazy for that and just want to have some fun, you can try a few gambles and let fate decide your fate.

You could also try your luck with online bingo; good fortune might just choose to smile at you. The game isn’t popular for no good reason; it is an easy and passionate one. It is legal and safe to play in Vegas. While in Las Vegas, you can enjoy legal online bingo. There is a good number of online bingo operators there.

4.   Don’t Sleep on The Free Drinks

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing; so far you are gambling in Vegas, the drinks are free. Yes, you read that right. You get free beer, water, cocktails, amongst other drinks for free. You don’t say no to a free drink when you are in Vegas. You know the trick to get more free drinks? Tip the waiters with a dollar or two.

5.   Always Hold Your ID

If you’re an American, holding your ID isn’t something you need a reminder for; Americans are used to it by now. Your ID is your pass to have access to the casino. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to go all the way only to be bounced back. So! Always bring along your ID.

6.   Hold Some Cash

To avoid the increased service charges at ATMs which could be as high as $5 per transaction and additional bank charges, you should bring sufficient cash. You would also need the cash to settle tips. By now, you would know that Vegas is a land of tips. Holding large sums of cash isn’t exactly safe; that’s why you need to get a hotel with a safe room.

7.   Ask For a Room Upgrade

Asking for a room upgrade is a common occurrence in Las Vegas; every guest does this in every hotel. This is because it usually works. It is a practice for most hotels to reserve some complimentary rooms if available. The perfect time to request a room upgrade is by 5 pm, the ideal check-in time. A smile, some thoughtful words, and maybe some great tips to get such a favor.

8.   Avoid Peak Dinner Times

If you intend to see a show and you need to stop at a restaurant first, you should do that early. Else you meet the wild rush at the restaurant, usually between 6-8 pm, the standard prime dinner time. If you can’t make it to your restaurant as early as 5 pm, you can try 9 pm. At these times, restaurants are less densely populated.

9.   Places  Are Not as Near as You May Think

Do not be deceived by what you see on google maps; places are not as close as they seem. Due to the enormous sizes of the hotels, you will need to cover more distance when walking. For this reason, I’m giving you this heads-up; never forget to pack an extra pair of footwear (flats or trainers) if you’re wearing heels.

10. Rent A Car

If you ask me, I think you should rent a car while in Vegas. There is a whole lot more to see other than the Strip, especially if your plan is to stay and experience Vegas for a while. There are several lures, including the Grand Canyon and the Death Valley, which are a stone’s throw away from the Strip. Making these trips would be more enjoyable if you rent a car.

11. Don’t Spend All Your Time on The Strip

Las Vegas started on Fremont Street. In the 20th century, the first casinos and hotels were constructed here. but in the 1990s, the Strip began to steal the spotlight. Recently, Fremont Street has reclaimed its position as the key attraction. While you are in Las Vegas, stop at Fremont Street to have a taste of the old Vegas, go to its neon, enjoy its old signs, and take a trip to the National Parks if you have time to spare.

12. Keep Your Outfit Easy and Simple

You do not need to be bothered about getting all dressed up while in Vegas if you do not intend to dine at fine restaurants or clubs. Simple does it in Vegas. Do not hesitate to be casually dressed to go through the nook and crannies of Vegas.

For casinos, the dress code is casual in the day, and at night, things are switched up to be a little more formal. So, wearing an old T-shirt and shorts to the casino isn’t a good idea. To be forewarned is to be forearmed; don’t say no one warned you.