15 Important Tips About Dental Implant Surgery That You Should Know

We all know a beautiful smile is priceless. And yet we also know the price of getting or maintaining it. Dental care in first-world countries is too expensive. And insurance does not cover dental implants because they consider it a cosmetic treatment. But dental implants in Phuket cost a lot less than any city in Australia or New Zealand. While savings are certain, the key to getting quality implants is choosing a reputable clinic. Trading dollars for health is never a good idea.

Thinking about getting dental implant surgery? Let us go over 15 important tips you should keep in mind as you do so:

Before the Surgery

1. Get a Panoramic X-Ray Evaluation

You can get this pre-clinical evaluation at your local dentist as well. This will help you make the best decision regarding getting your dental implants.

2. Ensure the Implants are Based on a CT Scan

The best dentists use CT scans to plan replacement implants. So you need to ensure your dentist is doing this.

3. Calculate the Total Costs Before Traveling

You do not want to be (unpleasantly) surprised by the numbers when you reach the clinic.

A dental implant that costs AUD $5,098 and NZD $5,238 on average in Australia and New Zealand respectively will start around just AUD $2,630 / NZD $2,871 in Phuket. So you can save several thousands of dollars depending on the number of implants you need.

The price difference will more than cover the cost of travel and accommodation. While these are good estimates, it is best that you discuss your specific case with the clinics before you get in their dental chair.

4. Important Things to Carry

In addition to the obvious IDs, remember to carry the following for your dental implant surgery:

  • Cash
  • Any medicines you take. Share these with your dentist in case you need to temporarily stay off these
  • Dental records (email the clinic in advance while also carrying them with you)
  • Jacket, especially if you are traveling in winter
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Phone charger and power bank

Know What to Expect During the Surgery

  • It is an outpatient procedure. You can go home (or to your hotel if getting it abroad) after the surgery.
  • The dentist will get rid of the damaged tooth. This includes carefully removing all of the damaged tooth’s.
  • You might need a bone graft.
  • It takes two visits, four to six months apart, to complete the procedure. The second visit comes after the implants have infused with the bone. Your dentist will then install the abutment and crown.
  • You will get a little bleeding.

After the Surgery

  • Pain medication does not always do the trick. Put an ice pack over your jaw; it helps if the pain is too much.
  • You will feel a bit funny in your mouth for a little while. Avoid nudging the implant with your finger or tongue.
  • Follow the special diet given to you for the healing period.
  • Go for regular check-ups. These will help the dentist confirm the implants are not shifting.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol for a couple of weeks.

15: Remember the Real Reasons for the Price Difference

You need to know why dental implant prices in Thailand are much lower than in Australia and New Zealand. Otherwise you might end up thinking you have to settle for lower quality to save money. So you should know that it is thanks to Thailand’s lower cost of operations, labour and materials that helps the clinics offer affordable implants, among other dental services. The country’s lower cost of living enables even the most renowned dentists there to offer their services at prices your local dentist simply cannot. Moreover, the red-tape that drives up costs for businesses in developed countries is not an issue in Thailand.

So there you go. Getting dental implants in Thailand is a smart move as it helps you get your beautiful smile back for much less. Remember the tips mentioned above as you plan your dental holiday. You should also consider taking someone along. And you can have a nice holiday on at least one of the two trips you will be making to this tropical paradise.