Home Treatments That Will Help with Combating Your S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder)-Ness

Are you plagued by SAD-ness? We’re not referring to ordinary “sadness” which everyone may experience at some point. SAD refers to Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is actually a type of depression that’s triggered with the changing of the seasons.

For most people, the symptoms of SAD appear when autumn arrives and the condition persists during the winter months. It may then disappear once spring has come, and it stays away during the summer. However, there have been reports of people who regularly feel blue during the spring or early summer.

Regardless of what season affects you in this way, you may have SAD if you get the same depressive symptoms at the same time of the year. So should you go to a doctor, or should you just dismiss the problem?

Your best bet is to see a doctor, but if you’re hesitant to do that then you may want to try these various home remedies instead.

Maintain a Journal

Many teenagers have observed that keeping a journal can be a very healthy way to help maintain a positive mood. At the very least, you can vent out some of your negative feelings in a way that’s not self-destructive.

Probably the best time to do this is at night right before you sleep. You can make it part of your sleep preparation schedule, when you write down your feelings and concerns for about 20 minutes. It even helps with your sleep as you writing down your problems can keep you from dwelling on it when you’re trying to sleep.

Try Vitamin D Supplements

If SAD happens during the fall and autumn months, part of the reason may be due lower vitamin D levels. That’s because very few food items contain vitamin D, and for the most part we obtain vitamin D through sun exposure. So if your diet can’t compensate for the darker months, then vitamin supplements may help.

Go On Vacation (To Someplace Warmer)

Now this may not be a “home” treatment per se, but then again no one’s stopping you from renting a Florida house to call home during the winter. Vacations can help relieve your stress, and of course when you have the sun even during the winter months you may not feel so depressed anymore.

Keep to a Schedule

When you stick to a schedule, it helps counter the various symptoms of SAD. You can include a regular schedule that gets you outdoors during the sunlight hours, which can help. A schedule for your meals can counter the tendency to overeat and indulge in snacks that often strikes many SAD patients. In addition, a regular schedule for sleep trains your mind and body to wind down at a certain time to help you sleep, which alleviates the SAD symptom of sleep issues.

Get Lots of Sunshine

If possible try to go outdoors as much as you can if SAD hits you during the winter. Go out around noon, when the sun is brightest. If you’re indoors, then you may want to keep the curtains and blinds open to keep in as much natural light as you can.