16 Crucial Tips for Taking Care of Dyed Hair

Sight is the most important sense for many of us, and there are so many beautiful colors. Perhaps that is why so many ladies decide to dye their hair. However, it’s also important to keep it shiny and vibrant, which isn’t always something easy, as apart from altering your natural color, dye changes the structure and integrity of your hairs. If you are one of those women, you know you can’t avoid beating your brains out to protect the color of your hair and look your best. However, there are a couple of helpful tips you should follow if you want to take proper care of yourself. Read on to learn more!


  1. Insist on Quality Conditioning Hair Colors

For their own reasons, hair colorist might tell you that all conditioning colors are similar. Maybe they want to cut down on their operational cost, but you shouldn’t fall prey to that. So, when you go for the service, have your say; but what if you don’t know? Thanks to the Internet, you can now obtain any information on professional hair color that has conditioning properties running up to weeks or a month. Just to give you a glimpse of the issue, for instance, hair color containing natural oils ensures retention of moisture in your dyed hair. Ammonia-free hair dye is another great and professional option.

  1. Don’t Wash Often

It might be that water is your new color’s number one enemy. The dye on your hair might include some chemicals that endanger it when coming into contact with water. Don’t be afraid, though – this is not a warning against showers! Simple adjustments need to be undertaken to protect your hair. One of it is in rinsing – do not overdo it. After shampooing and conditioning, avoid tilting your head back and just allow water to run over it for some minutes. Alternatively, you can shun daily shampooing. Instead, absorb the oil at the roots by applying dry shampoo.

  1. Mind the Brush

No doubt, the chemical process might have a heavy toll on your hair and take away its elasticity. So, this means that while brushing, be gentle and more importantly, choose the brush carefully. To avoid damage, shun brushes with plastic beads on the bristles. Instead, use those with boars and also wide-toothed combs.  Another caution, don’t brush your hair while wet. Rather, wait a little bit for it to dry. This is, if you don’t want to have the spaghetti kind of hair.

  1. Silicone Dimethicone? Not Any Longer

Products containing silicone dimethicone might appear to be the real deal, but only for a moment. For the sake of your dyed hair, you should avoid them completely. Since it’s not soluble in water, it prevents oils and moisturizing elements from penetrating the hair shaft. Despite the lure of smooth and soft hair, removing dimethicone is a daunting task. You will need a sulfate shampoo, which is potentially damaging, to get rid of the buildup. However, silicone dimethicone is not bad in itself. However, to be on the safe side, choose soluble silicones.

  1. Try Homemade Hair Mask

Did you know that dying drains the moisture out of your hair? Perhaps, this is why you have to drop all your hair back often with hair masks. However, you can do it at the comfort of your home and save some pennies. Homemade oils and other products have been tested and proven efficient in moisturizing your hair. Moreover, they double up as great face masks or makeup removers! However, if you don’t feel like going through the trouble, the shop bought hair masks work well, too. You can get them and other items on a budget when you use Discountrue.com coupons in Kohl’s or any other customer friendly store.

  1. Whenever Possible, Dry Naturally

As mentioned above, drying dyed hair with a blow dryer increases the risk of further damage. The heat from the machine opens cuticles hindering proper sealing after washing. If you are not in a hurry, take your time and let the hair dry naturally. However, if you must use a blow dryer, apply a heat protective product and then subject your hair to the lowest temperature possible. For example, silicone serum offers protection against heat and opening of hair cuticles. In addition, the product reduces frizz further protecting your dyed hair.

  1. Avoid Hot Water

Apart from heat from the blow dryer, washing your dyed hair with hot water is also detrimental to your precious color. It lifts the outer cuticle layer causing the color to fade. In fact, hair stylists warn that the hotter the water, the faster the color loss. Whether it’s the shower or just basin water, ensure the temperature is adjusted to tepid or even cold when rinsing. Definitely, you don’t want to ruin your hair because you are in a hurry or the weather isn’t cozy.

  1. Don’t Overuse the Curling Iron

To further keep your hair away from the dangers of heat, do not overuse styling tools like curling iron or rod. Well, you need to apply heat protection products such as heat serum before you use them. Adjust the settings to achieve the desired results. However, do not make the temperature so low that you will spend more time styling your hair. It’s recommended not to surpass 2 to 3 times of curling iron use per week. Remember to style it while dry, as using curling iron on wet hair causes breakages.

  1. Beware of Red Dye

Due to their large molecules, red hair colors are more prone to quick fading. Further, red color does not penetrate deeply into the hair easily hence wasting fast. Definitely, we are not scaring you away from a red hue, so beloved by many. All is necessary is more caution when at the hair salon. Insist that the stylist uses hair color that makes the most quality color results with the smallest strain on the hair cuticle.

  1. Use Deep-Conditioning Treatments

Wouldn’t you mind additional shine? Certainly, you can add more gleam by pampering your dyed hair with a deep-conditioning treatment every week. Make sure you apply it on moist hair and then comb from roots to tips. Afterwards, pull the hair into a bun, wrap it up with a soft cloth and wait for about half an hour. Is that too long? Grab a book or catch your favorite program. Finally, rinse it out to obtain a softer and shinier hair.

  1. Applying Hot Oil Treatment

If you like more sheen to your dyed hair, simply apply hot oil treatment at the comfort of your house. First of all, ensure the hair is clean and dry. After applying the treatment, cover the hair with a shower cap. Then apply heat gently using a hot towel. Alternatively, you can bask it in the sun. However, if you want to do it with your stylist, a blow dryer is okay, too. After the oil has been heated, let your hair cool down to room temperature and then rinse it with cold water. The result will be an amazing sheen on your hair!

  1. Use Products with UV Protection

When Ultra Violet rays are mentioned, mostly we think of its effects on skin. However, the rays can as well fade the color on your hair. Try as much as possible to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Otherwise, protect your hair by using products with UV protection. Most of the products such as leave-in conditioners and hairsprays contain SPF. Further, UV protection products have a mix of vitamins that restore dyed hair and prevent future damage. And eventually, if the hair treatments don’t seem to work, wear a hat for further protection.

  1. Avoid Chlorine

Whenever you’re, for instance, at a swimming pool you might be tempted to deep your dyed hair in the water. However, you must know that it’s full of chlorine that contains chemicals that build up and cause hair color to fade. So, before you somersault into the swimming pool, make sure you wet the hair and then apply a protective leave-in conditioner. However, if you don’t want the hair to come into contact with water, you can just wear a swim cap.

  1. Re-Dye Evenly

When going back to the stylist for re-dying or if you are doing it yourself, ensure the color is applied only on the roots. Prior to rinsing out the color, try an emulsion technique – it revives the color on the tips. After properly applying color to the roots, go to the shower and add some water, just at the top of the color. Then, massage your hair thoroughly from the roots all the way to the tips, just as if you were shampooing. You can add some water if the situation requires it. Do this for about two minutes and then go ahead to rinse your hair.

  1. Healthy Diet

Since hair is part of the body, what you eat matters a lot to its growth and look. The nutrients extracted from a healthy diet provide energy that fastens the growth of your hair. Equally important, the nutrients give the hair appealing glow. It is important to take in iron-rich diet since it feeds the scalp and hair by building strong keratin. Wondering what kind of diet to take? Well, lean meat, fish, low fat cheeses, spinach eggs might do exemplary well. In between meals, have fruit, nuts, veggies, and grains.

  1. All Hair Is Different

Last but not least, know that as people are different, so is their hair. What works for your friend may not work for you. This is very important because you could be blaming products and stylists for the poor response of your hair to particular color. So, when it doesn’t work, do not imagine that cards are stacked against you. More importantly, maintaining dyed hair might require of you certain things as opposed to another. This is purely body biochemistry; so, you don’t need to blame yourself. However, when it comes to side effects, it is imperative to seek medical attention.