2017 Trends in Mothers of the Bride Dresses

Mothers of the bride dresses have become almost as important as the bridal gowns themselves. Long gone are the days where moms would dress down — now, they are taking the spotlight for one of the happiest days of their lives. To ensure that all the guests recognize you instantly as the mother of the bride, pick a fashionable dress that follows some of these trends.

Pastel Colors

Favorite tones include anything pastel — pale for spring and summer weddings and becoming darker as you near fall. A top choice for the mother of the bride has to be champagne, as it complements her daughter’s white or ivory gown. Better still, it works for every season.

Lace Trim

Nothing says wedding better than lace, and now this classic material is appearing in many modern designs. Lace is ideal for the mother of the bride dress on the sleeves or neckline; it allows you to show skin without being overly revealing.

Capelets and Shawls

A second vintage style that is seeing a comeback is the use of capelets and shawls on dresses. These tend to be part of the gown and come in exactly the same shade as the dress. Both are ideal for expressing your role in the wedding while staying away from a stuffy look. They also provide you with another way to include lace in your outfit.

Illusion Neck

Deep necklines may be uncomfortable for the mother of the bride, but you still want to show off your figure. An illusion neck is the perfect way to achieve this. Best of all, it works well on both full-length dresses and shorter knee-length dresses.

Unique Features

Demonstrate your unique personality by picking a dress that has something different. Look for embellishments, asymmetry (such as in the capelet), embroidery, or an original cut. A particularly popular trend in mother of the bride dresses is interesting sleeves, which can be pleated, cut-out, or flared, among other options.

Mother of the Groom Dresses

A growing trend is for the mother of the groom dress to be just as stunning to the mother of the bride dress. All the above styles are equally fitting for mother of the groom dresses, but you have more options when it comes to color. For instance, you can choose between blue, navy, blush, nude, burgundy, lavender, silver, and neutral tones.

Pants Suits

The mother of the bride pants suit has had a revival. It is no longer frumpy and refrained — a pants suit can be just as elegant as a dress. In fact, pants suits are often much more appropriate than dresses for casual weddings, including destination weddings. To stand out, add a brooch or extravagant hat to your outfit.

Before you choose your mother of the bride dress, make sure you consult with your daughter. It is best if your dress complements hers — and you certainly don’t want anything that clashes. If you’re seeking a mother of the groom dress, talk to both the bride and the mother of the bride. Coordinating your dresses will result in fabulous wedding photos.