5 Reasons you Need a Wedding Website

It’s your big day and you have a million and one things to organise for the wedding of your lifetime. What are the things you still have to do? Or things you forgot you still have to do?

Planning your wedding day can be a stressful thing, second only to moving house apparently for stress-inducing life events. Let’s hope it only happens once and you don’t keep upgrading your partner like you do your living quarters.

Well, one of the things you can do to lighten the load is to create a dedicated wedding website for your big day. It gives you a way to contact your guests that could be all over the world and maybe announce things you need help with; champagne glasses, a singer, a date for the lonely bridesmaid.

Here are some more reasons to have a wedding website.

  1. Excite the Guests with a Permanent Online Memory.

You can upload your pre-wedding photos to show your friends what the wonderful couple will look like on the day, and what colours to wear if you don’t want to clash with the bride and her bridesmaids.

You can upload the all-important thing that most guests will surely ask about, What’s on the menu? Take a look at some wedding menu tips here.

You can upload a map of the venue or venues to make sure everyone including the bride gets to the church on time and the list goes on but generally, the website is a great store of information that guests will need for the day.

If guests are sitting on the fence about whether to attend or not, you may put up some beautiful shots of the venue or Michelin star 6-course sit-down meal to push them over the edge and commit.

Wix suggests sharing the story of how you met and courted your betrothed or putting in some funny stories or romantic trips you took together. It gives your guests that may only see you at weddings and funerals some insight into what you have gotten yourself into and why you have received a sentence without bail.

  1. Permanent Memory of the Event.

Hopefully, 10 years from now, when you want to look back on that special day, you can do so at any time.You will have a permanent record that can be viewed online as a reminder of the day, guests and entertainment. It is a great way to reminisce and cast yourself back to that special and unforgettable day.

Tip: Remember to renew your domain registration and hosting, the site will stay there for as long as your marriage lasts, and you can show it to your kids and their kids. Or make sure you have a subscription set up to auto deduct payments. Another option is to pay for the website hosting for the next 10 years in one installment, to which you should get a sizable discount.

  1. Monetizable Asset.

If you are a celebrity couple worthy of a mega rights deal with Hello Magazine or Vogue, you could make some good money from the exclusive story and photos of the day. Arianna Grande is reported to have pocketed 7 figures for her cover photos. If you are a normal couple like everyone else you could add a gift registry on your website to make sure you get the wedding presents or cash that you really want. No more tacky photo frames or spa vouchers, you can ask for straight-up hard cash or at least things that hold their value when eBayed.

  1. Travel Plans.

Not your honeymoon travel plans, no, you don’t want the world to know about those but the travel and accommodation details for guests coming from out of town to your wedding. A map of the venue with maybe local hotels and your affiliate referral link to book and at least one contact number in case of emergencies.

  1. Online Photo Album.

All the professional photographers and amateur models come out to play when there is a wedding and as long as you pay for enough storage space, you can have guests upload their photos to the site. All the photos from the day, pre-wedding, stag do, the honeymoon can be shared in one place instead of scratching around peoples’ Facebook pages, memory sticks or WhatsApp chat groups. If you are worried about your dad seeing your hen or stag do parties, you can password protect certain parts of the gallery so he only sees the sanitised photos.


Whatever happens on the day, you will always have a record of the lengths you went to, to hold a great event for your guests. The planning that went into every detail, the activities organized for the day and the days leading up to the wedding. Give guests a great way to see photos of themselves without having to pay for prints from the professional photographer and give them a resource to make sure they arrive at the right venue and on time so as not to miss out on any favours or courses.