This Seasons Ultimate Wedding Themes

So, you’ve said yes, and you’re about to embark on the most authentic, beautiful adventure life has to offer. Yes, it will be stressful, but it promises to all melt away when you’re staring down the aisle and your person, the one you know you’re lucky enough to spend the rest of your life with, there is butterflies and maybe even a few tears as the realization of forever – as well as how adult you are – kicks in. However, this magical moment doesn’t just arrive, you must plan for it and not just a little bit but a lot. With so many magical ways to get hitched; from a grand extravagant affair in the city to a small bohemian inspired on a Safari under the dazzling African Sky. With so many wonderful ways to go about your special day it can be hard making decisions anywhere from your location to your table setting but have no fear we are here to give you the inside track on the latest and greatest wedding themes, tips tricks and ideas so when planning your big day, you feel fully equipped to take on even the toughest of decisions.

The Venue 

Picking the ideal place for you to say ‘I do’ is hard. There are so many wonderful locations and destinations out there that it can lead to a lot of confusion and split decisions between you and your S.O. The real trick to find a place that speaks to both of you and the unique relationship you share with each other – here are the top trends for wedding venues both abroad and at home, both lavish and significant – all equally as beautiful and all the perfect spots to begin your journey together.

France: France is known for its romanticism; the city of love will always be the perfect places to say ‘I do’ whether you choose to do it in the in the city or the county you can’t help but feel the historic magic that oozes the all corners of France.

Africa: The latest Location to top the top of wedding list destinations trend is Africa, filled with a primordial magic and set under the endless African Sky – it’s harder to think of a more raw and real place to start your journey together than Africa. With mesmerizing safari’s and locations fit for the big screen – this is the most moving destination out there.

Santorini: The ultimate beach destination fit for weddings – Santorini is filled with sunshine, crystal seas and unforgettable views and is the perfect place for a laid back bare feet kind of wedding. The quaint island is filled with beautiful remote beaches which make the perfect back group for your picture-perfect day.

The Dress

A wedding dress is important for so many reasons, so we understand why it’s important that you pick the right one. A wedding dress is said to define you and the space you are in, it’s part of your legacy and will be passed down onto your kids and their kids. 2018 brings about a host of new dress trends was that can be executed whether you’re on a budget or not.

Here are the top trends for wedding dress for 2018.

A Pants Suit:

Image Sourced: Pinterest

If you aren’t a dress girl in real life it doesn’t really make sense to wear a ball gown on one of the most significant days of your life – one where you’re meant to be unapologetically yourself. This new trend makes the ball gown look outdated and rather drab – its sleek modern and even better it doesn’t require you to change into something you can break it down in at your reception.


Image Sourced: Pinterest

This old school fashion trend has made its way full circle with the comeback of the bustiers this time with a new modern twist. This romantic trend is elegant and sophisticate one that oozes style and grace. It’s a flattering style that promise to hug and old revealing your elegant and unique shape.


Image Sourced: Pinterest

Our favorite trend this season is all about accessories, this is a fun flirty way to add some glitz and glam to dress – adding details and intricate designs to your overall look. You can use these accessories to dress your dress up or dress down you’re over the top dress. The trend is super versatile, and the possibilities are endless. It’s a fun way to add a playful and creative element to your look.

The Photographer

There is no point in putting all this effort and attention to detail throughout the planning of your wedding only to have it not captured by your photographer. You need to pick someone who is going to capture all these details as well as the atmosphere and aesthetic of your big day. Make sure your styles and personalities mash and you feel comfortable communicating your thoughts and concerns to him/her.

The Flowers

The floral industry also has new up and coming trends – thank goodness because we couldn’t be happier to see the flower grown go. The new floral trends for 2018 encompass flower jewelry, bolder colours and bigger center pieces.

Flower Jewelry: Gone are the days of the flower crown but that doesn’t mean there isn’t many various of the flower jewelry trend set to hit the wedding scene next year. Be expected to see the touches of flower necklaces – either a choker effect or a chain made up of dainty flowers such as papy breath. There is also the comeback of the prom corsage in the form of chunky of bracelet

Bold Colours:  With this year’s colour trends were set mostly in a pastel colour pallet. With many hues of mossy greens and pale blues and baby pinks taking center stage on the wedding scene. But like all trends we are seeing a pendulum swing with the return of bold rich colours such as burgundy, navy and magenta – give off a moody atmosphere rather than a light and fairy one.