Different Ways To Create An Orchid Bouquet

The orchid is really just a majestic looking exotic flower which has always attracted people towards it. There’s something about its colors, and petal structure or fragrance that has made it one of the most beloved flowers there is. It’s natures quite beautiful and intriguing creation. The colors of this flower range from brilliant to soft and the flowers are superbly alluring. It’s a symbol of beauty and love and an absolute favorite in the summer season. It’s the perfect way to add sophistication and glamour to your wedding. A stunning orchid bouquet could be everything your wedding needs. The final touch to bring it all together and what better flower there is than a beautiful orchid?

Using orchids in bouquets

Planning a wedding is hard, there are many small details that need to be considered for the best visual statement. Something that tells the bride and the groom’s personal style and flair. The wedding bouquet will showcase the bride’s personality. Whether us bold, fun loving, romantic, or soft and shy there are orchids for that style. Orchids are a timeless flower choice for the precise reasons that it’s one of the classiest and sophisticated looking flowers there is. The results of using orchids in your wedding bouquets are spectacular.  Any style of wedding bouquet you go for, these flowers will a hundred percent compliment it.They come in hundreds of variations and while some are easily recognizable a lot of them aren’t. But depending on your personal preference and style, you can choose which orchids you want to use. Whether they are large blooms for a cascading bouquet or smaller ones for a pomander, the cascading bouquet looks exactly like a waterfall of flowers. This is a popular choice of bouquet amongst brides, especially brides who choose to were simpler gowns. The vast, eye-catching bouquet is a superb compliment to a simple, elegant dress. The pomander, on the other hand, is a small round bouquet with a ribbon attached to it which can be gilded into the wrist. It’s a bouquet choice for the bridesmaids and not generally for the bride, but nowadays a lot of brides are considering using the pomander for its minimalistic beauty and smooth functionality.

A blue orchid flower pomander bouquet will look stunning in the hands of a bride. If yours is a winter themed wedding and you’re using blue colors do consider this setting for a gorgeous but straightforward effect. Another type of bouquet that can work with orchid flowers is the post bouquet. It’s typically round in shape and has been one of the most popular bouquets for brides across the world. The charm of the bouquet is in its informal, loose vintage style. This type of bouquet can hold any flowers, even succulents. It can even be tightly constructed for a contemporary twist. Orchid flowers look lovely in such a setting.Hand-tied bouquets are freer than post bouquets, and they too are quite a common sight in garden or rustic weddings. Just like the name suggests the bouquet is made to look like its hand tied loosely with flower picked fresh from the garden. Ann, all white orchid bouquet in this style, is very classy and timeless. Add in some greenery for or filler flowers, and you’re good to go! In fact, for a wedding themed wedding orchid flowers with silver dollar eucalyptus for a low critical vintage look. Make your hand tied orchid bouquet as lavish and showy as you want. It’s bound to look beautiful and elegant. Order orchids in bulk and get to work. All you need are these flowers and some creativity.

Where you’ll find orchids wholesale

These favorite flowers are easy to find anywhere. Orchids are popular amongst brides for a reason. No other flowers can match the glamour and class this flower brings to the table. That’s why they are even used in centerpieces, along with the aisles and even on the wedding altar. If you do opt for an orchid flower bouquet, there will be more orchids accents throughout your venue. For that, you’ll need to order wholesale flowers. Buying in bulk from wholesalers is the best option. It can save you a lot of money on the flower budget. It’s completely unnecessary going around florist to florist around town especially when they will charge you more. In fact, we suggest you look for good online wholesalers like Whole Blossoms. They are a very trusted wholesaler that can cater to all your flower needs. They have an easy to navigate website, and they deliver your fresh blooms right to your doorstep. Whole Blossoms also has a 24/7 hour delivery service which is a blessing for floral designers, wedding planners and even do it yourself brides.