3 Best Diet Plans for Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, there’s no shortage of information about diets available on the internet. The information is so saturated that it gets difficult to understand what you’re looking for. While some diets are all about restricting the intake of fat, carbs, and calories, others are focused on bringing down your appetite.

However, not every diet is suitable for everyone. What works for other people may not necessarily work for you and vice versa. Therefore, here are some diet plans and their specifications.

3 best diet plans

The Vegan Diet

As the name suggests, this type of diet consists of strictly consuming plat-based foods. The idea behind it is more about restricting the intake of meat to prevent animal cruelty/

Since it’s a strict form of vegetarianism, you’re not only required to give up meat but also dairy products, honey, casein, gelatin, and eggs. In other words, no animal or animal-based products. For people who are successfully able to go through with it, the diet does help reduce weight. Moreover, since it has a high amount of fibre and very low fat, you do not need to count calories. Compared to other diets, a vegan diet is associated with a lower BMI and lower body weight.

However, just because the diet is based on eating vegetables does not mean it’s more effective than other diets for weight loss. On the one hand, it reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease, but on the other hand, it may cause a deficiency of vitamins, calcium, and iron for some people.

The Dukan Diet

This weight loss diet plan consists of low carbs and high-protein content. There are typically two phases of the diet:

Ø  The weight loss phase

Ø  The maintenance phase

It’s on you to decide how long you wish to stay in each phase. During the weight loss phase, you’re required to eat foods high in protein. In the remaining phases, you can have vegetables that don’t contain starch and food that has some fat and carbohydrate in it.

During this phase, you can also consider having a supplement like oxyshred that comes with many choices in flavours. The most popular oxyshred flavours include wild melon, pink grapefruit, blue raspberry, and others.

One of the biggest benefits of this diet is that it decreases your hunger and makes you feel full. However, the downside is that you may lose fat fast but at the cost of your muscles. Due to a severe restriction of calories, you may lose muscle mass.

Low-Fat Diet

Under this diet, your fat consumption reduces significantly. However, for the plan to work well, the amount of fat you consume should remain well under 10%. The diet should be plant-based with very little consumption of animal products. Hence, this diet is low in proteins and high in carbohydrates. If you know someone who’s obese, this diet can suit their needs well.

One of the biggest advantages of the low-fat diet is that it reduces the risk of high cholesterol, blood pressure issues, and heart disease. It’s also linked to some improvement witnessed in type-2 diabetes.

On the downside, there could be issues in the long run because of fat restriction. Fat is not entirely harmful to the body. It plays a key role in building hormones and cell membranes. Furthermore, there’s also limited consumption of healthy food, which is hard to go along with.

The Bottom Line

All in all, these are not it. There are many other diets that either focus on reducing the intake of fats and carbs or proteins. However, choosing which one to follow depends on many factors. First, it’s important to determine the underlying cause of weight gain. This is because without knowing what’s causing you to gain weight, there’s no sure way to decide which dietary regime will suit your body best.

Many times, weight gain is also a result of stress. In such cases, instead of implementing a certain diet plan, you must visit a health care professional to help you deal with stress, which will eventually bring your weight down.

Other times, if someone has an underlying condition such as diabetes, reducing the fat intake suddenly may cause more harm than good. Patients with diabetes need a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients. Therefore, it’s recommended to visit a professional and discuss all the factors surrounding your weight gain before choosing to implement one on your own.