3 Unusual Home Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

If you ever looked for home decor ideas, you probably at least once encountered something that made you question: Why? Well, people have their own taste and like to be different from others. Sometimes, a unique inside is not enough for them, and they want the exterior to look as original as it can as well. Here are three examples of that.

Casa de Penedo in Portugal

Casa de Penedo, or The Stone House if you prefer, was for a long time believed to be real only in photoshop. The construction of this located in Fafe region in northern Portugal building began in 1972, and ended in under two years. The owners used it as a holiday destination. The house soon started to spark the attention of tourists, and the current owner had to move out because it was getting too much. Nowadays it is used as a museum.

The house itself is built between four large boulders, hence the name. It fits with the landscape so well, that from afar you wouldn’t be able to tell that it is a place where people live or have lived. The interior is mostly made of stone, but other materials were used as well, like wood or concrete. The house also has a fireplace to keep it warm in winter and a swimming pool.

If you can’t live without electricity, then this house would be your worst nightmare. Even if located in close vicinity to wind electricity farm, the house itself has no power. Because of that, the installation of CCTV was impossible, and the owners had to install bulletproof windows and steel doors as the house started to be a target of attempted robberies and vandalism.

Transparent House in Japan

This unique and ultramodern house is located in Tokyo, Japan. Constructed to resemble a tree, this house fulfils the desire of the owners to live like Nomads in their own home.

As Sou Fujimoto, the architect of the house says: “The white steel-frame structure itself shares no resemblance to a tree. Yet the life lived and the moments experienced in this space is a contemporary adaptation of the richness once experienced by the ancient predecessors from the time when they inhabited trees. Such is an existence between city, architecture, furniture and the body, and is equally between nature and artificiality.”

Also called House NA, provides a lot of daylight, but almost zero privacy. Almost all walls are made of glass, however, some areas offer a little bit of privacy such as bathrooms. The house has 21 individual floor plates, that put on different heights are supposed to resemble tree branches, all linked by stairs and ladders. In the summer, the windows are the only source of cooling, while for winter some floors contain in-floor heating.

La Sirena in Mexico

This unconventional house is located in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico. When you first see it, you think that your eyes are playing you. But no – the house is actually in the shape of a naked woman. La Sirena (The Mermaid in English), is a project by a self-taught sculptor Armando Garcia and is yet to be finished.

The building holds a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. His studio will be in the hair of the statue that is still being built. In 2012, Armando opened a restaurant inside his creation. What used to be his living room, is now the main part of the restaurant that can hold up to 35 people. He does most of the cooking in his kitchen and says that the cuisine served is Mexican and French. To eat there, you need to make a reservation.

La Sirena is not Munez’s only project like this. In Tijuana, you can find “La Mona” – a sculpture of a naked woman measuring 55′ of his authorship. Currently, he uses this building as a workplace.


The only limit when it comes to humans’ imagination is the financial one, and the architecture is proof of that. Internet is full of pictures of unique houses. If your mind is not blown yet, also check Skateboard House, Toilet House or Flintstone’s House for example. It will be worth it, and who knows – maybe you will find inspiration for your future house?