4 Basic Accessories a Casual Wardrobe Cannot Do Without

Casual style is the hardest to define because it’s, you know, casual. This style isn’t confined by some specific limits and rules. The only important thing for creating your perfect casual wardrobe is choosing the pieces that you feel comfortable in. However, there are some accessories that can make a difference between ‘an unremarkable outfit’ and a ‘stylish casual look’. Owning those is a must for anyone who wants to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

4 Essential Accessories for a Casual Style

1.       Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only a statement accessory that can make you look stylish no matter how simple your outfit is. They also protect your eyes from the dangers of UV radiation. It’s essential for maintaining your eye health, according to the National Eye Institute.

You’ll definitely need several sunglasses to go with a variety of outfits. Bear in mind that UV radiation is equally dangerous no matter the season, so you’ll be needing this accessory all year round. One must-have design for those favoring casual style is ‘aviator sunglasses’.

2.      Elegant necklace

Your casual combo of jeans and T-shirt will immediately turn into an outfit for a romantic date if you add an elegant charmed necklace to the mix. This simple accessory can look good with a variety of necklines, which makes it perfect for the basic casual style wardrobe.

Express your individuality by choosing an original and elegant piece, like Sky Light rose gold necklace. Not only is this model rose gold, which makes it stand out from the traditional yellow and silver by default. The piece also features a unique picture of the Moon in a phase corresponding to any date you choose. It’s small details like this that will enhance your casual style and make it signature for you.

3.      Narrow, wide, and classic leather belts

A belt is the most underestimated accessory in a woman’s wardrobe. However, this piece can turn any outfit from ordinary to stylish in a second. Casual style benefits from belts most as these items can highlight the beauty of your figure, which is often not defined by casual clothes.

Narrow and wide belts are reserved for tunics and dresses. A wide signature belt can be a statement accessory for a party dress. A narrow one will work best with everyday office outfits. A classic leather belt is a must have if you are wearing jeans. Choose this one to match your shoes or bag.

4.      Quirky shoes

Signature shoes that are comfy are the most important accessory of a casual style. The very essence of this fashion style prioritizes comfort and self-expression. Therefore, it’s essential to choose shoes that will fit both.

A regular casual wardrobe should have some sneakers, loafers, and comfy boots. However, you definitely should put some effort into finding the pieces that will match your personality best. This might be as simple as buying a pair of red loafers or as geeky as Back to the Future sneakers. Don’t forget about brands that strive on making shoes that ooze personality, like Irregular Choice. However, those things are not always comfortable, so choose wisely.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for shoes in casual style is that you should look for pieces that fit your personality most. And get a few pairs for special occasions that will make some sort of statement.