4 Steps to Choosing the Clothing That Highlights Your Best Features

People are naturally inclined to look their best by showcasing their most desirable features. For example, men might show off their muscles with fitted tops. Meanwhile, some women might want to highlight their arms by wearing strapless tops or accentuate their toned thighs with shaping tights.

If you’re looking for tips to help you highlight the body features you’re most proud of, then you’ve come to the right place! This article will cover some pointers to take note of when choosing clothes and other fashion items to make sure you always look your best.

First, Dress Up for Your Favorite Parts

It doesn’t matter if you’re most proud of your curves, your torso, your legs, or your face. Here are some common body parts women love, as well as the styles and cuts that make them shine:


If you want the world to see your shapely arms, sleeveless blouses paired with jeans or slacks make for a perfect combination for women. Pair formal-looking blouses with heels for the office or spaghetti strap tops with dark jeans and sneakers for a day out.


If you’re a woman who is proud of your bust (as you should be!), the neckline of the top is the most important aspect to consider. Good styles you can try include V necks or plunging necklines. Shallow V necks can be worn to work while plunging necklines are good for a night out with friends. Sweetheart necklines are another great choice because it defines the bust well, lengthens the neckline, and shows off the collarbones all at once. A dress with a surplice neckline also works wonders not only for the bust but also for the waist.


If you are blessed with a well-defined waist, fitted tops that have a strong color contrast with your bottoms can further highlight your midsection. Dresses with waistline details such as wrap dresses or summer dresses worn with a belt definitely flatter your figure.


The best piece for showing off your butt is still a pair of denim jeans with a perfect fit. When shopping for jeans, look for fitted jeans with a bit of stretch. Also note the shape of the yoke, which is the seam below the waistband that sits above the rear pockets. An upward arc, V shape, or a heart-shaped yoke is best for defining the butt. Body-shaping jeans are also available and can provide additional lift and support so you can shake it off!


Long-sleeved short dresses and skirts in colors or patterns that contrast well against your skin tone will be nice to show off your gorgeous legs. Pair these with heels to elongate the legs and minimal accessories so that people’s focus stays where you want it.

If you have imperfections or otherwise feel uncomfortable showing bare legs, wearing shaping tights or sheer to waist hosiery can help you feel more confident in wearing skirts and dresses. Various types of shapewear are available: control top tights for hiding muffin tops, sheer to waist hosiery for providing coverage, and shaping tights for defining your figure. With all these options, you will surely find a pair that works for your body and your sense of style.

Second, Try the Styles You Found

Looking at yourself while wearing the new styles is the best measure to gauge how well the styles actually fit you in particular. When trying out new clothes, aside from the part you wish to highlight, consider your body shape as well.

Some clothing styles can show off two of your favorite areas in one piece. A good example is a short-fit and flare-style dress, which can show off your arms and legs all at once. It can even highlight your bust, depending on the neckline! Sometimes, you will come across styles that show your favorite body part but also accentuate one of your problem areas. A good example is a sleeveless sweetheart neckline dress which can emphasize your bust but also draw attention to your arms.

This is why it is important to try the clothes on before buying them and see how you look in the mirror. Imagine yourself and how comfortable you would be wearing the particular piece out in public. It may also be helpful to bring a friend or family member you trust with you when shopping so they can give their honest opinion on the clothes you try on.

Next, Experiment with Accessories

Part of using fashion to the full is utilizing accessories that can highlight your best features, especially when it comes to the face. Here are some accessories to try depending on your face shape.


Earrings are a great way to highlight your face. If you are lucky to have an oval face, almost all types of jewelry suits you, and you can experiment with anything from wide, dangling earrings that create some contrast with your face to dainty stud earrings that highlight the softness of your features. For those with round faces, you may try narrow, dangling styles of earrings. If you have a square-shaped face, try circular studs or hoop earrings to counter your well-defined features. Heart-shaped faces can bring more attention to the lower half of their faces with chandelier earrings to create the illusion of more fullness.

Hair Accessories

When it comes to hair accessories, women with oval-shaped faces still have the advantage – you can usually choose your preferred accessories because almost everything works well. Embellished clips or pins are a good choice. For those with round faces, putting your hair up in a clean bun or in a ponytail with elegant scrunchies helps counter the baby-faced vibe you are inclined to have due to the roundness of your features. If you have a square or heart-shaped face, more bold accessories like padded headbands can divert attention away from your angular or sharp chin.


Sunglasses work well as an accessory especially during the summer when it protects your eyes from the heat and glare of the sun. Different sunglasses work well with each face shape. Wayfarer or aviator sunglasses are great if you have an oval face because these are highly symmetric styles. For round faces, angular and square sunglasses provide a nice contrast between the contours of the face and the shades. Following this logic, glasses with curved or rounded corners are perfect for you if you have an angular or square face. Meanwhile, heart-shaped faces are best complemented by sunglasses with oval or round frames as well as rimless or semi-rimless frames.

Lastly, Combine Everything in Moderation

As with other things in life, moderation is the key to dressing up. Highlighting two or three of your best features at the same time is possible, but you should always consider the overall look that you will project and make sure it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. Too many things going on at the same time can hurt the eyes; you want to look tasteful and put together, not all over the place!

You deserve to look and feel good. A nice outfit can boost your confidence and improve your mood. We hope that this guide helped you choose the clothing that can highlight your best features.