5 Best Chef Knives to Have in Your Kitchen

Cooking is a calculated process which requires attention every step of the way, especially when cutting ingredients. They must have specific sizes and shapes, while you make sure the process is quick, effective and safe. Yet, did you pay attention to the knives you use for cutting and feel like they need an improvement? Could your cutting and cooking improve and fasten if you use the best chef knives? Using chef knives might completely change your views on cooking – that is if you know at they are, how to choose them and which ones are the best. Today we will solve the chef knives dilemma and bring them to your kitchen.

Why Use Chef Knives?

Chef knives are professionally-made tools which are also widely used in home cooking. They differ from regular knives by being more precise, well-balanced and resilient. The most common chef knives have an 8-inch blade, while professionals use 10 – 12-inch blades. The best chef knives for home use are mostly Japanese, German and Swiss. No chef knife is universal. However, you can use most of them for cutting almost any ingredient. To learn more about their usage, you can find thorough reviews to read on Best10Anything. So, how to recognize a quality chef knife which cuts, minces, dices and slices as you wish?

  • Size: The 8-inch chef knife is versatile. Chef knives with larger blades cut more volume, while shorter ones are agile.
  • Weight: The ideal chef knife weight depends on your cutting style. Technically, it should feel like constantly falling when it’s cutting.
  • Balance: You need to feel the knife secure and stable when you’re holding it. You can test knives in specialized shops and even ask for guidance.

How to Buy the Best Chef Knives

First and foremost, the best chef knives are not sold in regular convenience stores for discount prices. They aren’t costly either, as they have a long-lasting life. You should usually pay $30 – $150 for a good chef knife. You can test some products in stores and see if they fit you.

  • Wet the knife. If it feels slippery, it has an unbalanced handle.
  • Make sure you don’t need to keep the knife in unusual angles when cutting, due to its weight center change.
  • The top of the blade usually has square edges. However, they shouldn’t be polished or rough. Such blades are difficult to work with.
  • You can determine the knife’s sharpness by slicing a sheet of paper. A quality knife makes a clean cut.
  • Check out the knife’s shoulder or the metal area where the handle meets the blade. It’s there to add stability. However, not all models (such as Japanese ones) have a shoulder and still manage to be stable.
  • First and foremost, the best Damascus kitchen knives are not sold in regular convenience stores for discount prices.

The 5 Best Chef Knives You Can Use at Home

We have compiled a list of the best chef knives which you can use for any recipe, regardless of its difficulty.

DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife

This Japanese-style knife is recommended by chefs from around the world thanks to its robustness. IT has a very sharp edge which provides it with precision and performance.

Chopped slices won’t stick to the blade. Moreover, it’s highly resistant due to its rust-free steel blade. If you maintain it properly, this knife can last for years.

ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife 8 inch

This is one of the best chef knives as it’s an impressive mark of craftsmanship. It premium Japanese steel guarantees its performance for cutting with precision and efficiency. Also, it has a perfectly balanced blade which was designed with care for details.

The knife’s handle requires a minimal learning process, as it’s a bit heavier than usual. However, once you get used to it, the knife can be used for meat, vegetables, fruit and fish.

Godmorn Chef Knife

This is a very sharp knife which, according to Amazon buyers, can even cut frozen chicken legs in slices. It’s made of rigid German stainless still which also gives it stain resistance. This is one of the best chef knifes, especially if you’re looking for cutting strength and extreme comfort.

The one-piece knife is resistant to cold, head and moisture. Even the light handle design comes in white or black. Therefore, it also works and a practical gift.

Mercer Tool Corp. Genesis 6″ Short Bolster Forged Chef’s Knife

The forged chef knife has an ergonomic handle and a taper-ground edge which increases its efficiency. It’s perfectly balanced and has a good handle grip. Also, it’s made of high-carbon German still to prevent discoloration, corrosion or rust.

Such an acquisition has minimum slicing resistance. Moreover, it comes in a premium storage box which extends the blade’s life.

Homgeek Sharpen Knives Set

You can also enjoy a two-pieces set for a convenient price. Homgeek has developed a product consisting of 7-inch Santoku knife and an 8-inch chef knife. You can use them for meat and even for sushi. The forged blade is sharp and easy to sharpen.

The German stainless-steel blade is enriched with carbon and chrome to prevent corrosion. Its handle is sturdy and comfortable and has a well-balanced lightweight.

Using the Best Chef Knives

The best chef knives make kitchen investments that you will thank yourself for years later. Make sure you decide on a suitable budget for the knives and only buy quality products. Knives are helpful tools which you should master to make the cooking process even more quick and efficient. The resulting meals will look even better as you use the knives.

Featured Image Source: Depositphotos.com.