5 Bold Make-Up Tips That Are Sure To Turn Heads

The fashion statement this year has been the bold look. The so called ‘bold look’ not only makes women look great, it also adds volumes to their personality. Carry this look with poise and elegance. Here are a few tips to get that Bold Look:

  • Loud colors for example black, red & orange best describe the bold look. Incorporate bright shades in your closet this season. Remember to keep the classic whites, be that a white t-shirt or the white shirt to add elegance to the bold & beautiful look.
  • Light & dark colored denims are a must have! Opt for denims that flatter your structure, especially your height and your thigh area.
  • The bold look is all about high heels, stilettos and boots.
  • A shrug or a leather jacket will do wonders for a bold smart look. Scarves and stoles are great too.
  •  Accessorize! Use a nice hand bag, or a sling bag, clutch or tote to finish the look. Wear funky bangles and jewelry to create that perfect blend of bold & ethnic look.
  • Black & red are the unsurpassed examples for the bold look. Be that a black eye shadow and a red color lip gloss. For bold makeup, you can bring into play dark colors for example black, dark blue, peacock green or purple eye shadow. To highlight your eyes, use a Kohl liner. You should either go bold with your lips or the eyes. In my opinion, bold eyes are the best!
  • Another big one for the bold look is the retro print. Hang out with your friends over the weekend dressed in retro colors or prints.

Bold Make-Up:

  • Dress the eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner & not from the bottom to the top.
    The trend earlier was to apply different eye shadow shades to your lid, crease & just underneath your brow bone. There has been a change. Now, for the modern look, you should apply a lighter shade and then darker in subtle graduation, working horizontally & not vertically. For that summer nighttime fresh look, add a stroke of gold in the inner corners of your eyes, a splash of pink over the lid, a dash of some darker color- maybe a purple, bronze or green on your outer third of your eyes, going just past the corners.
  • Blush realistically.

What you ideally want is the explosion of color to happen on the apple of your cheek. Here’s a fail-safe way to finding this- take the brush & nestle it directly underneath the eye pupil & across the tip of the nose. Then blend up & out two inches.

  • Enhance a bold mouth using concealer.

Whenever you’re using bold shades on your lips, such as a shade in plum, or red, or berry, you should prep your mouth by first applying pale concealer over your lip lines prior to applying the liner & the lipstick. This will help get you the look of crisp looking lips. Touch up by blotting your lips using a tissue, and then reapply the concealer, followed by the lip liner & then the lipstick.

  • ·         Sport false eyelashes for that flirtiest fringe.

Good quality mascara always goes far when you need to add fullness & length to your eye lashes. However, nothing will open up your eyes and offer the glamour & density of false eyelashes. You must practice so you can master the strip lashes. Always remember that you need to trim strips so it fits your eyes length, then apply very, very slight bit of bonding agent. Next, bring together your real eyelashes with false eyelashes. To do that, trace an incredibly slight line @ the base of the eyelashes using liquid eyeliner, and then apply the last coat of your mascara.

  • Use a little bit of Shimmer.

For that super-flattering radiant look, leave out the glitter & the sparkle and instead go for a subtle gloss. All you need to do is apply a bit of highlighting cream or powder in a gold shade, champagne or pink on your cheekbones, just underneath the brow bone and the bridge of the nose. Dark under the eye circles can be concealed using a highlighter which is to be applied right underneath the center of the eyes.

  • Add gleam to the entire body.

Add a dash of gleam to every inch of exposed skin on your body. This means you should take care of the arms, shoulders; collarbone, etc. also, try this out- use a light covering of glowing body lotion. This will disperse light, hiding flaws such as skin dimpling. If you want to make your legs seem leaner and longer, then a secret tip is to put an extra band of the highlighter upwards on the front of your legs, right along your shin bone!

Some Make Up Blunders To Avoid:

  • Bold lips with bold eyes!

If you’ve got the bold eyes and the bold lips going together, you will scare people off because you’ll look like a vamp!  As I said earlier, the focus should be on 1 aspect – so make it either your eyes or the lips. The smoky, bold eyes look best when you compliment that with some subtle lip color or vice versa.

  • Lumpy lashes!

Make sure you avoid clumps in your mascara. Spend on a good quality mascara as it’ll ensure long, clump-free lashes.

  • Foundation follies!

The wrong foundation can make you look ghastly and older! Worse even, it won’t conceal any blemishes & make you look chalky. Don’t just pick a foundation off a rack, please spend time with an expert to get a color that best suits your skin complexion.

  • Blush busters!

Lots of blush will make you look like a clown! However, a slight amount will go unnoticed. Try to get optimum balance! Secret Tip for Applying Blush- the apple of your cheek is where you should start and then go in upward direction. This will give definition to your cheeks.

  • Chipped nails!

You might have the best dress on, you might be wearing the most expensive makeup and divine fragrance, but IF your nailed are chipped and the nail paint is not perfect, it’s ALL A WASTE!