5 Brilliant Reasons to Visit Bodrum

Do you keep finding yourself dreaming of a lavish, sunny getaway? If so, Turkey flights are calling out your name, and Bodrum is the destination for you. Offering the perfect mix of calm, tranquil spots for relaxation, as well as being jam packed with things to see, do, and eat — this is one heavenly holiday location.

Treat yourself

You’ll be stunned in an instant when you step foot on Bodrum’s beautiful land. Think: out of this world beaches, boutique hotels, quirky cafes, and fancy wining and dining by the plenty. The elegance of this destination is beyond compare, and you’re sure to feel spoiled by its sparkle.

Choose to spoil yourself with a luxurious stay in a Marina side hotel where you’ll never be far from the upbeat hustle and bustle, or choose a more tranquil, hilltop hotel, where you’ll be able to lounge peacefully by the pool, but will never be far from the Bodrum center. A trip on a yacht is also a must for the full, luxury experience. Wind in your hair, sun in the sky, and glass of wine in hand — what could be better?


Tingling taste buds

From its rooftop restaurants with inspiring views, to cute little candlelit restaurants that ooze Turkish charm, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining in Bodrum. Although it might be a tricky decision, don’t fret too much, because the food is sure to be deliciously moreish. Opt for some of the freshest seafood, sizzled to perfection, or how about getting a true taste of Bodrum and give some traditional Turkish dishes a try. Don’t forget a glass or two of some of the finest of wines to accompany your meal. Whether it’s a lazy brunch or a dressed-up dinner by sunset, Bodrum will keep rumbling tummies satisfied.


Journey back in time

One of the best things about Bodrum is that it hasn’t lost its charm, despite being super cool and glamorous. So wind back your clock a few decades and dive into the Turkish history books with a wander to Bodrum Castle, which looks really spectacular when lit up at night too. You’ll also be able to see one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; Halicarnassus Mausoleum really is amazing, and here you’ll be able to view the Mausolean tombs and stairways, as well as relaxing in the lush gardens where Carian King Mausolus once did the same. Make sure you fit in a trip to Halicarnassus’ Theatre too, which used to hold gladiator contests but now stands proudly and much more peacefully under the Bodrum sun. There are so many ancient, magical stories in Bodrum just waiting to be uncovered.

Colorful culture

Time your girl’s trip to Bodrum right and you’ll be able to dance until your forget all your troubles at the International Dance Festival in May, or feel the beats with the sands in your toes at Susplash Festival, a beach club festival which takes place in June. Or, if gazing at boats that glide effortlessly over crystal waters as you sip on tropical cocktails is more your thing, check out the Bodrum Cup regatta.

No matter what time you visit, the cultural blend in Bodrum is really worth experiencing. Take a trip to the beautiful Tepecik Camii Mosque, or pop down to the daily market where you’ll find everything from traditional jewelry, trinkets, and perfume, to some of the tastiest Turkish offerings. You’ll also find that the locals are super friendly and will make you feel like a local yourself in the beautiful spot.

Activities galore

Once you’ve soaked up enough sun, make the most of Bodrum’s endless offerings — there’s so much to do! Dive deep into the warm Aegean waters, where you’ll be able to marvel at the coral beds and sponges. Or keep your hair dry, and choose to skim on top of those waters with a boat tour to nearby Datca peninsula. On land, there is just as much to see and do, whether it’s a spot of retail therapy, or a horseback ride over the Turkish countryside, maybe even play star spotting, as this is one popular destination with some of the biggest names. You won’t have a chance to be bored in Bodrum!

Who could resist such opulence? Go on, you deserve it!

Images by ibsut and Chris_Parfitt, used under Creative Commons license