5 Christmas Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Love

It can be hard to get your boyfriend a Christmas gift, especially if Christmas is around the corner. You may start to feel the pressure of getting him a gift he’ll love. If you’re here, then you’re probably unsure of what to get him, or where to even start.

We’ll mention 5 gifts for your boyfriend. They will range from inexpensive to pricey and romantic to useful. At the end of this, you’ll have a great idea of what he wants and you’ll be ready to get shopping!

1. Boudoir Photos

Just wait until you see your boyfriend’s face when he opens his gift. There are many ways you can gift these photos. The most common is creating a photo book. Be sure to book your session in advance to give you enough time to make the book and have it delivered.

You can also make a calendar or a keepsake box. You can make the box yourself, or customize it online and just add your boudoir photos! If you’re thinking about booking a session, reach out to a Redondo Beach Photographer!

2. Love Coupons

This DIY coupon book is easy and fun to make! There are printable coupons on the internet or you can customize and print them online. You can also make your own with just a few items. These love coupons are a meaningful and creative gift for both of you to enjoy.

You can make these a bit more interesting and add expiration dates, and redemption rules, or spread them out over time. A few examples of what your love coupons can say are:

  • Stay-cation at home
  • Movie marathon weekend
  • Free massage
  • One uninterrupted afternoon nap
  • Pampering spa day at home

Your coupons should have both things you and your partner enjoy. This is best so both of you can enjoy the moment.

3. Customized Wallet

This is a great gift for your boyfriend as they carry it with them everywhere they go. Wallets never go out of fashion as they’re considered an essential accessory. A wallet or card holder is a gift that will be useful and extremely personal to your partner. A slim card holder is great for traveling or front trouser pockets.

Find a wallet that works with their style. You can even engrave something on the leather. Whether it’s a date, name, or a short message on the inside flap.

4. Beer Subscription

Get your boyfriend a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly beer subscription. It’s a service that delivers a variety of beers to your door on a regular basis. They are curated by experts to give you a taste of new beers from breweries around the world. Depending on the beer subscription, the beer selection will vary.

5. Wooding Docking Station

A bit more personal than a classic docking station, a wooden version allows you to engrave something on it. You can add his name, initials, or a few sweet words for him to look at when setting things down or before going out the door.

There are many types of docking stations. The basic ones usually hold your phone, watch, keys, or wallet, but you are able to customize or find some to accommodate your boyfriend. There are even stations that will hold your weapons.

Final Thoughts

Not everything on this list will be the right fit for your boyfriend. But you will walk away having an idea of what he would like. Whether it’s boudoir photos he gets to look at or a wallet he gets to use every day, your boyfriend will love the gift you choose.