How effective is a Derma Roller for Acne Scars?

Anyone with a history of acne knows just how frustrating it is to walk around with a face full of pimples. As if that’s not enough, you have to deal with scars left behind by the acne for months or years on end. Unfortunately, over-the-counter medications for acne scars don’t really work for most people.

Ablative techniques such as chemical peels and lasers can be risky as well. Thankfully, derma rolling is safe and effective for most folks. It is also affordable, practical, and sustainable. But just how effective is it really? Can you depend on it to clear your face of acne scars?

What Is Derma Rolling?

Derma rolling or micro-needling is a famous cosmetic procedure for removing acne scars, wrinkles and a number of other skincare concerns. Simply put, it is a technique of piercing the skin to create tiny holes that initiate a natural healing mechanism. The purpose of the holes is to create open wounds and propel the production of collagen which in turn boosts the elasticity, health, and texture of the skin. So in essence, derma rolling causes a “mini-trauma” to the skin that aids in the production of new skin cells that fill up indentations and scars on the skin.

Microneedling is a quick treatment that needs anything from 30 minutes to one hour per session. For the best results, you need multiple treatments over a certain time period. After a few treatments, the scar tissue begins to contract and hyperpigmentation then fades. The skin also thickens, making the scars appear less visible.

By the end of the treatment, most of the scar tissue will have been replaced with healthy and smooth skin. Additionally, a derma roller helps creates pathways through which skin products can infiltrate to the deeper layers of the skin to work more effectively.

How Effective Is It In Treating Acne Scars?

Like all cosmetic treatments, micro-needling sparks hot debates among different stakeholders. There are those who fiercely defend it claiming it is a magic cure to acne scars. On the opposite side of the spectrum, some people feel it is not as effective as the accolades accorded to it.

The American Academy of Dermatology claims that the derma roller indeed works but only for depressed acne scars. If you have raised scars, the treatment may not work well for you. The principle behind this is collagen production. Raised scars basically feature a lot of collagen compared to depressed scars, so it beats logic to stimulate an overproduction.  A derma roller ideally gets rid of shallow scars entirely. It can also remove up to 70-85% of deeper scars, which is a really good improvement from the original composition.

To be more effective, micro-needling is best used in conjunction with other strategies, especially vitamin C serums. Vitamin C is used by the body to produce collagen and fight hyperpigmentation by reducing the production of melanin. Less hyperpigmentation helps to fade the acne scars making them less obvious.

It is also worth mentioning that derma rolling is considered safer for darker skin tones because it removes the outer layer of the skin. It is also ideal for sensitive and thin skin.

All in all, when compared to other traditional scar removal treatments such as fractional lasers and skin peels, micro-needling produces equivalent results. The beauty with it is that it is non-ablative. This means it doesn’t destroy the outer layer of your skin and in turn, produces a wound-healing response. The derma roller simply stimulates the skin to heal itself without damaging it.

Furthermore, the derma roller treatment doesn’t have major side effects as is the case with other procedures. During the first few days, you will expectedly experience bruising, redness, and inflammation but they will soon clear up. You may also have acne breakouts after micro-needling but these too will disappear within a few days. Ideally, the lack of adequate preparation causes severe side effects. Direct sun exposure and tanning soon after derma rolling also irritates the skin and worsens the side effects as well. But other than that, the derma roller treatment has very few side effects.

If you are looking for a quick and safe method to get rid of your acne scars, consider purchasing a derma roller Amazon. It is affordable, effective, and practical. Just remember it is best suited for depressed scars and not raised scars. Additionally, the treatment favors darker skin tones and is more effective if IT IS combined with vitamin C serum.