5 Must-Know Dating Lessons for All Single Ladies

The best-kept advice from women who’ve been there and done that – Take notes, ladies.

Sure, being single is fun. Take it from us, World of Female, we know how it feels to just own it; be your own boss, doing it your way. Meeting someone new, going to countless dates, and enjoying the upside of no strings attached can be liberating. But when you’ve been in the game for long, you’d sometimes think about retiring with someone for good.

Having your own personal cheerleader, knowing someone always has your back when you’re drunk, and finding stability as you move forward in life are few of the many pros about dating someone for good. If you’re lucky, you might’ve caught your fish sooner than expected. But since you’re reading through this list, we would assume you’re still swimming for fishes on the sea.

Don’t worry – We’ve all been there. We know women who had been through several relationships and heartbreaks before finding the right guy that treats them like the queens that they are. You can’t imagine how many ice creams it took and drunk stories to tell as they go through each disaster.

What we love about these awful experiences is the aftermath. The rebirth. These queens came through like a phoenix, picking up and bettering themselves, one heartbreak after another. There’s that glow from coming home to yourself. Enjoying your own companion. Bouncing back from the experience.

So as the saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher,” we’ve rounded up the lessons these women have picked after their many years in the dating scene. These might help you avoid those heart-wrenching moments and steer you closer to finding “the one”:

#1 Move on from your past. 

Things can get quite messy when you’re anchored by your past. So before you move forward with someone potential, you need to get rid of your baggage.

De-clutter everything that reminds you of a bitter past. Find self-reconciliation if you haven’t gotten that closure. Open your heart to new beginnings and learn from your experience.

Your future partner does not want to deal with any of that extra baggage. And we know you don’t want him to be in that toxic loop too. So while you’re still searching and waiting for him, make each moment count by cleansing your system and taking that weight off your life.

Aim to be someone who’s light and bright, so welcoming for your lover to arrive.

#2 Don’t panic. 

Tick tock, tick tock. Many women think within a timeframe. They feel the need to settle down fast while they’re young and fertile. Hence, it’s common to see women jumping headfirst on any opportunity of a semi-dreamboat guy. It’s a huge mistake.

Don’t act out of impulse and just relax. You might be missing out on the right one while you’re with a temporary boo.

#3 Have a solid image of your ideal man. 

It’s not rocket science. Your guts can tell you right away what you want for in a partner.

Hot, blonde, or kind – Don’t be timid when it comes to dreaming up your man. Jot down the qualities you’re looking for, be very specific and clear (but also realistic) with what you want. Think like the universe is a wish-granting factory, period.

You’re building an image of a man here, so you would want to be sure of how you aspire him to be. Knowing what you want cuts down the chase. It helps you avoid pointless dates with guys who fell short from your dreamboat.

#4 Go out there.

Don’t let those failed relationships and frustrating dating cycle stop you from experiencing new adventures ahead. Go out there, meet more people, find your soul mate in E-matching, and go on dates with someone you see fit.  

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#5 Believe. 

And lastly, believe. Don’t doubt, even for a second, that he’s out there.

Have faith that you’ll find the man of your dreams, at the perfect place and time. He exists and he could be looking for you too. Believing increases the vibrations and the opportunities to meet him sooner. Once you’ll have this positive mindset, you’ll draw the right person at your best.

Your negative energies can repel the right people and attract all the wrong ones. When you think lowly of yourself, people will see and treat you the same. So chin up and have faith that he’ll walk through your door soon.

Here’s to hoping for your happy ever after! Don’t forget to share these tips with a friend.