8 most beautiful places to visit in the Mediterranean

Numerous countries are fortunate enough to have part of their borders touch the Mediterranean Sea. All 21 countries have towns, resorts, cuisine, historical sites and a ton of activities any tourist from whatever part of the world would be amazed to see. From the picturesque coastlines, vibrant nightlife, unique architecture, the list of enchanting views and rich culture exhibited along the Mediterranean is endless. Each one of these countries has something unique that you are guaranteed to find nowhere else in the world. As such, these countries become strong magnets for tourists. If you are soon going on vacation and are wondering where to go and what countries along the Mediterranean have to offer, here’s a detailed look into the best summer holiday destinations.


Located right in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta is the smallest member state of the European Union. Nevertheless, this group of islands makes for the perfect playground for divers with the most beautiful beaches and resorts. The coastlines are almost endless and the landscapes breathtaking. The warm weather here attracts a collection of marine life. Deep in the water, visiting divers can see shipwrecks, submarines and geological sites centuries old. The Hagar Qim temples, the Hypogeum, and the Valletta capital are some of the historical sites said to be older than the famous Egyptian pyramids where visitors can traverse.

Croatia, Hvar, and Dubrovnik

Croatia is home to numerous islands with vast greenery and the most flamboyant marine life. The best way to explore these beautiful islands would be by renting a private yacht. You are guaranteed to find reliable resources on how to go about finding a luxury yacht charter. Hvar, Korcula, Brac, Elaphiti, and Mljet are Croatian islands that tourist love to visit. Dubrovnik is another favorite destination for tourists where visitors can see the historical sites, take part in the festivals during summer, sail and enjoy the warm sun and enjoy spending time on the sandy beaches.

Millions of tourists from Europe and the rest of the world love traveling to the Mediterranean on holiday. Whether it is by plane, or by cruise ships, the region has a wide array of vivacious treasurers for everyone to prospect. The weather here is perfect all year long with intervals of showers and slightly colder months during winter. Nevertheless, the summers last much longer than other seasons making the aforementioned destinations friendly places for anyone to visit anytime.

Majorca, Spain

With 262 beaches, you know that Majorca is a stockpile of all the ingredients needed to cook up one of your most memorable vacations. What with rich culture and traditions, clear waters, friendly weather, and an unparalleled nightlife, there’s nothing not to like about this beautiful place. Here you can hike, swim, bike, busk and taste food prepared in a few of a total of 2,500 restaurants located here. Millions of visitors frequent Majorca every year each one of them spending at least seven days. Towering mountains stare over you as you explore historical sites spread all over this Balearic Island. Certainly, a place to behold for anyone out for a peaceful and fun filled holiday.

Oludeniz, Turkey

The beaches here have the whitest sands and are ideal for first-time holiday makers. Here you can visit the Blue Lagoon perfect for snorkelers and scuba divers. If you are not afraid of heights, you can try the blood rushing skydive experience or watch paragliders, base jumpers and hang gliders amaze you with unbelievable stunts up in the air. Explore the Fethiye market and shop for Turkish jewelry, handmade art and crafts, traditional attire and raw honey to buy and take back home as souvenirs. The nights are characterized by music, dancing, and wonderful fireworks displays. The weather here and resorts are very friendly making Oludeniz the place to be when you are vacationing with children.

Menorca, Spain

Tourists frequent Menorca to see and bathe in the crystal clear waters this place is well known for. This quiet island may seem tiny but it is home to hundreds if not thousands of bird species with the most vivacious flower collection making it the best holiday destination for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. With up to 120 beaches, Menorca has a ton of gifts to offer anyone who chooses to go there. Visitors here love kayaking and Canoeing which rank top among favorite things to do. Visit El Toro peak, which is the highest point among all the hills on the island to get a 360-degree view of Menorca. In the month of June, the locals hold celebrations dubbed Festes de Sant Joan. Here visitors can witness the rich and colorful culture and bond with the locals.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia offers visitors a cocktail of activities for them to indulge in and enjoy. Here you can eat amazing food, learn how to ski on water, go hiking, ride a horse and go on a sailing adventure. The versatility does not end there, it goes further into the town where one can continue learning more about the traditions here while connecting with nature. In Sardinia, you will find beautiful resorts and historical structures like the Calgiari Cathedral and the San Simplicio Basilica to mention but a few. You can barely tell the difference between day and night save for the conspicuous dark, starry skies that characterize the exciting nightlife here.

France, French Riviera

If you are looking to connect with nature, the French Riviera will quench your needs. True to the French nature, French Riviera is home to the most glamorous resorts located right next to the beach. Cannes is one of the resort towns where the famous Cannes film festival occurs annually. French Riviera is dotted with retreats and resorts suitable for people with different tastes. From actors, aristocrats, hip artists, you name it. This town a melting pot of cultures where anyone from anywhere can fit right in and feel at home.

Greece, Santorini

Greece is generally a beautiful tourist destination for tourists to explore. The place has been able to maintain its culture and preserve its history for centuries. Santorini is a renowned volcanic island with black sands and the longest cliffs. You will be lost for choice due to the wide array of luxury resorts where you can get to relax and taste the most delicious seafood prepared by the most experienced chefs. Santorini and Greece at large make for the perfect holiday destination for many tourists. The weather is very friendly throughout the year with the months between June and October registering highest temperatures.