5 Tips to Help You Organize Your Makeup Bag

Not every lady is a neat freak and one too many overzealous shopping sprees can leave you with drawers, medicine cabinets and cosmetic bag that’s overflowing with makeup.

Your makeup bag plays a vital role in keeping your beauty products in order. The Kinzd cosmetic bag and pouch product line is an example of a really functional accessories, which can be used to stay organized as well as fashionable.

When you go out, you don’t want to take the makeup clutter with you. Staying organized means having the right bag (Kinzd) and packing the right makeup. To keep things tidy and organized, here are 5 tips to get you started the Marie-Kondo way!

  1. Pack just the essentials

If your blush or palette has a mirror in it, then there’s no need to pack a separate makeup mirror. The first thing you must learn about organizing your bag is to keep it light. The only way to do this is to take only the essentials.

Packing the right makeup will vary from person to person and occasion to occasion. If you are going off to work or just hanging out with friends, a lightweight bag will suffice. But if you’re off to a wedding or any other occasion where you are center stage, you may need more products in your makeup bag.

Taking everything from loose powder to eyelash curlers maybe a bit too much just for touch-ups. You will really only need a few items to touch up like lipstick, powder and maybe some eye makeup. It really depends on what your needs are.

Every woman has a routine, and while some women go heavy on the makeup, others will not want to make up every day. Knowing your routine is the best way to figure out the essentials that you will need and this will guide you on how to organize your makeup bag for your everyday makeup routine. Before packing ask yourself important questions like: do I need two eyeliners? And if you don’t, just stow it away.

  1. Choose the right makeup bag

This might not seem so important to some people, but it is one of the main factors to consider when organizing your makeup bag. If you choose the wrong bag, you could squish your makeup, spill products or even lose some items.

Pick a bag that is durable and easy to wipe. Make sure it is made of a good material and keep some makeup-remover wipes in there so if any product spills, you can clean it up quickly. If you have products that are squishy in the middle, pick a bag that is structured.

A bag with ample pockets is a good choice if you want to categorize your makeup. If it has an outside pocket, you can slip in small items easily. Make sure that the outter pocket is not too big so that your items don’t fall out.

The shape of the bag is another important factor to consider. A rectangular bag may take too much space and an oval shaped bag might not fit properly in your purse. A bag that is structured can help protect your makeup so think about this carefully before choosing a bag.

  1. Pick a bag that will fit your makeup

Whether you need a lot or just a few products, you want to make sure that your makeup bag can take all the stuff you need. Some bags are way too small and can only take a few basic items.

If you’ve ever had a small makeup bag, then you know what it feels like trying to shove makeup into an undersized bag. To avoid having your bag burst at the seams, use a bag that will fit all your items. You also don’t want to choose a bag that is too big as it will take extra space in your purse.

The size of your makeup usually decides what purse you choose, but this shouldn’t be the case. Your makeup bag should fit into any handbag you pick and you should be comfortable with your choice.

  1. Buy some miniature products

When you’re out and about it’s a good idea to have some miniature makeup products. Many products come in a variety of sizes and you will find that these sample sizes will serve your needs well.

These little purse-friendly items will fit into any bag or space. They are handy when you want to do a quick touch up, and if you want to carry more makeup, you can reduce the bulk by packing these small-sized items. Even if you can’t get all your products in small sizes, mixing things up will help reduce the size of your makeup bag.

  1. Double Up

Get makeup that doubles up for other uses and save more space. For example, a small eyebrow and eyelash brush that you can fold up is a good way of using one tool for two applications. An all-in-one eyeliner and eyelash brush is also another great space saving combo. These makeup items will take up less space and offer two functions at once. If you wear two shades of lipstick, try choosing one that will produce the same result but take up less space.


Foundation inevitably leaks, your compact powder might explode, and shadows may crumble — the trick is to learn how to minimize the mess.

One of the things that actually make your makeup bag dirty are broken lids from eyeliners and lip liner pencils. You can avoid this muddy look by keeping these items in a small Ziploc bag, or jewelry cloth pouch.

Keep your makeup bag clean and tidy by packing properly. You alone know your needs, so no one can organize it as well as you can. A great makeup bag like Kinzd Women Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer can give you a helping hand. Our bags are portable and come in double layer with multiple compartments to ensure that you tidy up efficiently. They are a great choice if you want a new makeup carrier that is functional and perfect for your needs.