6 Unique Gifts for Your Special Guy

Inevitably, each year like clockwork, special holidays and birthdays arrive — leaving you to figure out what kind of gift you should get for your special guy. But what do you get for the man who seemingly has everything? Definitely something unique. Rather than buy your guy the standard gifts you always do — you know, the ones you know he will like, but they’re really-nothing-special kind of gifts — why not go for something extraordinary this time around? How about a personalized gift for him? Just imagine the look on his face when he receives a gift he knows you painstakingly selected just for him. It will be epic. Check out these six unique guy gift ideas for inspiration:

1.  Bespoke Shoes

If your guy is obsessed with looking dapper, a truly superb gift would be handmade shoes, also known as bespoke shoes. Gifting your significant other with a beautiful pair of handcrafted leather shoes with exquisite details is definitely an investment, but one that could be well worth it. Think about it. The shoes will likely last for years, your guy willenjoy wearing them and it’s a one-of-a-kind gift because bespoke shoes are handcrafted, especially for the wearer.

2. Love Notes Book

If you’re the crafty sort, you might want to take a shot at making a cute love notes book for your guy out of a deck of playing cards. You’ll title the book, “52 Things I Adore About You.” Use a hole punch to punch two equally spaced holes through the left side of each card in the deck, so that you can attach all of the cards together with two small notebook rings to make the book. On the back of each card, glue a small piece of coordinating cardstock in the middle. Then write one thing you adore about your guy on the paper on each card and number them from one to 52. Use one of the extra cards in the deck for your “title page.

3. Race A Ferrari

If your guy is the type that feels the need for speed, you can buy him the opportunity to race a Ferrari or whatever type of exotic sports car he’s into. This experience typically starts with some classroom instruction regarding racing techniques and track dynamics and ends with your guy being able to take control of his dream car on an actual track while reaching high speeds. When choosing a vendor for this gift, look for one that allows you to leave the reservation date open, so you don’t have to lock your guy in to a date that doesn’t work for him.

4. Monthly Clubs

You’ve surely heard of monthly subscription clubs or the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. The good news is that there’s a club for every guy, no matter what his taste. If your guy enjoys hot sauce, there’s a club for that. Or if your guy is a beer aficionado, get him a subscription to the beer-of-the-month club. Other monthly subscription clubs include those dedicated to different types of cheese, jerky, ice cream, pizza, coffee and bbq sauce. There’s even a monthly club for guys who love unique neckties.

5. Front Pocket Wallet

Although the traditional spot for a man’s wallet is often in his back pocket, it sometimes can be uncomfortable. No guy likes to have sit on a lump, especially on long commutes. Plus, sometimes, depending on the situation he’s in, a back pocket wallet can be an invitation to a pickpocket. Thankfully, you can come to the rescue with a front pocket wallet, which has a uniquely curved design to fit comfortably in your guy’s front pants pocket.

6. Lighted BBQ Tool Set

If your guy is known to family and friends as the master of the grill, you don’t want him to have to stop grilling just because the sun goes down. A unique gift you can give the guy that loves to spend time around the grill is a lighted BBQ tool set. No matter where your guy is, even in the woods, he will be able to see his culinary prowess at work with these unique lighted tools.

Making a Choice

Hopefully, you’ve found something that would be perfect for your special guy. If not, use these ideas as inspiration to come up with something that will blow away your significant other or search online for top gifts for guys. If you’re still stumped, think about the things that put a smile on your guy’s face and go from there.

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