6 Ways Smart Home Technology Can Increase Your Property’s Value

When thinking about your home and your future, the property value can be important and often times stressful factor. In almost all decisions you take regarding your homes, the question of property value will come up. You may question whether a certain investment will increase your value or devalue your property. We’re here to explain to you why and how smart home technology can in fact increase your property value, meaning that it is not only a good investment for your day to day life and for your family, but a good financial investment as well.


  • Improved Security


Security is a fundamental part of the property value and can cause two properties that seem identical in every way to have two drastically different price points. One of the most important and common uses of smart home technologies is the implementation of sophisticated and effective home security systems. This is an incredibly appealing factor for potential buyers and can increase the property of the value far more than the initial cost of the security system.

This is especially useful if it is a family home. By investing in a smart security system, you ensure that you and your family are safe and at the same time increase the value of the property for the next family that will be moving into the household. It’s really a win- win situation.


  • Solar panels, batteries, and other sources of electricity


Solar panels and other forms of renewable energy that can be implemented in your houses really are an investment that pays for themselves. With the cost-saving benefits of solar panels, you’ll find that after a certain period of time, the amount they save you in electric bills will itself be higher that what you may initially have paid for. Many people consider solar panels to be an investment in themselves.

One other benefit of solar panels is how they increase your property value greatly. Many people are intimidated by the idea of purchasing and installing solar panels and given the option to buy a home with solar panels already installed is a great option instead.

Not only will the solar panels increase the value of your property greatly because of their usefulness and their cost-saving properties, solar panels are also considered a hallmark of modern homes and many people would consider them a fashionable element in their property, meaning that they will pay for more than just the cost of practicality.

  • Smart Lighting

We all remember a time in Hollywood when a movie wanted to show that a house was high-tech, all the movie had to do was show that it had lights that turn on and off when you clap or lights that dimmed and brightened at the right moment. Smart lighting is fun. Smart lighting is attractive. It’s useful. But most importantly, it will raise your property value.

Smart lighting is more than just a bunch of tricks and cool hacks. A smart lighting system will light up your house in a way that ensures that the power used is significantly less than that of a traditional lighting system. This means that, like solar panels, they do eventually pay for themselves in savings. What this means that a smart lighting system won’t just increase the value of your house because of attractive it is but also for how practical it is.


  • Integration between all your house features


The thing about smart home technology is that the more smart home technology you have, the better each individual gadget gets at doing its job. Smart home technologies are designed to work together, communicate and work off each other. This becomes especially notable if you have multiple smart home technologies installed. Not only will they increase the ‘WOW’ factor of your property (which we’ll talk about later) but it will also mean that each smart home technology you have will have more value. For example, if you have both solar panels and smart lighting installed, not only will they both save you energy, but the two systems can work together to maximize your energy saving and be more attractive to any potential buyers.

It may be hard to sell the same smart home gadget to everyone equally, but when you show people how these different technologies synergies and work together, it’ll be certain to attract all buyers.


  • Weather control, Smart Thermostats, and smart vents


What use is a smart thermostat you may ask? Thermostats are already pretty impressive technologically. Well, a smart thermostat is smart in the sense that it learns what you like and don’t like. A smart thermostat can learn these details about you and subsequently automatically take decisions allowing you to be comfortable without bothering yourself with adjusting anything. Another benefit is the fact that they automatically react to changing weather conditions and sudden shifts in temperature allowing you to maintain your comfort.

Another technology that synergises well with smart thermostats are smart vents, especially if you have a larger home. Smart vents work will also save you money while making sure your house is exactly as comfortable as you like it.


  • The WOW Factor


To be honest, the most notable impact smart home technology can have on your property value is the how impressive it will be to potential buyers. Anybody who’s looking to buy a new home will look at a really large number of potential houses that they may be interested in purchasing. Many of these houses will just become fuzzy memories in their brain and only a few houses will truly stick out and those are the ones that will really consider buying. Having smart home technology installed can ensure that your house really wows the potential buyers and ensures yours is the house they want to  buy the most.

Many outlets for buying smart home technology, like Smart Robotic Home, are well aware of how important smart home technology is for resale value. Besides, it can never hurt to have an extra means of comfort in your home. What may seem as a high initial investment at first, will eventually result in long-term satisfaction, and you will definitely reap the rewards later. It will help you ensure that when you make a purchasing decision it’s the right one for you and your family.