7 Awesome Gadgets That You Can Carry While Traveling

Traveling is a goal that most people have—the majority of us want to see beautiful places, have adventures, and create magical moments that happen while exploring new locations. Some gadgets will go long ways while you’re on the road or off the beaten path. These seven electronic devices will help you to get the very most out of your traveling experience, enabling you to stay safe and entertained, have fun, and keep your memories saved forever.

GoPro Hero 5

Traveling without a camera could leave you stuck in the middle of beautiful or exhilarating moments that you will not be able to keep forever. While going around the country or even the world there are bound to be places and experiences which will unfold that will beg to be captured. Even if these moments are unforgettable there is something very exquisite about capturing it on camera and being able to replay every tiny detail and sound that make the experience what it was. The Gopro Hero5 is especially great for this purpose. First of all the name “Gopro” is renowned. This particular camera is waterproof and it has improved the image and video quality. The camera is even voice-activated. With all of these amazing features it will be much easier and more enjoyable to record those memories that you’ll want to take home with you and rewatch again and again.

Portable Phone Charger

If you are going to be spending your nights in hotels or hostels having a portable phone charger may not be a necessity, but it’s still a good idea. When you are in a new place it’s always possible that you could find yourself lost and having a portable phone charger or mini battery bank could save you a lot of trouble. Many travelers camp along the way and if this is the case, having a portable phone charger could be even more of a necessity. Whenever you happen to have access to electricity just charge up the charger and it’s ready for when you need it during times without power. Having this charger could be all you need to give your phone the boost it needs to get directions or call for help. Even if you never have a situation like this, it helps you to keep your phone charged while traveling on the road between being able to use power sources.

Portable Radio

A portable radio can liven up the evening with a group of friends or your partner, or provide emergency service messages—but ultimately life just isn’t the same without music. If you are traveling by car and you already have a radio in your vehicle, it’s possible that this may not be necessary for you unless you are also camping. Those who are camping, backpacking, or spending a lot of time outside will get a lot of use out of the best portable radio. Being able to bring music with you wherever you find yourself can make all the difference between a blank memory and a magical one.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Along the same lines of how music is important, noise-canceling headphones are also smart to bring with you on your trip. While on any journey it’s possible that you will encounter outside noises—city sounds from your hotel room, loud airports and bus stations, voices, commotion, traffic—and sometimes it’s not possible for you to get away from all the sound. Noise-canceling headphones give you the option of enjoying your own music even if you find yourself in a noisy situation. For some people, this is invaluable and can give you a little escape from the parts of the trip that isn’t perhaps so enjoyable. Unfortunately, these moments are typical of just about any trip that you take, although the overall journey is usually worth the small uncomfortable inconveniences. With these headphones you won’t have to worry at all about these periods of time, however, and this way you can get the most out of the entire trip from the beginning until the end.


A tablet provides a few different things that are always nice to have, regardless of where you are. During dull or boring moments while waiting for a connecting flight or stuck in the car, a tablet gives you plenty of means of entertainment—watch movies, play games, and socialize. Having a tablet also lets you capture video and photos, communicate with friends and family, get directions and search hotels and restaurants, and more—a of which you will probably be doing while traveling. Plus, tablets are very portable and ultra-thin so they don’t take up too much room, but they give you countless resources and possibilities. There are many different tablets out there which come with different price tags, sizes, and options. You can get a small tablet if you’re trying to travel light, or something more luxurious with more features and better quality. There are also attachable keyboards which are lightweight and easy to travel with too.

Power Bank

Although a portable phone charger is good to have, it’s more specifically for your phone. You can use a power bank for your phone as well, but most power banks are capable of charging more devices, including your tablet. In most ways, these two devices are pretty similar. It doesn’t hurt to have a power bank as well as a portable phone charger, however, being that they can be so useful especially in cases of emergency. While you are stuck without electricity as you travel from one place to another it can be really useful.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

While a portable radio is made most specifically to pick up on AM and FM radio transmissions, portable Bluetooth speakers can connect to your devices and play music straight from them. Take your iPod, phone, or tablet, and pull up your own music list or else Spotify or Pandora then start streaming straight to the speakers. There are a lot of different kinds of speakers with a variety of features and audio quality. You can’t go wrong with Bluetooth speakers; you will almost definitely use them while on your journey. Crank up the volume while out on the beach or the dock, play some tunes around the campfire, or enjoy your music while having a picnic or swimming. There are countless different occasions that having Bluetooth speakers could come in useful for those who are on the road. No matter whom you are with, where you’re going, or how you are traveling, in most situations having a portable Bluetooth speaker will be something you are very glad you brought along.