95 Hottest Inverted Bobs That Are Trending This Year

Now that it’s a new year, you might want to change up your look. If you have been thinking about cutting your hair for a while you have come to the right place. There are so many trendy haircuts to choose from nowadays that the sky’s the limit for what you can do. The Inverted Bob is just what you need for 2020. We have so many inspirational pictures for you to choose from that you are bound to run out and get your hair cut right away. Grab yourself a stylus and get working! This is an iconic look that has been around for a while, so you know that you are getting a classic look that you can have for many years. It doesn’t matter which face shape you have or what kind of personality, you can rock and inverted bob.

You may be asking yourself what exactly is an inverted bob? And inverted Bob is a kind of haircut where the front is always longer than the back so it goes from shorter to longer as it comes to the front. The back usually consists of stacked layers which give you a very unique look. Another name for this bob is a graduated bob because of the variation between the back compared to the front.

The Bob itself has been around for centuries because it’s a very popular haircut. But the inverted Bob takes things to another level. If you are looking for a more edgier style than just the basic Bob, then you have come to the right place. It gives you a more dramatic style because the hair is very short in the back and comes swooping down in the fun. It will usually give you a little bit more bodied than you’re used to as well. The fact that it’s longer in the front will also help people who get a little bit more anxious about cutting their hair. This way, even though the hair is really short in the back you still have the length in the front that you can use to style.

This is also a style that is perfect for any age. Whether you are a young lady, a child, or someone in their 40s, you can wear this style still feel like you are rocking the trends of 2020. Because of the graduated length, this style works well with any shape of the face, any hair type, as well as any age. If you happen to have a heart-shaped face or an oval face, you can pair this inverted haircut with a fringe and have a style that’s even more glamorous. If you want to add some dimension to the hairstyle, then you can’t go wrong with highlights or some balayage. If you usually have thin hair and you’re worried about it lying limp on your head, you can add lots of layers to give you the kind of texture that you need that will allow you to have more body in your hair than you are used to. Truly, this style is fit for anyone’s lifestyle whether you are used to styling your hair or not. It’s an easy to style haircut that really does have low upkeep.

We have a lot of cool styles to choose from and you are bound to get a style that you truly love by the end of this article. So book your time at the salon while you can! Check out these amazing inverted bobs now!

Celebrity Styles

Kelly Clarkston is a great example of someone who has a lot of styles and who can usually fit any haircut. She has the inverted Bob and she has added some highlights to add texture to the style.


Longer Looks

If you’re not someone that wants really short hair, you can still have the inverted Bob. In this style, you can see, that her hair is much longer than most of the Bobs that we usually see. If you have anxiety about cutting your hair short, then this might be the style that you are looking for. It is still shorter in the back then in the front but it still gives you an edgier look than classic Bob.

Curls For Days

As you can see here you can still have curls or take advantage of your naturally curly hair with an inverted Bob. It still looks just as good and you will still be trending.

How To Style An Inverted Bob

You might be thinking to yourself, sure that’s a great style, but how on earth do I do that at home? You don’t have to worry about that. You can have an amazing style and still be able to style it when you’re at home. The inverted Bob happens to be easy to style.

If you have always had long hair, thinking of styling short hair can seem a bit daunting. But don’t worry we have you covered. Yes, with short hair typically have to style it every day. With an inverted Bob you no longer have the option of just putting your hair up in a ponytail or a bun. But there are a few options that will be quick and have you ready for work and no time.

If you don’t know much about styling short hair, we have the answers for you. We will help you with the tools that you need as well as the products that you should use for short hair. Your stylist may even have some suggestions for you as well. They are always there to help you out with picking the right kind of products that will suit your particular haircut.

We are going to share some ideas for you. First, we are going to start with the styling tools that you will need. You will need a blow dryer and a flat iron and you will typically use them daily unless you don’t shower every single day. It doesn’t matter which brand to have, they pretty much all work the same. You will also need three brushes her combs. One, in particular, is around bristle brush, a teasing comb, and a small paddle brush. You can basically find items at any drugstore or beauty supply. The teasing comb is so much better than a fine-tooth comb so if you can find a teasing comb, it’s going to help you a lot with this process.

The products that you will need depends on the texture of the hair. If you have fine hair want to get some volumizing treatment. That’s something that you’ll put in your hair when it’s wet after the shower. You can put it in your hair before you blow-dry it. Other products that you can use is mousse and hairspray. Hairspray of course only goes in as a finishing touch to your hairstyle and move she would put in your hair when it’s wet. If you’re not someone that likes to shower every day, you might want to grab yourself some dry shampoo as well because it works wonders for your hair.

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The Aniston Look

It seems like any hairstyle that Jennifer Aniston has become iconic in one way or another. She even at one point tried out the inverted Bob and she looks fantastic in it. You want something cool and trendy you can’t go wrong with this style.

We are going to start the styling tutorial after you get out of the shower. A great way to start is to get them loose in your hand and start rubbing it at your roots. This is going to give you the volume that you need to have a fabulous style. A palm-full of mousse is more than enough to get the style that you need. It does concentrate at the roots but it’s going to eventually make its way down the shaft. After you have applied the mousse, it’s good to clip the top half of your hair up.

You are going to take around brush injure blow dryer and you’re going to start with the shorter layers of your hair. Because the hairs are so short, they can tend to stick out so you want to get them under control as soon as possible so that they don’t dry crazy. It’s best to do this with the blow dryer because you might have a hard time straightening them with the flat iron later.

Once the bottom layer of your hair is dry, you can unclip the top. It’s always best to flip your hair upside down in order to dry it because it will help with volume. Start with your roots because that’s where you want to get root volume. Once the roots are dry you can get the rest of the hair about the 65% dry before you flip it over.

When you stand back up, you can use your hands as well as the round brush to dry the rest of your hair. The great thing about the round brush is that it will help you to smooth out your hair as it dries. This also helps to prevent little flyaway hairs.

Once your hair dries, you can clip the top half up again. Grab your flat iron because we are going to start straightening your hair. If you happen to use the flat iron a lot, it’s always best to use a heat protectant so that you can protect your hair and keep it polished for as long as possible. You cannot only use your flat iron to straighten your hair but it’s pending on how you like to wear your hair you can also use the flat iron to slightly curl the bottom half of your hair under to give it a more edgy style. Finish straighten your hair all over.

Next, you want to take your teasing comb so that you can start teasing your roots. You’re going to want to backcomb your roots in three-inch sections around the part of your hair. This is going to give you some volume at your roots so that your hair doesn’t lay flat throughout the day. Especially if you happen to have thin hair, you want to have as much volume on top as you can get. You can start by backcombing a section on each side of the part of your hair. You can start at the front and start working your way back. If you find that you still need volume after you’ve teased the part, you can go over it a second time, teasing the areas that have already been teased. It may look a little bit crazy at first but you are going to end up with voluptuous hair.

It’s always a good idea to hairspray roots so that the teasing that you have done has stayed in place. You can pull the strands of hair up and hold it for several seconds so that the hairspray can dry a little bit before you let it back down. As we all know, hair tends to fall throat the day and as we said before if you happen to have thin hair, it’s likely to fall sooner rather than later. By doing this little tip, you are likely to keep volume in your hair longer periods of time. Once you finish hairspray in the area, you are going to take you around brush again and very lightly brush over the top layer of hair just enough to smooth it. You want to take away the messy areas from the teasing you don’t want to flatten your hair out in any way. You are just smoothing it while keeping the volume in place.

This is probably as much is you need if you’re just going to work for the day. But if you’re going for a night out on the town you might want to use some shine spray to finish off your look. When it comes to styling products, there are so many different kinds and we don’t have any particular brands to recommend. They’ll work pretty much the same so it’s up to you as to what kind of brand you want to try out. You get what you pay for, however. So it’s best not to get the cheapest brand that’s on the shelf.

Overall, this style should take about 15 minutes to complete. If this is your first time doing it allow yourself some extra time because it may take some practicing.

If you want to keep the same look for the next day, just to some dry shampoo to give it some new life. Once you get comfortable with this style, you will have a hard time wanting to go back to longhair. The styles are so cute and chic and really very versatile with what you can do with it. This type of style can easily be curled or left straight. There are day-to-day looks as well as cool evening looks that you can try out.

Accessories That You Can Use For the Inverted Bob

The great thing about shorthaired is that you can really accessorize it in many different ways. You can add a touch of elegance to a Bob for an evening out or just even jazz up your look for a day-to-day basis. We have some great accessories for short hair that will have you loving accessories all over again. There are decorative headbands or hair clips that will give you the kind of look that you’re going for.

You might be asking yourself, why would I accessorize my short hair?

It’s all about achieving a different type of look. People with long hair can do this by trying to do or maybe putting some braids in their hair. But people shorthaired don’t have a lot of options. That’s why using hair jewelry and accessories is a good way of giving you a different look. It will allow you to make your look stand out without spending a lot of time styling your hair. This might be a good option if you don’t happen to have a lot of time to style your hair in the morning.

If you’re ready some for some great styles here they come.

The Headband

You can do a lot with the headband and there are so many different variations. You can get fabric headbands, lace headbands, and funky bright colored headbands. It might actually be the perfect accessory for short haircuts. It can add a touch of glam to your outfit or bring about some color when you’re just wearing a T-shirt and jeans. If you’re going to the gym it’s going to hold your hair back in place.

Sparkly Hair Clip

Do we even have to say anymore? Who wouldn’t want to try out the sparkly hair clip for their short style? Hairclips comments so many different styles that you are sure to find something that you are interested in even if you don’t like sparkles. Not into the bling that’s okay there still many things that you can do with a hair clip. You can clip one side of your hair up or both sides of your hair up, it all depends on how you feel. But it’s a cute way to add a little jazz to your style.