7 Worldwide Locations for the Perfect Girls Group Getaway

Girls trips are empowering for women as they are surrounded by the women they love. These vacations usually build relationships and strengthen bonds by putting everyone in the circumstance to experience something out of their norm. Whether you want a more relaxing and sophisticated location or one that involves non-stop play, you want to choose a destination that fits your group the best. For example, you wouldn’t choose a location like Miami if you want to focus on a nature-based getaway just like you wouldn’t want to visit Las Vegas if you don’t like gambling or Costa Rica if you don’t enjoy beaches and the ocean.

Planning a girls trip can be a lot of fun but you must start with where you want to go first. There are many locations across the world that will fit your desires in a vacation, here are a few that combine both fun and relaxation.

1. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida is a staple in the United States for excitement and partying. People who visit the city of Miami or are citizens enjoy energetic city life day and night. This city is a flashy city so if you want to have the chance to witness stars on the streets, Miami is a great location. For a girls trip this location I beneficial for those that want to rest and those that want to party all night. You won’t have a second to be bored if you step out and explore the city. There are many landmarks and quality dining places that will quench your taste for southern tropic ambiance.

This city has many beautiful beaches and resorts that you can stay in. From luxurious to basic, there are options available for any type of traveler taste. Utilize reputable vacation rental sites to see what options are out there.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rico is actually a quite popular vacation destination for all types of travelers. Those who want to vacation for longer than a week and want to experience the tropical rainforests, hot springs, and beautiful resorts should choose this destination. Not only is it reasonable to visit regarding costs but it can be one of the most memorable experiences.

This location is packed with things to do and is perfect for both relaxing and exploring. For those who want to experience the country and the city life can take hikes through the rainforest or make a visit to local cities to see what excitement it has to offer. For those who enjoy relaxation, there are beautiful waters that you can spend time sipping on a cocktail and enjoying the mountainous nature view.

3. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman is a destination that offers one of the most stunning beaches. If you and your girls want to experience the white sand, clear waters and nearby sandbars, this location is perfect. This location is surprisingly reasonable on your wallet and gives you much to do with it. Expect many restaurants offering fresh seafood and tropical cocktails. Resorts and hotels are a little expensive but the amenities and accommodations make up for it. Here are a few of the best-qualified hotels and resorts:

  • Caribbean Club Luxury Boutique Hotel
  • Morritts Tortuga Club and Resort
  • Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort
  • Aqua Bay Club
  • Beach Suites
  • Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa

4. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco is a great vacation for girlfriends to experience the beauty of African culture. Morocco borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and offers beautiful beaches and resorts. This destination has much to offer and things to do. You will find yourself often walking through a new experience every day. There is shopping available for clothes and woven goods.

If you enjoy spicy food you will appreciate the cuisine in Marrakech. Tour the Mosques and other landmark sites to get a feel of the culture and type of lifestyle the locals live. It is advised to stay in a riad, which is a house with a courtyard in its center.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana is known for live music and parties. This American city is influenced by French and Croatian histories. The city life never stops and if you want to enjoy a welcoming and friendly culture with a vibrant personality, New Orleans may be the destination for you. There are many activities to do, but people who visit this city usually visit for the gigantic alcoholic drinks.

You can stay in the French Quarter to be walking distance from the city action or rent a place on the outskirts of the city to be able to escape the extreme energy this city provides.

6. Cartagena, Columbia

Some may see Colombia as an unsafe vacation destination, but it is quite the opposite. Cartagena is a city that coasts the ocean and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you enjoy learning the historical aspects of a city and wnat to experience how it has affected the culture, decide on this location for your girls trip getaway.  The architecture is unique with vibrant colors perfect for trendy Instagram pictures and the cuisine is tasteful as it offers all kinds of Caribbean influences.

This city offers vibrant night clubs that will give you the experience of a lifetime. Those who enjoy dancing will appreciate the salsa dancing that happens around the city and those who want to enjoy the city’s flavor will be satisfied with the tropical cocktails and delicious foods.

7. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is a popular destination for vacations and can be an especially exciting place for a girls trip. The city of Mexico City offers much to do and things to see. This destination is a smooth combination of relaxation and fun. This city is currently booming and more and more people are choosing this city over Cancun and Cabos. It is affordable and lively to give visitors a great deal for their money. Those who want to enjoy Mexican culture will be ecstatic when they witness the cuisine, nightlife, and overall personality and hospitality.