8 Cities in America that feel like Europe

Yearning for a sweet escape to la-la land in Europe without having to go there? Worry not cos I’ve got you covered.  Did you know that you can get what Europe offers, in terms of ambience without leaving America? I bet you didn’t know that. From classic architecture to real cobblestone, and even the air, here are some locations in the USA that would give you the European get-away experience.

1.    Santa Barbara, California

If you’ve always dreamt of taking a trip to the Mediterranean, but for several reasons haven’t been able to make that dream come true, you can live that dream through Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara has gained the “American Riviera” because of its Mediterranean climate that gives it semblance to the French Riviera (Mediterranean coast of South-Eastern France). The architecture, the people, and the sunlit shoreline would give you all the satisfaction you seek from Europe.

The city is known for producing some of the best wines- pinot noir- around. You should schedule a visit to Santa Ynez vineyards and sensory rooms for some wine sampling. Some other notable places you must make a stop at are the ShorelinePark, Lotusland, and the Santa Barbara Courthouse. These are nice places to picnic at.

2.    New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has a renowned French Quarters known as Vieux Carre. You will find a mixture of Spanish and French architecture in the older parts of New Orleans. The city’s similarity to France is beyond its architecture, it is deeply rooted in French culture. Shall /we talk about the name of the streets, or the french bread, or holiday festivities such as Bastille Day and the Mardi Gras? Similarities like this give you an experience of France.

Another thing this city has in common with France is that you are free to consume alcohol anywhere on the street. This isn’t common practice in the USA, but in Europe, it is. Most homes are situated near shops and restaurants. It is a relatively small city.

If you are a fan of online gambling and would love to visit this beautiful city, you are in luck, because online casinos from American operators operate here in Louisiana.

3.    Venice Canals, California

Who needs to go to Venice, Italy, when there’s Venice, California? Not you! Venice Beach could be Venice, Italy’s fraternal twins.  In 1905, the canals were constructed by Abbot Kinney, a tobacco millionaire, to duplicate Venice and sprinkle a bit of Italy in America. Over a period of time, all but one of the canals were eliminated. From the Boardwalk, head southeast to South Venice Boulevard and Dell Avenue to access the bridges. You may even see locals rowing their gondola on the way to visit a neighbour.

4.    Boston, Massachusetts

Looking at Boston, it is easy to tell that it was home to British settlers in the early days.  It is no wonder that many cities here are named after some cities in England. Walking through the streets of Boston’s historic neighbourhood would almost leave you totally convinced that you are in Great Britain; thanks to the vintage architecture and cobblestone paths.

In Massachusetts, snow is a lot of fun, though the weather isn’t always as friendly as other states. A visit to the first public botanical garden in America and a walk down the north end of the waterfront are some activities you would enjoy there.

5.    St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine was founded in 1565 by the Spanish, making it the oldest city to be inhabited in the USA. As a result, the city has earned the moniker “The Ancient City.” The permanent effects of the Spanish influence can be seen in the Castillo de San Marcos fortress, the historic city gates, and basically everything in the city.

The Bridge of Lions is one fascinating feature of St Augustine. The bridge was designed for vehicles, though pedestrians can use it for long walks or work-outs. While walking a walk on the bridge, you can take advantage by letting yourself absorb the beauty of the architecture and the water view.  You can also make a trip to The Lightner Museum for some sightseeing at a cost of $15.

What’s a vacation in St. Augustine without a couple of stops at a cafe in St George’s street? I’m sure you don’t want to skip that part.

6.    Leavenworth, Washington

You most likely haven’t seen Leavenworth in reality, but have you seen it in pictures? I bet you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this village in Washington and the Bavarian Alps in Germany. These two places have so much in common, like the several trinket stores and confectionery shops, and the residents wearing the native Bavarian garb.

Leavenworth is a Bavarian-styled village in the Cascade Mountains, in central Washington State. it is made up of Alpine-style buildings with several restaurants serving German beer and food.  It is a renowned tourist attraction, especially when they have their yearly festival, Oktoberfest. Places to visit are the Nutcracker museum where you’d find thousands of nutcrackers displayed and the Waterfront Park. The village is also located close to wineries and skiing areas. How exciting is that?

7.    Pella, Iowa

Pella’s architecture and culture are greatly influenced by that of Western Europe. It is no surprise that the slogan for this city is “a touch of Holland.” Just like the Dutch city, Pella, Iowa, has a centrally located canal, brightly coloured buildings, and windmills.

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The best time to visit the city is in early May. Activities like museum tours and parades would keep you occupied. Just like they do in Holland, Pella celebrates the remarkable Tulip Time Festival; this is an experience worth having.


With this newly acquired knowledge about Europe being in America, which one of them would you like to experience? If you are having a hard time deciding, you might as well experience it all, if you can afford to.  Whatever decision you make, what matters most is that you have fun and make the best memories.