9 Things On The Web To Help You Save Money

Today I am going to talk about small, super easy and super fun things that can save you pretty significant amount of money while shopping online. Some of them you might know already, but some are pretty new things in the world of online savings. No matter that – I do believe that everything I am going to share now will surely help you save tons of money on the web. So, without any further ado that is unnecessary now – bellow you will find 9 of those things. Enjoy!  worldoffemalecom-563c91ac91f87

Shopbots or shopping-robots

Although they sound pretty fun, they do amazing work to save you money every time you are shopping online. Shopbots, or as some call them shopping-robots, are designed for one purpose. And that purpose is to search the whole internet and find you the cheapest price of the item you wish to buy. No questions asked! And the funniest part is that to use these bots services you don’t usually need to pay at all.


Sound little bit weird, but you can save a lot of money and get a juicy discount if you just write a letter for the brand you wish to shop at asking for that discount! Usually then you write a letter for a store’s customer service asking for a discount on a product you want to get, they tend to gift that to you. Every retailer loves loyal customers, and you can try acting like one in an email then asking for a price cut-off. You might win a fortune like that and get a unique and exclusive discount just for you.


Social networks

Since today everything that is online must have its social media platform, you can use that for your benefit as well. Almost every brand that exists has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another account you can follow. In these pages, you can not only learn about new products or trends but also be one of the first ones to know about the future sales. Some brands even share special ‘followers only’ coupons you can use as well. Overall – following your favorite brand will let you find many great deals.

Online coupons

Above I mentioned ‘followers only’ coupons, but that is not the only type of coupons you can use online. In fact, there are thousands of coupons on the web you can use in thousand different brand name stores. From clothing to even hotel booking, there always are a couple of online coupons ready to make those prices get low. Moreover, there are not only brands with their coupons, but specialized websites full of them too. These Kohl’s coupons can be found here, as well as in Kohl’s e-store. Thus, you can find coupons almost everywhere you shop at and always make savings with that too. If you’re someone who lives in Canada, you can probably snag some good deals from Ebates which offers canada online coupons you can use to shop at your favorite retailers and even earn back a percentage of every purchase.

Right dates

Another trick that can help you save tons of money is to shop on the web during the specific dates. To be honest, the best weekday for all frugal online shoppers is not that easy to find, and it usually relates to what you wish to buy. For example, if you would like to get a cheap plane ticket – Sunday is the best day to shop, and Monday to avoid. Also, take notice that many brands start many sales on Wednesday, Thursdays or Fridays. So you can check their websites during these weekdays for new sales or clearances.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to buy a new laptop – do that only on Tuesdays. This day works perfectly because only on Tuesdays such retailers like Dell send their special coupons to shop at their store. And if you are looking for some books to buy – Saturday is the best day ever since Amazon gifts many discounts on this weekday too.


Emails are also one of the things that can help you save money on the web. Just subscribe to emails of your favorite brands and soon you will get a bunch of letters with many great offers. You can also subscribe to coupons website’s emails too, to get a weekly dose of the best coupons directly to your mailbox.

Loyalty programs

There is a reason loyalty programs exist. And that is not only to make people shop at the same brand all the time. It is also because you can always get special discounts or bargain deals every time you shop! If you love one brand of clothing and don’t even think about shopping elsewhere, getting into loyalty program can pay off without any doubt. With your unique code, you won’t only get discounts but even get some of your money back.

Incognito mode

Another great thing you can use that will save you money on the web is to switch to the incognito mode. In fact, if you use it while shopping, you will be able to avoid so-called “direct marketing”. This works like that – since most retailers are pretty aware and informed of your price point (that is because you are Googling items and clicking only on those what are in your price range), they may show you a higher price compared to someone else who pays less in online purchases. This is all because of innocent “cookies” you agreed on the website to use. Those cookies collect all the information about your shopping habits and where you went to look for items.

The best way to avoid retailers to collect info about you is to erase all the cookies before shopping. Or just do all the shopping via incognito mode in your browsers. Incognito won’t let collect cookies, and you will be able to avoid not only direct marketing but direct pricing as well.



Yes, the final thing you need to look for while shopping online is, in fact, in you! It is patience you need to have and use while looking for discounts and bigger savings online. I mean that you should use a strategy of waiting. For example, if you don’t need that item right away, wait a little bit before purchasing it. Firstly, after some time waiting you might discover that item is lot cheaper now. Secondly, if you are registered user at e-store, you can even get a special discount or coupons to use. Either way, waiting pays off for sure and you should be patient shopper too.