A Mom’s Guide to the Best Choices for Replacement Windows and Doors

Getting your windows Ottawa replaced can help reduce energy costs and improve the character of your home. Similarly, upgrading your entry doors can tie your home together and reduce heat loss during the winter. In the best case scenario, you can find an installer who handles both doors and windows Ottawa. When you start to plan your windows project, be sure to consider your work schedule and the presence of children. Then use the Ottawa windows and doors tips below to make the project a success.

Maximizing Your Daylight

As you begin the process of settling on windows and doors in Ottawa, consider the level of natural light you want in your home. This decision might have many repercussions, as natural light is very important for family members, pets, and plants. In Ottawa, a long, cold winter can keep children inside, reducing the amount of vitamin D they receive. Windows and entry doors Ottawa that provide more light from outside can be very helpful, but the extra glass also means more wall space that lacks insulation. Certain windows replacement options, such as casement windows or bay windows, provide more light without compromising much on the energy savings from. Make sure to consult with your installer about whether these Ottawa windows options might work for you.

Choosing the Best Security

Both windows and entry doors in Ottawa play a major role in home security. Entry doors need to have a secure lock that can’t be easily opened from the other side without a key. Ideally, it should also be thick enough to keep people outside from hearing what is going on inside your home. Ottawa windows should have very few points of contact where somebody could force an object to interfere with the lock. If you live in an area with high levels of crime or just want to make sure that your windows replacement project provides the best security possible, casement windows are a good option that allows you to open your windows while providing two separate locking mechanisms – one with the window lock and one with the hand crank.

Cutting Down on Energy Costs

Of course, one of the key things that people look at when replacing both windows and doors in Ottawa is how much you can save on energy costs. For windows, choosing vinyl is usually the best way to go for almost any home. A vinyl windows replacement combines an airtight seal around your windows with enough durability to last for a lifetime. When it comes to entry doors, you can also choose vinyl and get many of the same benefits. Another good option for doors is fiberglass, which provides durability, security, and affordability in a single package.

Finding a Suitable Style

While function is certainly the most important factor to consider when selecting windows, you don’t need to forego style completely. After all, it is these features that people are most likely to notice when they first see your home. Thus, it makes sense to consider what a suitable style might be. For instance, you live near a waterfront or somewhere a cool breeze is common, then an awning style may be your best option. If you would like to give the appearance of a wide open space on the other hand, then a casement window will be your best option. These swing out to let in natural light and fresh air. Don’t have that kind of space? Well, that’s not a problem. In such an instance, slider windows will be the perfect style for you.

Understanding the Warranty

It is important to keep in mind that such windows need to last you for quite a while. This is why you should always keep an eye on the warranties offered with every option. In case such a feature isn’t mentioned, you still make inquiries regarding it. Your contractor should be able to provide you a guarantee that will last several years, at least. It is the best way to check that the product that you have received is actually of a high quality. You should always get all assurances noted down in a document and have them sealed by both parties. Thus, if anything does go wrong, you will be able to have the repairs handled for free.

When you choose your windows and door in Ottawa, you can make a decision that benefits your family as well as your pocketbook. Consider the above advice, then reach out to a contractor who handles both doors and windows.