Decorating your home can relieve stress and anxiety

Did you know that the decoration of your home can influence your mood directly? Compact, colourful and full of adornments places usually create a feeling of restlessness. On the other hand, big, bright and minimalist spaces create a sense of tranquillity, which is perfect for dealing with daily stress.

Apart from seeking professionals that can help with your mental health, decorating your home with elements that make it super cosy can also aid in relieving stress. The transformation is in the details. Check out the following important tips.



Grow plants


Growing plants is an effective way to relieve stress and anxiety. It’s therapeutic! Make use of a corner of your balcony or kitchen to make a vegetable garden and grow spices and vegetables. The pleasure of eating fresh food, grown by yourself, can help not only the health of the mind but also the body.

Opt for plants that are easy to care for, such as orchids, succulents or lavender. They are colourful, and cheerful and make your home fragrant. Another tip is to grow plants that attract good energy to your home, like the peace lily or anthurium.


Lighting design makes all the difference when it comes to transmitting tranquillity and good energy to the environment instead of agitation and stress. Lighting fixtures such as floor lamps or even modern chandeliers can bring refinement to your home and give a sense of style and good taste.

The colour of the lights is also an item to take into consideration. White lights give the feeling of uneasiness, so opt for yellowish lamps to give the feeling of comfort and peacefulness.

Less is more

The excess of information leads to agitation and stress. Not to mention the accumulation of dirt, which makes the daily organisation of the house difficult. Remove all the items that are polluting your decoration. Keep around only the essentials. Besides helping in the cleaning routine, your environment becomes much more pleasant.

Soft colours

The colour palette is the most important topic on this list since colours directly affect our mood and convey different sensations.

To ensure that your home is calm and peaceful, prefer cool tones, such as blue, grey and light green. They are soft and peaceful colours.

Avoid using warm colours because they make the environment more intense. Prefer light and delicate colours to make your home more elegant and give a sense of peace.

Comfortable and cosy furniture

Prioritise comfortable furniture in every room, especially in the living room and bedroom. Try adding soft armchairs filled with colourful cushions – they bring life to the environment – and have a nice, warm blanket nearby. Even places like the balcony need comfortable furniture so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors.


There’s nothing better than coming home and being surprised by a delicious aroma, don’t you think? Besides the scent of cleaning, include aromatic candles, incense sticks, aroma diffusers and perfume sprays for the bed linen. These aromas can help to bring feelings of pleasure and happiness.

According to experts, the essential oils of lavender, bergamot, orange, basil and cedar are the best to combat stress.