5 Things You Need for a Fun and Feminine Bedroom

Are you a fan of feminine bedrooms and girly décor but tired of the serenity of the theme? There are many things to consider before you start decorating your fun feminine bedroom. Classic white beds and all-over pink décor are so old-fashion nowadays. You can remodel your feminine bedroom with Japanese platform beds and beds like these accompanied with bohemian rugs, plants, proper lighting, and wall art can turn your room into an exotic fun diva instantly.

Japanese style platform beds 

A bed is the focal point of any bedroom, which can change the look of your room entirely. Hence, you need a bed that brings forth the feminine charm. Platform beds are sleek, modern, and stylish, which differ from the regular beds with their solid platform base. The best thing about platform beds is they are quieter and often come with built-in headboards.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to buying platform beds. But which kind of platform bed can enhance the feminine charm of your room? Japanese platform beds are known for their exotic appearance oozing with simplicity. The bed is a perfect amalgamation of art and functionality, naturally portraying feminine features.Add a little oriental flair to your bedroom with a Japanese style platform bed and complete it with two integrated end tables.

Complement your bed with decorative pillows of your favourite color. Dusty pink or baby pink is most suitable for a feminine bedroom, but if you are more of a bubbly kind, choose hot pink instead; or red, if you are more rebellious.

Decorate with feminine wall art

Feminine wall art is another fun way to add some interest to the bedroom. Exaggerate your wall with anything you love—makeup, fantasy animals, nature, Paris, anything you want. Find it, grab it, pop it into a beautiful picture frame, and hang it wherever you want.

But, if you are looking for a more serene and pure feminine vibe, a floral canvas will work best. Cherry blossom or pink peonies will instantly revive your mood by enhancing the wow factor of your bedroom. You can also turn your wall into a memory lane with a photo gallery— time you have spent with your family, hiking with friends, trips to your favourite destinations, your achievements—let your wall manifest them all.

Or you can opt for a more modern way of decorating your wall with exciting wallpaper to pop up your room.  Also, you can match up wallpaper with the fabric of the headboard for an extra fun factor.


If you find hotel rooms feel dreamier and romantic and wonder how they provide the desired mood, look no further than the lighting. Remember a romantic scene from your favourite movie you always cherish. Now you can understand the impact of lighting. If beds can change the look of your bedroom, lighting can change the mood of it.

Ambient lights significantly brighten your room as the sunlight does. Make sure your room has proper ambient lighting function. These are crucial for any kind of room, not only a feminine bedroom.

Accent lights are a more modern choice today as they highlight the visual features you want to showcase, such as artwork. But you can cheat accent lights with a larger chandelier. These are among classic décor and instantly brighten up a room with a feminine aura. You can also choose Moroccan pendant lamps with exotic decoration for an oriental flair, which will suit more with your Japanese style platform bed.

Bohemian rugs

The spirit of Bohemian style can potentially ignore the rules and embrace authentic self-expression. The best part is, when you begin with a perfect Bohemian Rug, the rest of your room décor will follow suit.

If you are an ardent lover of bright colors, a bright bohemian rug with a lively pattern will revive your existing décor. Consider choosing a rug that matches your room’s color or any décor you have used and see the magic.

To add feminine fun to your room, which will be perfect for a pajama party with your friends and homies, opt for a neutral style bohemian rug. Thus, you can be creative with your other home décor—bright pillows, colourful throw blankets, or striking tchotchke—anything you want. With a neutral rug, you can add visual appeal to your room without exaggerating it.

Rugs made of natural fiber always work best for a more oriental vibe. Flat-weave style ‘Shatranji’ or Jute rugs will give your bedroom a “one with nature” feel, also will complement your Japanese style platform bed. Combine this beauty with bright and colourful décor and see how your dull bedroom turns into a fun feminine bedroom.


Often hit with anxiety, stress, and mood swings? Turn your bedroom into a small garden with indoor plants and florals, which can change the whole relaxation game. As you spend more time in your bedroom, at least eight hours every night, make sure this place is most peaceful for you. In fact, NASA has found many indoor plants like Dracaena and Snake plants remove toxins and improve overall air quality to ensure the cleanest relaxation therapy.

Searching for accent plants? Dieffenbachia Camille, with its intricately marked leaves, instantly stands out from other accent pieces. And the best part is it doesn’t need a lot of care as long as it finds moderate light and frequent watering. So is Aglaonema, which doesn’t require much care and can survive low-light conditions.

Thinking about florals for more feminine charm? Anthurium can be the best option with its neon flower that can survive up to eight weeks and fresh ones popping up regularly. Just place it in a spot with bright light and high humidity. You can also opt for Lavender that makes a beautiful bedside accent with an appealing scent. But it needs bright lights to survive indoors and full sun outdoors.

Or you can complement the corners of your room with bigger indoor divas like Parlor Palm and Lady Palm. These bring sophistication and air-purifying benefits to any space.