A Solo Australian Vacation for Her – What Can You Keep In Mind?

Traveling solo is often dubbed as depressing and lonely. However, most travel enthusiasts are trying to break this stereotype.

You can either choose to opt for the services of a travel agent to make your itinerary or do it yourself. Australia is often on the cards of most travelers due to its picturesque landscape and numerous offerings. You can start planning your trip by checking the best time to visit by checking the weather here.

Once you have the dates in mind, you can work on your itinerary. This article will help you cover Australia and be part of its immense culture via various activities and visits. You can choose to include these in your tour itinerary to make it even more exciting.

The Melbourne Skyline

Starting the trip with Melbourne, the most beloved and populous city of Australia is a great idea. You can take the city bus tour ride, which has excellent guides to help you with adequate information regarding the city’s historical journey.

It is worth mentioning that while such a ride will help you to cover the landmark places of the city during the day, you should not miss watching the Melbourne skyline at night. You can visit any popular Skydeck to admire the view of the city.

A pro tip here will be to go for a walk along the Yarra River to relax and end the day.

Phillip Island and Koalas

You will find a semi-natural habitat during a visit to the visiting park. The place offers a superb opportunity to play and feed koalas and kangaroos. After this delightful time, you can head to Phillip Island. The walk along the sea and the great view of the coastline will remain in your memories forever.

You can go to the chocolate factory and enjoy a few offerings of your liking. Watching the penguins return home from the sea can be a great after-dinner experience on the island.

The Great Ocean Road

The coastline of Australia has a fantastic view. It is a destination to dream of, and you can take a trip along the Great Ocean Road. The 240 km long coastline has numerous beach towns and attractions along the way. The Twelve Apostles should be your next destination where you can watch the limestone shacks on the shore from a helicopter.

The Great Barrier Reef

To visit the world’s largest coral reef system with more than 2900 individual reefs over 2300 km, you need to take a flight to Cairns. The mesmerizing view of the colored hills of Cairns will make you spellbound. It is advisable to go for a sunset cruise that will take you through the forest.

You can have your dinner at any shoreside restaurant to enjoy the pleasant weather.

A Day With the Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon ride is an experience of a lifetime. It generally starts early in the morning, and hence you will need to get up early and travel for a few hours to reach the spot.

You will be able to see the kangaroos, forests, and a lot more from up there. You can head back to the city to go for the magnificent Green Island cruise. You can see corals and reefs through the glass bottom boats.

Sunset Cruise at Sydney

Sydney is a popular destination among most travelers. There are numerous things to do in Sydney, from visiting the famous Opera House to the Sydney Bridge. While you can do these during the day, you can keep your afternoon and evening free for a sunset cruise.

During the cruise trip, you can look at the beautiful city. You can enjoy your dinner with a spectacular view in front of you.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains Park and Three Sisters Point are a must on your itinerary. The breathtaking natural beauty of the park and short rides using Skyway, cableway, and railway are as exciting as they can get. The Three Sisters Point tour is an informative one.

Back Home

You take back the beautiful memories and experiences to look back forever. A vacation in Australia is unlike any other holiday. The breathtaking views and spectacular landscape will keep you feeling like being part of something bigger for the days to come.

It will connect you to nature differently and give you the experience to look at yourself while traveling solo. You will also understand and learn a few things about yourself when you undertake such a trip.