97 Flirty Ankle Tattoos That Showcase Your Feet

Women have been flaunting ankle tattoos for decades, even centuries. It’s the kind of tattoo that is inconspicuous, not flashy. Many women just want something simple that they don’t have to show off. Something that can easily be hidden or shown off with a set of heels. If you are looking for something that is not showy, then an ankle tattoo is the perfect one for you.

They are sweet and sexy all at once. The ankle tattoo is a pretty design that will put a smile on your face every time you see it. The sky is the limit for what you can put on your ankle. There are so many small tattoos available to choose from.

These days tattoos are more accepted than any other time in history. There are plenty of tattoos out there that you can choose that have meaning to them. Or if you are looking for something simple without meaning, there are plenty of options for you. There is a lot of sex appeal involved in the ankle tattoo and it’s subtly is what makes it so sexy.

Check out these 97 Flirty Ankle Tattoos That Showcase Your Feet:

  1. Matching Styles

You can get matching tattoos on both ankles to give you a complementary look. One that you are sure to love wherever you go.


2. The Sun

If you want to brighten up your feet, then adding a sun is the perfect tattoo idea for you. These are fun tattoo choices that are great for summer.


3. A Dove

The dove has plenty of meanings to it, not to mention it’s just a pretty design. You will love walking around with this sweet look. If you are a fan of doves, then you can’t go wrong with this cool design.


4. Feather Tattoos

It’s up to you whether you just want one ankle done or both. The feather design is a pretty one and it’s the kind of tattoo that can be detailed even if it’s small. It’s one of the coolest options for a small tattoo design.


5. Angel Wing

Angel wings have been popular designs for a long time now. This is a larger tattoo design for the ankle, but if you are looking for something with some impact, then this could be a great choice for you.


6. Floral Designs

A great style like this one is simple but pretty. You don’t have to have big, detailed tattoos. If you are all about simplicity, then this would be a great tattoo choice for you. It’s unique and offers you a great new look.


7. Creative Styles

A style like this one is truly creative and it’s sure to catch the eye. If you are looking for something cool, then this is the tattoo for you. Who needs color with a cool design like this one.


8. Cats

We’re pretty sure they are cats anyway, but these are great ideas for the cat lovers out there. Geometric tattoo designs are more popular than ever these days and they always look cool no matter what design it is.


9. Mickey Mouse

If you are a Disney fan, then you can’t go wrong with a matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoo.


10. Interesting Designs

The great thing about tattoos is that you can get something that just has meaning to you. This design is certainly an interesting choice. It’s a small bouquet of flowers in a vase made from a wine bottle. It’s definitely a tattoo that you can consider to be unique.


11. Messages

Another example of a large tattoo on the ankle. Your own personal message to yourself is a great way to show off. If you have a message for the world, then this is a great way to show it off.


12. Simple Styles

There are plenty of simple styles like this one that will complement your ankle. Florals design have been popular for decades, people just love flowers. You won’t find anything prettier than a floral design. If you have a love of flowers or even nature, then this would be a cool option for you.


13. Nautical Styles

If you are a fan of sailing or simply just love the water, then why not try out these cute nautical designs? These are very simple designs that won’t take a lot of time to create and won’t cost a lot of money. They are simple and yet so perfect.


14. Anchor of Love

A great tattoo idea that you can have to showcase your love of boating. We love that there is just a little heart in the design, it really represents the love of the sea.


15. Paper Airplane

An awesome and creative tattoo design that is sure to have people asking you about it. It’s a whimsical design that might even remind you of your childhood. It’s creative and looks really cool.


16. Tree Designs

People will often get tree designs because they symbolize life or growth. These are cool looking designs that you are sure to love.


17. Intricate Designs

If you are looking for something that is a little more bold, then this is a cool look for you. There are bold color choices as well which will offer you a bright look to enjoy all year long.


18. Sweet Angels

Angel wings are always going to be a popular tattoo choice. If you want to represent your love of angels, then you can’t go wrong with an angel wing. This one is more of a cartoon image, but there are many choices when it comes to angel wings.


19. Simple Flowers

Another great tattoo design that is simple. Florals are always popular choices and this one is all about keeping it simple. It’s just an outline without any color, but that could still be the right choice for you.


20. Moon Tattoos

A great tattoo like this small and simple. If you love moons, but you are only looking for a simple design, then this tattoo is perfect for you.


21. Green Leaves

If you are a nature lover, then this may be the perfect tattoo choice for you. There is a bright green color to the tattoo which makes it really pop off the skin. It’s a cool look, but it’s also a larger tattoo.


22. Snail Time

This is a cute tattoo that has a lot of detail to it. If you have a love for snails or all creatures in nature, then you are sure to love this style. It’s definitely a cool style.


23. Rose Designs

Rose’s are another popular design that will never go out of style. There are virtually hundreds of different rose tattoo designs. You have to decide for yourself what kind of design you are looking for. This is an awesome design that doesn’t need any color.


24. Detailed Designs

A detailed tattoo like this one looks more like a drawing. It’s beautiful. These tattoos are more like works of art than just a typical tattoo design. These images are truly breathtaking and you are sure to get plenty of compliments about this tattoo.


25. Soft Designs

These soft designs don’t have outlines and they make for very pretty tattoo designs. The colors almost blend right into the skin offering you a style that is truly breathtaking. The pink here is the perfect color choice.


26. Large Tattoo

This is obviously a very large tattoo design because the rest of the fish is likely across the foot. It’s a detailed and bold style of tattoo. We love the dark coloring of this tattoo because it creates an impact on the skin. If you want a tattoo that’s striking, then you can’t go wrong with this look.


27. Simple Hearts

If you aren’t big into tattoos, then why not get something as simple as this one. You don’t want just one heart, you want three to create this cool design.


28. Palm Trees

These are great tattoo ideas for people that love the beach or love to travel.


29. Bold Designs

This is a bold design with some unusual features.


30. Show Your Pride

Sometimes your tattoos are about showing your values or belief systems.


31. Pretty Wing

This is a pretty simple example of an Angel wing. We love these cute little designs.


32. Praying Hands

Religious or spiritual tattoos are very popular choices and these praying hands are beautiful.


33. Animal Love

If you have a love for elephants, then you are sure to love this sweet tattoo.


34. Cool Designs

Geographic coordinate tattoos are highly popular and they usually have a special meaning to you.


 35. City Styles

This is a cute tattoo for those who love living in the city.


36. Celestial Art

Celestial tattoos are also popular choices and ones that you will love too.


37. Special Meanings

Plenty of people will get tattoos because they hold a special meaning for them or because they are honoring the passing of a family member.


38. Silhouettes

Silhouettes are great tattoo options because they are simple designs.


39. Greek Letters

Greek tattoos are great if you want to keep your message private. Not everyone will know what it means.


40. Mountain Shots

There are really great colors involved in this awesome tattoo.


41. Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are very popular these days, mainly because they look really cool. You will have to choose a larger tattoo as there aren’t too many that are small.


42. Pretty Flowers

A great design like this is pretty and small. Something that you can keep to yourself.


43. Cartoon Tattoos

Favorite cartoon characters are always popular choices for you.


44. Gorgeous Flower Designs

Floral tattoos are always a great choice and these ones are very simple ideas.


45. Simple Styles

This floral design is a very basic style.


46. Family Tattoos

This is a great tattoo if you want to represent the love between parent and child.


47. Heart Designs

This realistic heart tattoo is one of the bigger options available to you.


48. Cool Designs

This is a great example of the kind of geometric tattoos that you can get if you want something that is small.


49. Sweet Angels

This is a cute little angel wing that you can hide if you want or show off with sandals or heels.


50. Bear Tattoos

This polar bear is certainly a flirty tattoo that is simple and practical. There is no need to get a huge tattoo if you don’t want one.


51. Simple Tattoos

Tattoos like this one usually have a special meaning to the person. It’s a simple design and one that you are sure to love.


52. Strong Messages

Some tattoos can be made to look like ankle bracelets like this one. Choose a word that means something to you and surround your ankle with it.


53. Soft Florals

Tattoos can be made to look softer by not adding the outline to the tattoo. This is a very pretty design.


54. Birds Flying

This is a cute tattoo that would be perfect for an ankle design.


55. Cat Outline

This cat design is both flirty and cute. We love that it’s just an outline.


56. Pig Tattoos

There is a lot of love going around for pigs these days and if they are your favorite, you can represent that love with a pig tattoo.


57. Fun Tattoos

This geometric sloth is all about fun and quirkiness.


58. Anchor’s Away

A simple tattoo like this one is all you need to show off your love of sailing.


59. Planets

If you like the galaxy themed tattoos, then these are some cute options for you.


60. Simple Moons

You don;t get much simpler than this moon tattoo.


61. Medium Styles

The size of your tattoo is completely up to you and how much you want to make an impact.


62. Sweet Looks

If you love rabbits, then you are sure to love this little rabbit outline.


63. Animals Tattoos

People just love to put their favorite animals on their bodies. Elephants are a very symbolic animal, so there is a lot of meaning behind these tattoos.

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64. Sweet Rose

This is a very sweet design when it comes to simple floral tattoos. It’s a cute little rose that will fit nicely on the ankle.


65. Growth

There is plenty of meaning behind a simple tattoo like this one. You have to find what meaning you instill and that will help you to find your perfect tattoo.


66. Blue Rose

The sky is the limit for the colors that you can choose when you pick floral tattoos.


67. Cool Tattoos

Tattoos like this are always eye-catching because they look really cool.


68. Watercolor Tattoos

You can make virtually any tattoos look cooler by adding in a watercolor splat like this orange one. It makes it look more like a painting than anything.


69. Flower Love

Another great example of a floral tattoo.


70. Fun Styles

You can pick a fun tattoos style and match your ankle to your wrist.


71. Leaf Styles

A great tattoo like this is simple and sweet. If you love nature, then this is the tattoo for you.


72. Beach Styles

These tattoos are great for summertime when you want to represent your love for the beach.



73. Special Flowers

This is another beautiful example of the floral tattoos that are available to you. The soft blue is really pretty.


74. Sweet Bunny

This is an adorable bunny tattoo for all those rabbit lovers out there. It’s the perfect tattoo for your ankle.


75. Cool and Pretty

Another floral tattoo that you are sure to love for an ankle tattoo.



76. Realistic Moon

If you are looking for a moon tattoo that is more detailed, then you can consider getting the man in the moon. The faces can be done in many different ways. This one is done from the side which gives you a completely different look.


77. Interesting Images

This tattoo image is all about giving or receiving something from someone else. That’s why there is a hand as part of the design.


78. Fun Tattoos

Not only is this a fun tattoo design but it’s also one that has a great message to it as well.


79. Cool Moons

Now, this is a very different way of representing your love for moons. There are so many different ways that you can create your own special tattoo. Instead of just getting a basic design, you can have something cool like this one.


80. Time

Do you need a reminder that time is running out and that you only live once? If so, then this is the perfect tattoo for you. These timer tattoos can have many different meanings to them. It depends on what it means to you.


81. Cool Aliens

It could be an alien, or it could just be a weird looking person. It’s a cool tattoo whatever it is.


82. Larger Flowers

A great floral design that is a little bit bigger than the rest.


83. Geometric Florals

This is a great example of how you can implement a geometroic shape into what appears to be a normal tattoo. Geometric designs usually have a higher meaning to them, so thsi is not just a normal tattoo.


84. Colorful Fox

This is a great tattoo design of a fox. We love how the color goes outside of the lines. It’s a tattoo design that you are sure to love forever.


85. Tree Designs

Another great example of a tree tattoo. These tattoos are usually representing new growth in your life.


86. Simple Outlines

This tattoo design is very delicate and elegant. It’s a tattoo that is barely there and you could miss it if you weren’t looking close enough. It’s a very different look for a tattoo but it’s perfect for someone that thrives on simplicity.



87. Pastel Styles

Another great example of a floral tattoo without an outline. These tattoos are meant to be soft and delicate. The pastel colors go really well with these tattoo designs.



88. Deer Styles

Deers always seem to be a popular choices as well for tattoos and this is a very sweet design. It’s soft and the little deer is cute as a button.


89. Love of Flowers

It’s pretty obvious that this girl loves flowers, she has them in her home and she is representing them on her ankle as well. If you feel the same way, then you are sure to love these tattoo designs.


90. Koi Fish

Believe it or not but this is also a geometric tattoo design. The geometrics are represented by the dots in the tattoo. Koi fish have a lot of meaning behind them and that’s why people tattoo them on their body. It’s a small tattoo but it packs a lot of punch when it comes to meaning.


91. Sweet and Simple

Another great floral design that proves that tattoos can be sweet and simple. It’s just an outline tattoo, but it’s a special one.


92. Bracelet Styles

This is another great bracelet tattoo that will look awesome during the summer months when you are sitting out on a patio or at the beach. It’s a unique and intricate design that really gives you a beautiful look.


93. Just A Line

This tattoo is made just from a simple line that twists and turns to create a simple flower. It’s a cute and flirty design that you are sure to love.


94. Cool Elephant

This is a very cool elephant tattoo made from a few simple lines. There are a lot of meaning behind elephant tattoos and we’re not sure what this one means. It could represent the strength of an elephant or even the death of one judging by the flat outer design.


95. Circular Designs

This is a fun circular design that has a cat incorporated into it. The Siamese cat is positioned in a circular way with a flower on the other side of the circle.


96. Cute Planets

If you are looking for a small tattoo, then this is a great choice because it’s certainly a small design. If you love planets or galaxy designs, then you will love this sweet and small design.


97. Anchor Styles

This matching style has a couple of cute anchors on the ankles. She obviously has a love for the sea, even based on her jewelry choices, so this is the perfect tattoo choice for her.