The Most Memorable Celebrity Tattoos and the Meaning Behind Them

The Body is a Canvas…

…and some celebrities take this idea and run with it. Some of the most amazing celebrities of our time have the most meaningful and beautiful tattoos that you have ever seen. Some of them are funny, others are heartwarming, others are reminiscent of a person or time that has long gone.

Stay with us on this interesting journey as we look through some of the most interesting celebrity tattoos and what they mean.

Where Do the Stars Go?

Ever wonder just who is tattooing the amazing celebs we like to follow? There are a few shops out there that celebrities frequent, and they are definitely known for their quality work and amazing artists. Getting an appointment at these particular shops may be hard, and even in some cases way out of our price ranges. Still, it is fun to think about what it might be like to get inked by these legendary shops.

North Star Tattoo-This is a place frequented by the likes of Lady Gaga, who got her unicorn tattoo at this particular shop. It is located right in the Big Apple-New York City-particularly East 7th Street.

All or Nothing-Atlanta rappers know where to get the best ink. That is here in the heart of Atlanta, where famed artist Brandon Bond puts his work onto the skin of artists like Nas and Kelis.

California Dream Tattoo Shop-This is the place where Jeffree Star, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber all got their famous ink.

Artist Romeo Lacoste treats the body like the most beautiful canvas, and the samples of his work on his website barely do justice to the art that is on the skins of our favorite celebrities.

The Celebrities

Now, it’s onto the part that everybody wants to hear about: the tattoos of the celebs we love. Get ready to smile, laugh and cry about these legendary inks!

Lil Xan-Rapper Lil Xan got a tattoo that honored the rapper XXXTenacion. Lil Xan’s tattoos are the dots down his nose, which look like the ones that XXXTenacion had underneath his eye.

XXXTenacion was shot and killed on June 18, 2018 in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Despite the violent lyrics he sang, the hip hop community still mourned the loss of the young man. Fans and fellow rappers all collaborated on June 27th of that year to mourn. Even today, fans and fellow industry people pay their respects to this young man. 

Mac Miller-Deceased Mac Miller was known for his amazing raps and his relationship with Ariana Grande. This young man had a promising future and began at the age of 15 in Pittsburgh as a rapper, signing his first record deal with Rostrum Records in 2010.

His mixtapes K.I.D.S. and Best Day Ever were his breakouts, and his debut album Blue Side Park reached the first spot on the Billboard 200 chart in the USA.

Mac Miller had plenty of amazing tattoos, but one was particularly funny in its meaning. He had an alien riding the Yellow Submarine (the one mad famous by the Beatles song) on his right leg. The rapper stated that hearing this song saved him from a bad acid experience.

He was imagining that the world was going to end by the wrath of God. However, upon hearing that famous Beatles tune, he began laughing and felt that the song described the world perfectly. Mac Miller was a huge Beatles fan, and even had a tattoo of John Lennon that honored his love for the legendary group.

Justin Bieber-When Justin Bieber first got his face tattoo, it was hard for fans to see it. Keith McCurdy, also known as Bang Bang (a legendary tattoo artist to the stars) was able to confirm that the face tattoo was indeed real and was part of a couple tattoo he got with his partner Hailey Baldwin.

Bieber would not talk at length about the ink, and neither would McCurdy. It was just a small series of words that was next to Bieber’s eyebrow. Even in close and personal photos with Bieber, it is hard to see what the tattoo really says.

Says McCurdy, Baldwin and Bieber each got a tattoo. The tatt was really thin and rather delicate in nature, and McCurdy decided to keep it private until the media eventually figured it out. So, this tattoo is an expression of love.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen-this celebrity family has captured the hearts of the whole world with their funny and cool ways of documenting their life on Instagram and other social media.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have many amazing photos but perhaps the coolest one they have is their matching family tattoos. They decided to honor their two children, who are named Luna and Miles, by getting matching tattoos.

The tatts feature a feather-fine black line, and they look like they were almost created with a fine-ink pen. The script in which the ink is written is simple, elegant and lovely, but somewhat hard to read. The minimalist design brings in three names total.

On John Legend, the tattoo reads “Chrissy-Luna-Miles.” The tattoo is located upon his upper arm. And for Chrissy, the tattoo reads “John-Luna-Miles.”

Indeed, this is a lovely way to keep tabs on what is really important in a person’s life. And, the tattoo can always be there to remind you why life is worth living.

Brooklyn Beckham-The oldest child of Victoria and David Beckham has may cool tattoos. The 19-year-old young man showed off his tattoos on Instagram, and even has a stomach tattoo. One of them says “buster” and the other one reads “dvbrch”.

Buster is his father’s nickname for Brooklyn, and the other tattoo-the one reading “dvbrch”-is the initials of each one of his family members: David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. He even shouted out the tattoo artist who performed this work.

The post was a huge hit and garnered nearly 200,000 likes in just 14 hours. Fans were super happy to see the young Beckham’s tattoos, and one fan even recalled the nickname as his father had called him that on a documentary that centered upon the family.

Hilary Duff-The star of the TV show Younger got an old saying from Hollywood put right on her inner arm by the famous artist known as Doctor Woo. It was a “super tiny reminder” or so stated the artist when he talked about the tattoo on Instagram.

The tattoo reads Take Fountain and is a reference to the geography of LA. Fountain Avenue is a small street in LA, which is between and next to Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard.

These roads are always super busy and packed with traffic, and so when Johnny Carson spoke with Bette Davis about how to get into Hollywood and do well, she stated, “Take Fountain!” The advice that the famous and deceased Davis gave is a reference to this comment.

Prince Jackson-Prince Jackson is the son of Michael Jackson, and got his body inked with a lovely tattoo to his late and great father, the King of Pop.

He got the tattoo on his leg, and the ink shows his father in one of the most famous poses and costumes he ever wore-including the famous white glove.

Young Prince Jackson’s tattoo includes angel wings, and what appears to be fairy dust which is a nod to the love of Peter Pan that the late Michael Jackson had. The tattoo took nine hours and turned out incredibly beautiful.

Meanwhile, Paris Jackson, who is the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, got a tattoo that features her father’s eyes and artwork from the Dangerous album. She got the tattoo on her arm as a means of showing that she is with her dad forever and ever.

The ornate tattoo is truly a work of art and the artist did an amazing job honoring Michael with his work. She also got a tattoo on her foot that reads “Apple Head” and stated that with every step she took, her father lifted her foot and guided her onward.

Summing It All Up

The decision to tattoo yourself is a really big deal, but with enough research, time, and of course inspiration, a tattoo can be a lovely way to express yourself and honor somebody you really care about. Or, it can be a way to take beautiful art with you everywhere you go.

No matter how you choose to wear your tattoo, just wear it with pride and make sure that your artist gives you exactly what you want. It is truly a huge investment and a decision that nobody should take lightly.