167+ Of The Hottest Dimple Inspired Piercings to Have in 2021

Body modification has always being a part of human existence and it’s becoming even more pronounced. It is more like there has been a revolution to change the world’s outlook. They include body tattoos and body piercings.

Body piercings can be done in different styles and the dimple piercings are one of them. Dimples will always be beautiful and cute, everyone wants one but not everyone is privileged to have one. Even though they are small holes, it is undeniable that they create a very attractive effect when you smile.

An unbelievable fact is that dimples are a genetic defect. We bet you didn’t know that. Funny how a thing meant to be a defect is now a source of beauty. In fact, many will kill to have this beautiful defect. A dimple is caused by shortened facial or cheek muscle. The defect results from a fault in the subcutaneous tissue developed during embryonic growth.

Irrespective of the explanation behind dimples, they are simply gorgeous whether on a male or female. Ultimately dimples are the perfect beauty marks. It even gets better, you can now accentuate your dimple by piercing it.

This article has been put together to easily help you make your choice when you need to get dimple piercing. There is also more to learn on this topic and we have it ready for you.

What Is a Dimple Piercing?

Even though body modification has been here for a while, dimple piercing is one of the new ones. It is weirdly striking as it is not yet so common. Even so, there is still so much you can do with dimple piercings. It is also called cheek piercing so you might be seeing it used in that form as we continue.

What does dimple piercing mean? It is a procedure done with the intention of bringing out the dimple or create an illusion of one. If it is symmetrically placed on both sides of the cheek, the illusion stands out and looks really good.

For people who have natural dimples, this procedure is easier since the layout for the piercing is done already. A person without dimple will, however, need the tact of a professional piercer to get one done.

You should know that like every kind of piercing, a dimple piercing is painful too. Even though it is painful, what really counts is your ability to endure pain. So when thinking about getting a cheek piercing you should answer this question. What is the amount of pain I can withstand?

Some professional piercers may offer you some kind of ointment to help ease pain before starting the process.

Ideas for Dimple Piercing

You should have gotten a grip on what dimple piercing is by now. So let’s excite you with some great ideas for your cheek piercing. They look different from one another because of the choice of jewelry used but generally, the process is the same. Listed below are some exciting ideas for your dimple piercing.

Cheek stud

It is most likely the most popular style of dimple piercing. It creates an illusion of deep dimples on both sides of the cheek by giving you a dark pointed look. Your cheeks look gorgeous and magnificent with this impression.

Tiny studs

As the name suggests they are very tiny but breath-taking. One magnificent characteristic it possesses is it reflects light. If your cheeks are perfectly toned, your jawline will be accentuated in the most beautiful way. You are definitely going to make heads turn whenever you step out with this style.

Brightly shining piercing

To achieve this, you need white beads, you can also use any white jewel. The idea behind this is to create a sparkling diamond illusion effect on the cheek. Little wonder it is the favorite among girls. It is advisable to pick from multicolored beads. This way it suits whatever personality you carry.

Titanium gold stones

Stylish, trendy and the perfect choice for people who love gold. It is a large golden-colored large spherical shape which amazingly always sits so well within the cheek. They are better on plump cheeks because of their usually large size. These jewels always make the facial features look better.

White gold diamond

The color mix for this one makes it the perfect choice, the cost, however, can be a challenge. If you are not so particular about budget control and you’ve got the cash this is the choice to make. Your jawline is perfectly enhanced and your style is communicated effectively.

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Opalite Dermal dimple piercing

This is a colorful piercing that has a way of bringing out your personality through its colors. It is also one of the favorites with girls as it allows them to match up colors with their clothes.

Simple, flat, and neat

Simple is the style for a lot of people. If you subscribe to less is more, this piercing is for you. Flat simple beads are used and it is perfectly suited for a first-time cheek piercer.

Silver Stud

Silver on its own is already attractive and classy. Think of a silver stud coming out of your cheek, it will show off your facial features in beautiful ways. They express an exceptional and bold personality, so if you are confident you then what’s stopping you.

Cubic Zirconia

This is for people who are not concerned with what people others think about them. They are ready to show off their personality not caring about how it is received. It is a very tiny piecing and perfectly enhances the cheek. Your piercing game might just gain a higher score depending on the piercer or your other piercings.

Yellow Gold


Gold lovers have a special place for yellow gold in their heart, they could go on about their love. It is quite understandable. It is a bright color that always pops and it always lifts your personality in the right way.

Bold Ideas for your Dimple Piercing

You will get a good idea for dimple piercings from the list below or at least an inspiration for a new design.


Maleficent dimple piercing

These are beautiful gold piercings that bring life into your piercing game making you stand out in a crowd. They give you a very cool look, more like a rock star.

Sassy gold studs for men

Looking to make your face pop-out as a beautiful bearded male with blue eyes, this is the perfect dimple piercing. The beards would considerably conceal it but the jewelry still blends perfectly to give a beautiful effect.


Black cheek piercing stud

Black jewelry dimple piercing always has a beauty to them. Your smile is beautiful, your face is beautiful, and in fact you are all-round beauty with this one. You should wear the tag “bold and beautiful”. The way perfectly contrasts with your skin makes you stand out.

White gold dimple piercing

This perfectly balances up to your face when you have got other piercings on it. They create a seamless dimple outcome on the cheek, it looks almost like they are not there. However, they project all the cuteness there is.

Cubic zirconia piercings

Are you a freak for piercings? If your answer is yes, then you wouldn’t mind going for this. The black jewelry is very visible on your cheeks amazingly catches the eye always.

Golden spikes

They are large gold-colored jewelry that beautifully stands out on your face. They also make you look serious.

Silver-studded cheek piercing

As in the gold, these silver prongs are a perfect way of accentuating your jawline and facial features. They are a very cool way to perfectly give the illusion dimples.

Teeny balled studs

They are beautiful and portrays an amazing skin contrast. They work well with piercing located just above the upper lip, creating a perfect balance.

Low profile white gold piercing

The perfectly complete your already cute look. These piercings are very cool and attractive.

Gold pop-ups

If you intend to be really noticed by everyone this dimple piercing then is your perfect choice. It looks better if you have a little bit of cheek. The large golden jewelry pops-up out of your face.

Gold color spiral dimple piercing

This is another serious-looking dimple piercing. If you want a serious face because your personality is too soft you have the perfect camouflage. Nevertheless, they are attractive and cute, gold always is.

Beautiful gold jewelry

If you are looking to make your smile visible without your teeth this dimples piercing will do just that. They are just cute and are always screaming your beauty to the universe.


Silver-studded waist dimple beads

You can also add stud to your waistline, yea right you didn’t think you could do that right. You can put studs on your waistline dimples, they are always cute too. These little silver studs will stand out perfectly and you can wear your crop tops to flaunt them the summer.

Bulging gold cheek piercing

Achieving a serious face can be impossible most times, but not for these protruding gold piercings. If you are feeling taken for granted and you seriously want to make a statement, this is piercing is yours.

Huge black piercing

How about obvious for a change? These particular piercing will standout on your cheek in such a way that anyone who looks would see them immediately. They are black, big, bold, and beautiful, a flawless choice for your exciting outgoing personality.

Modest dimple piercings

Even though dimples are originally an abnormality, they are very cool. This style makes dimples even cooler than they really are. It is so simple that you almost won’t see the piercing. You only see a cute dimple that pops-out your beautiful smile.

Thick piercings

This piercing is attractive and cute. As always, gold will stand out, now combine your smile with this gold piercings and you have a blissful marriage.

Natural black-colored dimple piercing

This tiny black jewelry creates a perfect illusion of natural dimple on your face, you even feel it. They are simply very cute and the distinction from the skin tone is just splendid. This is for you if you are one to worry about what others will think. It is so discreet even you will think it’s natural.

Little silver piercings

These are almost inconspicuous but still, give you the amazing look you were aiming at. First glance and one is attracted to it. Has a beautiful way of accentuating your facial features.

Other Dimple Piercing Ideas


Dimple Piercing FAQs

Your head probably filled with questions about cheek piercings, especially if you have never gotten one before. Not to worry you are not alone, many people have asked similar questions too. In this part of the article, we have provided answers to some of the most usually asked questions.

Do cheek piercings hurt?

Of course, they do, but it isn’t as bad as you think though. This is because the cheek is all flesh and no cartilage. You, however, have to be committed to its aftercare.

Will I experience any swelling afterward?

Yes, you will experience some swelling, how bad it gets depends on your body. Most people, however, get swelling the size of a chipmunk. You should know there will be some blood too, just a little. You may taste it for a little while in your mouth, apart from that you are good to go.

Who is the ideal piercer?

You don’t need any special piercer if it was eyebrow or ear piercing you are getting. For cheek piercings, however, you sure need a very good piercer. Someone who has plenty experience and huge portfolio. Dimple piercing has a lot of complications and personally, you might be unable to change them. This means you probably will have to visit the piercer more frequently than you signed up for.

Where can I get my cheeks pierced?

Just going into any beauty parlor you find and requesting for dimple piercing is a terrible idea. You need to have done enough research on the best location, you also have to be comfortable with the environment. If you find yourself there and uncomfortable, speak up nicely or just simply leave if you will come off rude. You want the environment to be 100% before poking a needle in your face.

Am I assured of perfect symmetry with dimple piercings?

In a lot of cases no, even though you don’t like this answer. Why this happens is that the human face itself is not perfectly symmetrical. So no matter the instruments used by your piercer the chances of a perfectly symmetrical piercing is almost zero.

What is the general public opinion about piercings?

It is innate in human to always talk, so be prepared. Some will have nice things to say while others not so nice. This shouldn’t bother you, it is your body and you have a choice to do with it whatever you please. Everyone has a right to that.

Will there be a scar?

Yes, you are at the risk of getting a permanent scar. This scar is the reason why most people get this piercing. Why you get a scar is as a result of damaged tissue that leaves a permanent mark while healing.

Caring for your dimple piercing after the process

You are required to perform a lot of aftercare activities for your dimple piercing. These activities help the piercing heal fast. Some of these aftercare processes can be burdensome but will give an amazing outcome if thoroughly followed through. The following steps are how to treat your dimple piercing after you get one.

  • Make sure you do not play with your piercing when brushing your teeth, eating or talking. You don’t want to get an infection from putting too much strain on the cheek.
  • Clean the area with care regularly. The best way to do it is dipping cotton wool in a saltwater solution. This will help clean both jewelry and piercing, perfect right.
  • Don’t clean your face with alcohol-containing liquids, it will affect the area adversely.
  • You can wash the area while having a bath, but be careful not to use strong antibacterial soap.
  • When your piercing is done avoid taking alcoholic beverages and smoking.
  • You should also avoid wearing makeup and using ointments, it is not good for the wound.

Dimple piercing wrap up

If you were confused about your choice of dimple piercing, the different ideas listed above should have helped you out. Now you can show off your beautiful dimples whether natural or not. Reading this should help you make a perfect choice.