102 Small and Stylish Tattoo Ideas for 2019

Tattoos are the symbol of expression, emotions, and artistry. These creative drawings, patterns, and prints are engraved on the skin to voice out and display the people’s affection that speaks out their personality. Tattoos become popular artistic symbols from teens to adults because of their appeal and charisma to the world of fashion industry.

Pair up your favorite edgy and popular outfit with these voguish tattoos to accentuate your style! View the latest tattoo trends in our 102 small and stylish tattoo ideas for 2018 gallery and choose the best style for you. Express your true self and never hesitate to get your tattoo!

  1. Knife Small Tattoo Ideas

The knife is one of the popular tattoos among the artistic Stigmatopiles. It symbolizes fearlessness, protection, toughness, heartbreak, and sacrifice.

  1. Arrows and Compass

When it comes to travelers, a combination of compass and arrows is a great symbol that manifests the passion for a great journey as well as the challenges on someone’s life that he/she will embark on.

  1. Mysterious Lines Tattoo

Being unique is the essence of being artistic. If you’re that kind of person, you may try these mysterious lines tattoos to express your character and emotions.

  1. Dream Catcher Small Tattoo Ideas

Dreamcatcher becomes popular nowadays due to its creative appearance and meaningful symbol. It can be represented literally and figuratively. When it comes to its literal meaning, this small dream catcher tattoo is a great sign for people who experience sleep disorders and how they fought hard to remedy their disorders. Figuratively speaking, this can also represent someone’s goal in life and how they will take their journey towards achieving a successful path.

  1. Mini Cactus on Wrist Tattoo Art

Cacti tattoos are becoming famous these days due to their mysterious symbol. As you think of this spiky plant, you will notice that it can withstand prickly heat and high-temperature environment. The same thing goes when it comes to our lives, this cactus tattoo represents the toughness, patience, and fearlessness of someone who was in the middle of a complex and challenging situation.

  1. F-Clef Mid-Chest Tattoo Ideas

Are you a musician or a music lover? Either way, this F-clef small tattoo idea is definitely a must-have! It symbolizes our love to music and it also features sexiness in our body.

  1. Punk Rock Floral Tattoo

Most of the people love floral designs regardless of their gender. This amazing floral tattoo printed on the wrist is really a punk rock art! Get yours now and express your love to floral tattoos!

  1. Withering Pine Tree

Pine trees are meaningful symbols that relate to emotions. As we all know, pine trees can withstand the freezing temperature. To compare with our lives, people experience various emotions depending on the situation. We should adopt the character of a pine tree because no matter how complex the situation is, it can still stand straight and be proud.

  1. Spring Flowers

Spring flowers define the challenge of nature. These beautiful creations symbolize perennial life and aesthetics in which these flowers manifest feminism and artistry.

  1. Crescent Moon and Sun

Express your inner thoughts and desires with this crescent moon and sun small tattoo. These elements depict feminine power and authority.

  1. Flower and Hands

Are you a flower lover? Two hands and a flower small tattoo are the best artistic designs that you could try for a flower lover like you! It depicts being unique and mysterious at the same time.

  1. Oceans and Mountains

For travelers, surfers, and trekking lovers, the combination of the ocean waves and high peak mountains are the best small tattoos to try. These remarkable prints define a person’s passion towards meeting challenges and facing a lot of journeys in life.

  1. Cat Figure

At the first glance, you might be saying, “Ohhh! How cute!” Well, this cat head figure small tattoo is a nice artistic creation that you should consider especially for cat lovers.

  1. Plane Travelling

Love spending time traveling from one country to another? Well, this plane travel tattoo is definitely suitable for you!

  1. Saturn, Moon, and Star

Saturn tattoo was derived from a Greek God – Cronus. This tattoo signifies spirituality and wisdom. It is an appropriate tattoo art for someone whose loves philosophies and religion in life.

  1. F-Clef and Flower

Do you want something unique and feminine tattoo? You may try this F-clef with a flower tattoo for a change! This is also appropriate for someone who loves music as well.

  1. Blooming Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are ideal for ladies who aspire to promote feminism and justice. This blooming effect of this tattoo signifies the freedom and rights of women.

  1. Heart with Stitches

In this tattoo, you would see it simple but it treasures a deep meaning. When you look at the stitches forming the shape of a heart, it connotes one thing. This tattoo art signifies the heart that becomes full, intact, and loving again after hurt and depression.

  1. Dandelion Flower

As we all know, dandelion flowers were being carried by air and they wander over different places. If you’re a type of person who loves to wander and think deep thoughts, this small tattoo idea is for you!

  1. A flock of Flying Birds

In this small tattoo idea, a flock of flying birds denotes freedom and will to go to different places with your friends. It also symbolizes independence, self-discipline, and toughness.

  1. Mini Elephant

Elephants embodied strength, dignity, power, and perennial life according to their nature. These huge creatures are the perfect symbol for being tough despite the challenging situations and circumstances! If you want to have a miniature elephant tattoo, you should consider this design.

  1. Rose and Leaves

Most girls love to have roses as one of their tattoos. Roses indicate feminism and protection as you’ll see these flowers usually have their thorns as their defense mechanism among invaders. The same is true with the symbolical meaning of roses as to women.

  1. Arcane Feathers

Do you still recall these lyrics, “I believe I can fly?”. In this miniature tattoo, it signifies that even how tough the world may it seems, you should believe in yourself, spread your wings, and fly high! Aim for your dreams and do something that can make everyone’s proud!

  1. Stag Head

A stag head tattoo is a meaningful art which emphasizes family, love, rebirth, and intelligence. Whenever you see this image, it reminds you the meaning of this symbol and helps you to surpass tough times.

  1. Aztec Elephant Head

As an alternative design for #21, you may also opt for an Aztec printed design to improve the elephant look even more. Some people prefer to have a head tattoo rather than the entire animal’s body.

  1. Rose with No Thorns

As you can see this rose has no thorns, it only emphasizes that the person having this tattoo depicts vulnerability and weakness. It may also be a reverse psychology symbol for someone who’s tough and faithful.

  1. Rose and Thorns

This miniature rose tattoo is a contradiction to the #27. In this image, you would see that this symbol reiterates joy, matured love, and protection against envious people.

  1. Single Ocean Wave

When you’re remembering someone, this symbol is a perfect design for you. It is simple yet substantial.

  1. Crescent Moon, Saturn, and Sun

Sun, Saturn, and moon are typically heavenly bodies and presently revolving around the universe. These astronomical symbols depict that life has so many great things to offer. It may fall among three choices and it’s up to us whether which path to take on.

  1. Perennial Flowers

Flowers are the primary symbol for women. This element denotes freedom from violence, justice among women, and right for every woman.

  1. Mini Heart

A mini heart on the shoulder is cute and sassy. It is very visible, especially when wearing sleeveless, strapless, or spaghetti strap outfits. This mini tattoo denotes sweetness and sassiness to the person.

  1. Polymerous Flower

As you can see this flower contains multiple petals, it is literally beautiful and somewhat looks like an Aztec floral pattern. It is very suitable on the bottom part and visible whenever you wear shorts or skirts.

  1. Circus Elephant

From the word itself – Circus Elephant, this symbol denotes a person despite being huge or rich, this person still live life in a humble, happy, and simple way.

  1. Faith, Hope, and Love Tattoo Art

Ideally, this mini tattoo is suitable for religious and devoted persons. It manifests the 3 elements of a believer namely faith, hope, and love.

  1. Falling Autumn Leaves

The falling autumn leaves are fashionably amazing in this image. You would see that these tattoos look like the original autumn leaves. The shades, textures, colors, and dimensional effects are awesome and aspiring!

  1. Pink and Purple Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are very delicate and mild as to their appearance. They depict innocence and simplicity yet when these flowers are blooming, they’ve become surprisingly beautiful.

  1. Crescent Moon on Wrist

A crescent moon is the first stage in the moon cycle before it becomes a full moon. As a comparison to life, this symbol depicts a new beginning.

  1. Winter Pine Tree

Pine trees are popular miniature tattoos due to their appearance and symbol. These trees are well-known for their robustness and flexibility despite the glacial and freezing temperature.

  1. Single Arrow

The single arrow depicts the choice in your life. Some people are left with a single choice and it depends upon them if they will take the chance or surrender the opportunity.

  1. 3 Triangles Tribe

These cute mini triangle tattoos are great for a friendship or BFFs goals tattoo ideas. These tattoos symbolize their lifelong relationship and friendship.

  1. Open and Close Eyes

These mini tattoos signify two options in life whether to take it or leave it. The open eye depicts the opportunity while the closed eye denotes rejection.

  1. Tropical Flower

Tropical flowers are famous among women because of their beauty and symbolism. To have some ideas, you may check on this design and add some twist to improve the image and color as well.

  1. High Peak Mountains

Mountains symbolize confidence and toughness. It was challenging and complicated undertaking to reach the top because you have to climb up the hardest way. As compared to life, it will take several challenges before you can get up to the peak. This miniature mountain tattoo is certainly an appropriate symbol for people who have this kind of mindset.

  1. Double X

This symbol might be unknown to many but according to the source, this symbol depicts a Viking symbol for Inguz. These two exes mean, “when there’s a will, there’s a way”. It is a perfect tattoo for someone who never fails to consider every chance as opportunities and motivations to aim their goals in life regardless of the situation.

  1. Snow Flake Small Tattoo Ideas

Do you love Christmas? You may consider this snowflake tattoo idea on your list. As to the shape of the tattoo, it is nearly perfect in symmetrical shape and mysterious as to its appearance.

  1. Flocks of Flying Birds Small Tattoo Ideas

Flocks of birds are the symbols of independence and freedom. It is highly recommended tattoo idea for someone who sees herself as independent and tough.

  1. Blooming Flower

Blooming flowers denote the stages of life from rags to riches. When you strive hard to bloom, your efforts will definitely not betray you. As times goes by, you will harvest the fruit of your labor and become the most beautiful flower ever!

  1. Green Fern

Ferns are plants that usually sprout in difficult places. As compared to a person, this tattoo symbolizes a person who can withstand challenging situations and endure a lot of adversaries.

  1. Flowers in Vase

It’s a typical tattoo when you see a flower or blooming flower on someone’s skin. In this image, you will notice that the flowers were kept in the vase. As a figurative symbol, this only emphasizes that the person is secured and she doesn’t feel any threats around her.

  1. Polymerous Flower Small Tattoo Ideas

As an alternative design to #32, this mini tattoo is also great to view on the arm. Whenever you’re wearing shirts or sleeveless tops, this tattoo is highly visible and fashionable as well.

  1. Lavender Flower

Lavender flowers are incredibly beautiful in their lilac color. If you’ll dreaming to have a colorful floral tattoo, you may consider this mini tattoo.

  1. Crescent Moon Face

Aside from the typical crescent moon shape, you may also consider this crescent moon with a one-sided face. It looks mysterious and artistic. It is very suitable for people with mysterious identity or for some who wants to appear cool and awesome.

  1. Pine Tree in Circle

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

A pine tree mini tattoo can also be great when surrounded by a circle and drawn at the back. Seeing a mini tattoo on a woman’s back makes her appear attractive and sexy as well.

  1. Planets and Stars

As sun brings light to the earth and other planets during the day, the constellations and moon illuminate during the night. The ironic symbolism of these astronomical bodies depicts a sense of hope regardless of the challenging situation.

  1. A Night to Remember

Did you experience something that you couldn’t forget for the rest of your life? This mini tattoo is an appropriate symbol for these unforgettable events especially when you’re remembering something that happened in the past.

  1. Voyage Map

For travelers and adventures, you should be considering this miniature tattoo to have some ideas. The map itself signifies the fun, thrill, and excitement when traveling around the world.

  1. Optical Illusion Small Tattoo Ideas

What did you see at first? A woman or a bird? This is a nice tattoo art which uses optical illusions to capture someone’s attention. It is simple yet meaningful. It is basic yet unique.

  1. Solar System Tattoo

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Based on the tattoo art #54, this is also an alternative solar system miniature tattoo. It also looks amazing at the leg part and it is visible whenever you wear shorts or skirts.

  1. Crescent Moon Facing Right

The crescent moon represents the Ying and Yang of the world. In astronomical parlance, it depicts the waxing and waning stages of the moon cycle. It is believed that these phases contribute to the spiritual positivities and negativities of the world. This is an awesome tattoo idea for someone who loves philosophic and astronomical concepts in life.

  1. Persevere Tattoo

Perseverance is the state wherein a person maintains a purpose despite the challenging situations that she will be facing. It also synonymous with persistence and endurance. The italicized perseverance tattoo is very eye-catchy and fashionable on the ankle. It looks like an anklet and the font style used was very interesting.

  1. Artistic Hands Small Tattoo Ideas

From the word itself – Artistic Hands, this tattoo implicates how creative and innovative some people are. It indicates the talents and exceptional skills among people. If you’re that type of person, you should raise your two hands and be proud of these achievements.

  1. It’s All Okay Tattoo

This quote tattoo represents the emotions of the person towards life. As the mini quote conveys, it’s all okay. It explains that no matter what life may bring, you should stand out, endure the negativities, and think that everything will be okay.

  1. Climbing Sloth Small Tattoo Ideas

Symmetrical tattoos are simply amazing due to their uniqueness and parallelism. This climbing sloth tattoo idea is a great art for someone who loves unique things and symmetrical shapes.

  1. Beautiful Planetarium

Beautiful is the only word that can describe this amazing planetarium tattoo. The shades, colors, and blending of the hues variations surprisingly resulted in this artistry!

  1. Spring Flowers on Ear


Some ladies prefer to have a tattoo that’s partly hidden on their bodies. Let’s say they want a tattoo on their ear. Consider this delicate spring flower mini tattoo on the ear for a refreshing and feminine look! It can also be used as an alternative earring in case you didn’t want to wear your earrings. It can be both for art and practical use!

  1. A balloon on the Middle Finger

Balloons may represent two life-changing scenarios namely birth and death. It serves as a symbol for alpha and omega. If you will recall, balloons are displayed during birthdays and parties and these balloons are also released during the burial. This mini tattoo art defines the two stages in a human’s life.

  1. Mini Alien Head Small Tattoo Ideas

As they say, aliens are full of mystery and uniqueness. You should try this amazing alien head tattoo to look cool, mysterious, and unique. It is simple yet eccentric but it is incredibly fashionable the way you look at it.

  1. Mountains and Sharks

Mountains and sharks represent tougher times whenever you go. If you’ll go down, there are abundant of sharks waiting for a prey then if you’ll go up, it might take you of the hardest times to climb and reach the top. So, whatever decisions you’ll have to make, learn on how to accept the consequences. If you’re that kind of person, then this tattoo is perfect for you!

  1. Winter Seasons, Deer, and the Moon

Colorful tattoos are the latest trend nowadays because of the artistic blend of colors and as if there’s a painting printed on your skin. As a sample, you may check this winter season tattoo for some ideas.

  1. Single Wave of Surfer

As a symbol for swimmers and divers, this single wave tattoo looks cool and chic. It is awesome to display especially when wearing bikinis or swimsuits.

  1. Withered Plants

You often see tattoos on the legs, shoulders, back, chest, or arm but this is something unusual. The tattoo is located near the elbow. This is also a good spot to display your tattoo and it is clearly visible even from afar.

  1. Romantic Rose

Would you like to surprise your boyfriend with a romantic tattoo? You can mimic this rose tattoo and make sure to place it near the chest. He will definitely be surprised and even romantically kiss you on this spot!

  1. Elephant Head on Index Finger

Elephant heads are also famous when it comes to mini tattoos. Try to place the tattoo on your index finger for something new!

  1. Black Rose in Box

As we all know, roses are the symbol for love, passion, and protection. For a passionate person like you, this is something that you should try!

  1. Roses and Thorns

Men love to kiss women’s hips because it signifies feminism and sexiness. A woman’s hips have attractive contours which make men fall for. A rose tattoo is perfect for this spot because it makes the woman more seductive and beautiful.

  1. Deer and the Spring Time

If you’ll take a closer look at this tattoo, it resembles a painting rather than a tattoo. The contours, shades, and artistry make the deer look alive and genuine! It’s an inspirational tattoo to consider especially for someone who loves nature and animals.

  1. 3 Flowers in Vase

These delicate flowers store in the vase symbolize security, beauty, and simplicity. Floral tattoos are very suitable for people who love flowers and treasure their value.

  1. Constricting Heart

It is rare to see someone with a vital organ tattooed on their skin. Just like in this image, the model used a constricting heart tattoo to show the anatomy of the heart. This is a great tattoo as a motivation to keep holding on despite the circumstances, stress, and depression.

  1. Sun, Earth, and the Moon

In this tattoo, you will notice that the earth is between the sun and the moon. This astronomical symbol states that no matter what time of the day, there always be a light to brighten up our darkest days.

  1. Alien Head on Finger

Have you recall the alien head symbol on the chest? You can also get an alien tattoo on your middle finger to create a mysterious yet cool image!

  1. Fingers Crossed

People do the fingers crossed symbol whenever they wish upon something. This tattoo gives a sense of hope, positivity, and luck to an individual.

  1. High Peak Pine Tree

Pine trees are typical tattoo favorites among women. They are defined as mighty and flexible in any situations. Just like women, they are believed to be strong and patient no matter what challenge may be thrown upon them.

  1. Dimensional Flowers

Dimensional tattoos are also famous among the ladies due to their symmetrical shapes and mystical meaning. As you can see, this tattoo has a twin lovely roses and an inverted triangle which connotes a parallelism and an equality symbol.

  1. Lovely Spring Flower

Flowers are always the best choice for women when it comes to tattoo designs. These lovely flowers signify feminism, sweetness, and passion among women.

  1. The Florist

Are you a proud florist? Yes, you should! This amazing tattoo art shows how a florist arranges the flowers to make them look beautiful and organized. This is a perfect tattoo for a skillful florist who devoted their time to studying and practicing the professional way to arrange the flowers.

  1. Girl and Umbrella

Some girls express their emotions through art and creativity. This woman carrying an umbrella tattoo emphasizes the melancholy of seeing someone’s leaving. This might be her mom, aunt, grandmom, or herself. It has a very deep meaning and sentimental value at the same time.

  1. Paper Plane

Paper planes will surely make someone reminisce her childhood. Seeing this mini paper plane tattoo on your wrist shows that despite your adulthood, you will never forget the people who become part of your life as you grow up! Have your paper plane tattoo today and kept those amazing childhood memories of yours.

  1. Mini Spring Flowers

Flowers may look prettier when you see them on a woman’s ankle! The eye-catching appearance of these lovely spring flowers adds more feminism and beauty to a woman.

  1. Multi-Dimensional Flower

Isn’t this polymerous flower looks interesting? It is drawn symmetrically with the blooming flower and it can easily capture one’s attention due to its mysterious impact and uniqueness.

  1. Mini Flowers in Arch

Show off your sexiness and curves with this hot tattoo idea! The crescent-shaped floral embellishments near the chest really look attractive and seductive as well. This is a good idea to surprise your loved one with this pleasuring spot!

  1. Tiny Whale

Whales are smart and amiable marine creatures. Even if there were strangers, these mammals welcome the people with a kind gesture. If you’re a fan of these intelligent whales, this is the best pick mini tattoo for you!

  1. Aztec Crescent Moon

Invigorate the simple crescent moon tattoo with Aztec design patterns to achieve this innovative prints!

  1. Quote Tattoo

When it comes to life’s directions, this simple tattoo quote had nailed it! As they say, fate is just a mere inspiration to many but creating your fate is what life really means.

  1. Mini Crescent Tattoo

Another best pick mini crescent moon tattoo for you to consider! It may look plain and simple but the value speaks for itself.

  1. Kid’s Crown

Do you still remember the times when you play as the princess? Every person dreams to be a kid again and be happy the way life goes. This tattoo shows how ironic life can be when you’re already reaching the adulthood stage and you’ll just sigh and say, “how I wish I could be a kid again”.

  1. Single Arrow on Finger

As a reference to tattoo art #39, you can also place the tattoo on the middle finger to look cool and awesome.

  1. Bird on a Twig

Birds are biblically represented as the sign of peace. When Noah sends out his bird to navigate the entire place, he used the bird to check if the flood has already gone. The bird came back carrying a twig which entails that there’s a new hope to the land. Birds serve as the symbol of hope, glory, and freedom.

  1. Seaman’s Anchor

Are you proud of yourself as a seaman? This anchor symbol is a star-studded tattoo which will absolutely look cool and awesome to you. Whenever you see this anchor, it reminds you of the life being a seaman and the hardships that you have to carry every time you ferry the ocean.

  1. Arrow Symbols on Fingers

Aztec arrows on fingers are the trendiest tattoo designs nowadays. Even among the famous celebrities and influential people, they have these Aztec tattoos. These arts symbolize life to change directions and career paths towards people. These designs might be simple but these tattoos have a deeper meaning.

  1. The Diver

Is swimming your favorite sport? This diving steps tattoo is very suitable for someone who loves to swim and dive. It highlights the repetitive steps on how to position the body then dive into the depths of the water.

  1. Sleepy Kitten

Do you love to see furs and cute paws like this one? You should be considering this amazing kitty tattoo with creative delicate colors so that you’re always be reminded of your favorite pet whenever you go!

  1. Stay Strong Quote Small Tattoo Ideas

Do you believe in the saying, “Stay Strong?” This inspirational tattoo idea is definitely a worth to try for. It is applicable to any situation especially when one’s experiencing challenging circumstances in her life. This amazing quote tattoo reminds the person to stay strong no matter how heavy the situation is.