Are Women Superior Than Men??

It is imperative to emphasize that there is no question of equality between men and women. Nature created them as the opposite sexes of the same species and this alone renders man and woman different in every sense. But, both these groups should now be equal, since both the sexes have an increased and equal access to better and varied resources. But the truth is alarmingly different from what is expected to be normal. Over the past many centuries, in almost all the major civilizations of the world, the superiority of men has been accepted as a way of life. Nevertheless, in the last 20 years or so, the scenario has changed to such an extent that people are compelled to think as to whether the fact, that both the sexes are equal in terms of their capabilities, is really true and hence the superiority of women is coming up as a hot topic amongst the present generation. This change is not restricted to the developed countries alone, and is very much witnessed in the developing countries as well.

To comprise it into one single sentence, men have created a variety of issues in different social, economical and political areas throughout the world in every single country. And, ironically, the solutions to all the problems caused by the men are increasingly being given by women after painstaking efforts. It is a scientifically proven fact that women are better communicators than men and this is largely because their brains are more networked for processing and conveying of messages. As a result, majority of women are far quicker and way better at the so-called “mind-reading” and communicating than most men. Moreover, women are more empathetic than men. Also, women have a cautious approach to life and career; they avoid reckless decisions and wait until they have the necessary skills or the full answer compared to men. Women are the world’s most successful “multi-taskers”. A look at the growing number of working women transforming into super-moms is proof enough for that. During the global meltdown that shook the world economy lately, there were many instances that showed a number of companies hiring efficient female executives into their work force and even to their boardrooms as important decision makers in order to help them come out of the market troubles. In short, female supremacy is the buzz-word these days all around the world.

In hundreds of interviews of workers and bosses, employees repeatedly complained about the feedback style of male bosses. It was found that male bosses are excessively harsh and particularly evasive. On the other hand it was noted that female bosses tend to fight harder for their subordinates, according to negotiation research, getting better raises and benefits for their teams. They give better and more encouraging feedbacks and are known for upholding optimistic working atmosphere. Women bosses are comparatively a lot more considerate towards subordinates and consider them as individuals. Latest studies have confirmed that women are at the center of transformational leadership.

Harvard Business School research says star women are more likely than male stars to remain persistently high performers. The logical explanation behind this statement is that women don’t get the same access to mentors and networks compared to their male counterparts. Star women have to innovate to outperform and everything they achieve is on the basis of their efforts alone — building stronger client ties, finding outside advisers, seeking opportunities with results that can be measured objectively. Most of the successful and eminent women in the world have scaled all heights by sheer hard work and built their career from scratch all by themselves; fighting for an existence against the male dominance prevalent in almost all societies.

Carnegie Mellon University researchers found, after analyzing traffic data in 2007, that men are 77% more likely to die in a car accident than women. It is also a scientifically analyzed and published fact that women perform better than men in timed tests irrespective of the subject of the test. This was first published in a study by Vanderbilt University researchers in 2006 which stated that women score better in timed intelligence tests than men. It was also found that in most of the untimed tests as well women fared better than man. The research showed that women learners were more successful in sharing ideas and experiences with each other, and hence learnt more efficiently than men. As per the data collected they also reached the conclusion that women have a quicker mind as compared to men.

It has been found that women invest better than men. When it comes to matters related to money, women are usually a lot more responsible than men. An international survey found that they are less likely to get into debt and also, they strive harder to become financially independent. And although more than 40% of women use part of their monthly income to pay off credit cards, some 70% of female respondents also said that having more than one credit card could lead to financial debt, revealing women’s higher awareness. Another aspect where women are better than men is the management of stress related to work and pressures of family life. This came into limelight in a study conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles, published in the July 2000 issue of Psychological Review. It found that women tend to seek contact with others and social support when they are under stress, which is a psychologically much better way of coping with stress than the  “ fight – or – flight ” approach of men.

The bond each human being nurtures with their mothers is irreplaceable. Every man on earth, irrespective of their ethnic and cultural background and upbringing, will bear testimony to this fact. Women are the first educators of children and have that special connection with the offspring of this world. It is women who give birth to children and not men. This fact alone makes the superiority of women a deserving title that men can never ever manage to challenge, let alone achieve, even in the wildest of their dreams.