Women’s Way to a Six Pack

Women having six pack abs are becoming a trend today. For some it adds a femme fatale feel for others it’s just a choice. Either way, getting a six pack or maybe just having flat abs is what makes women look good in their bikinis and even with their party dresses. So, how can women get a six pack? Here are some proven ways to do it.

Make a decision and a planwomen six pack

One must have a plan to be able to get a six pack. You can start by asking yourself if you really want it. A lot of people fail in having a six pack because they don’t have a plan or intention at all. It’s like setting out a road trip but don’t really plan on doing it. Making a decision to have a six pack is very crucial and you can this is your first step. One technique you could use is the reflection method. Try to stand up in a full body mirror, and ask yourself if you really want to make changes to your current figure. Plan on what you want to improve and start from there. Don’t forget to list them down.

Set goals

Without goals you’ll be setting a road trip with no destination. You should set goals and stick to them until you reach them. Good goal setting requires specific details. Try to set out dates, and set out how much improvement you’ll have by that time. Sometimes you got to feel it and really imagine reaching your goals. This is called mind setting and it helps a lot. Write your plans and goals in a sheet of paper and have copies of it and post it on your walls, doors, and even refrigerator if needed.

A good diet

Of course you’ll need a good diet to promote flat abs which will also help you get a six pack. A good diet would consist of low calorie foods with high nutrients. The reason is you’ll need much energy on your workouts and at the same time lose those belly fats. The perfect food items that meets the criteria is your fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, wholegrain, fish meat, poultry, low fat dairy products, and many more. You should start to think twice on your regular fast food escapades, and would have to limit them. Of course don’t forget alcohol and beer which adds up the pile in the belly.

Cardio exercise

Cardio exercise and abdominal exercise is both needed in forming your six pack abs. As a woman, cardio exercise means anything you like, it may be sports, like tennis, or it could be swimming, jogging, or even daily brisk walks. It naturally requires 30 minutes to an hour of cardio exercise about 5 to 6 times a week to maintain flat abs.

Abdominal exercise

You may need to go to your gym for this one. A coach is also ideal during the initial phases, just to have someone teach you on how to do basic abdominal exercises. The concept is to do abdominal exercise that targets all areas of the abdomen, you should know by now that it doesn’t only need crunches to do all the work. It actually involves various abdominal exercises and their variations to target all parts of the abdomen. In this way you can form your muscles in a good and balanced manner. You don’t have to stress yourself with your abdominal exercise sessions, just workout 3 to 4 times per week and that’s all you need. Keep in mind that you will have to alternate your workout and rest days to promote muscle growth and relaxation. Type of abdominal exercises you should include in your plan are crunches, sit ups, leg raise, bicycling and their variations. You can increase the repetition once tolerated, of course with your own pace.

Keep motivated

Always be positive. Read your goals once in a while. Also reward yourself if you meet certain targets, but not to the point of over indulgence, like drinking too much alcohol and other stuff. You can find inspiration almost anywhere. The nearer you are to your goals, the more you get positive feedbacks from people surrounding you. So keep it up!

A buddy would be great

Working with a buddy would boost the speed of your progress. You’ll be able to watch each other and both can serve as motivators. You can find a friend that also wants to reach the six pack goals and you can do it together.

Basically this is all you need to know on how to get a six pack. Start today and make some major changes on how you look and feel! Good luck!