Do women have a sixth sense?

The sixth sense is another term for extrasensory perception (ESP). ESP involves the reception of information not gained through the usual senses nor from an internal source. The expression “sixth sense” is a bit misleading in that it suggests that there is only one additional sense besides the traditional five senses which are sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. In fact there are at least five additional senses that include: pain, balance, joint motion/acceleration, sense of time and sense of temperature. There could also be an additional sense of direction.

The existence of a sixth sense has been a much-mooted issue for many centuries. In fact many scientists don’t believe that this phenomenon exists at all. The notion of a sixth sense is often derided as having no basis in fact. To suggest that women are more likely to have this “gut instinct” than men is also pretty controversial. Perhaps it is just that us women are, by nature, simply more intuitive than men. Alternatively it could be argued that women don’t have a sixth sense, they just think differently to men. For example, women tend to analyse many signals that men don’t notice. This could be true of relationships, family issues or simply in everyday scenarios.

Importantly, women have said that being a mother is a real test of maternal instinct which could be a form of ESP. We have an inbuilt aptitude and understanding when it comes to our kids, for sensing problems and feelings when others can’t (nb this might not apply to the teenage years!). Even their fathers don’t seem to be able to compete in this area.

Some of us are more in tune with this skill than others. Many women are predisposed to accept that it exists, and are not afraid to listen to it. The ability to use and rely on a “sixth sense” comes down to a question of faith.  There’s no rationale behind it, but sometimes you know in your heart that you should listen to what your gut is telling you. I suspect women are more open to accepting this trait within themselves and that is why it is deemed a woman’s “skill”.

A “sixth sense” can even apply to couples. Psychologists have long known that some couples learn to think like each other – allowing them to ‘know’ what their partner is thinking or about to say. Scientists have found that some couples are so in tune that their brains begin to work in sync. Research took place and found identical patterns of brain activity in volunteers who had become so close they were ‘physiologically aligned’. That means they had reached a state in which their nervous systems were ticking over in harmony, beating together, helping them to know each other’s thoughts and emotions.

I personally do believe in a sixth sense, but do agree that some are more “in tune” than others. Whether this group is made up mostly of women is a matter of personal opinion, as it cannot be backed up by facts.  I have a friend who truly believes in it and gets a “hunch” almost everyday on issues very close to her heart. She almost looks out for it. She can’t explain it, but claims that if she doesn’t listen to to what her heart is telling, she may very well regret it. Perhaps that sums up what a sixth sense really is – it’s listening to your heart for answers. And both men and women have hearts.

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