Asian Beauty Guidelines

Makeup tips are everywhere. But the thing people are forgetting is makeup tips that you can use greatly depends on how you look like. Your race alone is a huge factor on what type of makeup you use and how you use it. Always remember to use makeup tips that can apply to you. For instance, make up tips for Caucasian models may not work well if you have a dark tone or if you have narrow Asian eyes. Similarly, Asian makeup tips may not work well for European-looking women because Asian eyelids are very different because most have no crease on the upper lid. That being said, here are makeup tips specifically made for Asian women.


The eyes of Asians are naturally beautiful because of their almond shape. Putting the right makeup to it will make it even more stunning which makes black mascara and black eyeliner are the Asian woman’s best friend. When it comes to eye shadows, you must take into account the amount of fold you have above the eyelid.

  • For the Hooded Eye: The goal is to open them up for a brighter overall affect. To craft a wider eye and still retain the gorgeous shape, use a slight contouring influence. Start with an overall application of a light shadow, from the lid to the brow. Then, use a dark, medium color eye shadow on the hood of the eye, casing up the part of the lid that you want to recede. Then blend the darker shadow with the lighter color for a more natural recession.
  • For Wide Eyes: Any mishmash of shadows and liners can be used with this eye; the only thing you’ll need to settle on is if you want to make the eye look smaller or wider. For smaller eyes, use a liner to line the bottom of the eye, taking care to line as close as possible to the lash line. If you want to make the eyes look wider, line the top lash as usual and add a sparkly shade to the inner corners of the eye (the part of the eye that is closest to the nose).


Black eyebrow pencil may look too heavy on some Asian women. An alternative to this is to pick for colors lighter than your natural hair color like mahogany or dark brown. You could also try using eyebrow mascara on your eyebrows to make it look more stunning.

If you want to create a beautiful arch, take a long eye pencil and hold it diagonally so that one part of the pencil is across the tip of your nose, and the other end is at the outer edge of your pupil; this is where your natural arch falls. From there, begin to create an arch.


Asian lashes should be curled as they are typically straight. Curling the lashes should always be the first step before applying mascara. Afresh, for a wider eye, curling will instantly create this affect. Then, when you do apply mascara, use a light hand. The goal is to accentuate your eyes, but not over power.


Lips are the gem of an Asian beauty. They are nearly always naturally full and gorgeous. This is your chance to zing up your look and have fun. An Asian beauty can leave the house with only her red lipstick on for a simple elegant look.

Augment the lips with this technique. Apply the lipstick shade of your choice. Then, using a lip gloss in the color or flavor of your choice, apply to the center of the lower lip only. This will generate the illusion of luscious, full lips.


With the even complexion of most Asian beauties, a little blush can go a long way. As the face shape of most Asians is round or square, oranges, peaches, corals and soft pinks are great blush colors.  A touch of blush at the top of the cheeks will brighten up the perfect canvas, add pop, and create cheekbones that will be the envy of everyone.

Enhancing the natural beauty of your Asian features is a paramount tip. With your natural beautiful Asian looks, great skin products can help you look even more stunning. Don’t forget to start off with the perfect match foundation make up that is a must-have for every woman. Don’t get the foundations with pink tones as it makes a mask effect on the Asian skin. Look for yellow or olive undertone for those with pale light to dark skin.  Afterwards, build up the best features like the eyes for an overall beguiling appearance. And lastly, do not forget to work on your personality development to make you beautiful inside and out.