Belly Dance for Beginners Review

Belly dancing has become a popular type of cardio and toning exercise for women because of how it incorporates a full workout into a fun and entertaining dance. The Belly Dance for Beginners is led by the popular Egyptian belly dancer, Leila, and has three sections to cater to different levels of expertise. Aside from experiencing an intense cardio workout from belly dancing, it actually targets all muscle groups in the body because it requires movement from the whole body in order to do the movements right.

Belly Dance for Beginners Product Description

Belly Dance for Beginners is a fun and sensual way of intense cardiovascular workout for women. Those who are interested to take on this kind of workout need not have experience in dancing or need not have prior knowledge of belly dancing since it has three sections that teaches the most basic of steps up to a more advanced one. It is even taught by a world-renowned Egyptian belly dancer, Leila, who guarantees only the best belly dance class made available for everyone.

The three sections are as follows:

  • Section I is where the basics of belly dancing is taught such as proper posture, arm positioning and movements, various hip movements, undulations, and ‘shimmies’.
  • The second section involves incorporation of all the basic movements and integrating it with the Egyptian walk, while moving in circles and doing shimmies.
  • The last section is where all movements come into full circle and where an actual belly dance routine is to be followed as lead by Leila.

The Belly Dance for Beginners provides a workout that requires only 10 to 30 minutes a day, which does not take much from one’s daily schedule. This is perfect for women who don’t have the time to actually sign up or are too shy to attend an actual belly dancing class. This instructional belly dance video enhances women’s cardiovascular strength and it helps them gain confidence by learning the fundamentals of proper belly dancing as taught by a professional.

For those who are a bit more advanced already, the Belly Dance for Beginners also includes several full belly dancing routines done by Leila, which incorporates all fundamental steps that are easy to follow and entertaining enough to put on repeat for complete workouts at least three times a week.


–          It is perfect for beginners since it provides full and complete instructions from a world-renowned Egyptian belly dancer, Leila.

–          The Belly Dance for Beginners is separated into three sections, which teaches step-by-step and easy to follow belly dancing.

–          It also provides full-length performances by Leila that incorporates all basic steps taught in earlier sections.

–          It targets all muscle groups in the body and enhances the body’s cardiovascular strength, flexibility, and overall coordination.

–          Targets the core muscle group to help you tighten abs muscles and lose inches from your waistline.


–          More advanced dancers may want to skip this product as they will most likely find it too basic and easy.

What Do Customers Say?

There is no doubt that Belly Dance for Beginners is a very effective and efficient workout for women with customer reviews that give this program a high 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Most users commend that they found this instructional material very useful in their workout and they found it very easy to follow as well. Most users praised Leila because she was very clear and concise in giving out instructions and she was very effective in conveying the movements to be done. Most users commend how the overall video was very well put together and how learning belly dancing has never been this fun and effective.

Another great thing is that most customers were actually beginners and do not have prior experiencing in dancing, moreover in belly dancing, and they found the Belly Dance for Beginners very addicting and interesting at the same time. It kept them motivated to do their work out and it didn’t bore them at all.

They also appreciated how Leila broke down the steps into simple instructions, which made it even easier for them to follow. Leila also repeated each section for about 20+ minutes, which makes for a great warm-up for more experienced dancers, and just enough time for beginners to catch up and master the dance steps.


With all the praises and recommendations and a very affordable price of just under $10 (from, the Belly Dance for Beginners is truly a highly recommended workout for women who want to add some groove and flare to their usual workout routines. Plus you don’t have to have any prior knowledge and experience with belly dancing for this workout to help you tone up and slim down. Pick Belly Dance for Beginners online at for the best price around.