Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones review

Jillian Michaels gained international fame through the hit show The Biggest Loser. It showed how she was very intense in making contestants push harder and do more when it came to their workouts and various physical activities. It’s no wonder that she would be one of the most trusted and effective instructors when it comes to physical fitness.

The Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones workout is one of the most compact and complete workout and fitness programs available in the market today. It guarantees that no muscle will be left not worked out or used, which guarantees a very effective overall and thorough workout of the entire body.

Product Description

The Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones really means business when it comes to physical fitness and in targeting all trouble and problematic zones all over the body. This fitness program is specially designed for women to say goodbye to muffin tops, flabby arms and thighs, and so on.

It is actually a 50-minute program, which includes warm-up and cool down, and maximizes the use of the entire body. It provides a very heart-pounding and grueling workout that is sure to hit all targets in one session. Continuous use of this workout should result in a firmer and more toned body in no time.

The best part about the Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones is that it has 7 ‘circuits’ that caters to a specific area of concern. These are the following:

Circuit #1- Legs and Shoulders

– Side Shoulder Raise with Backwards Lunge (repeat on other leg)

– Shoulder Press with Squat

– Front Shoulder Raise with Chair Squat

– PressOuts – Front Shoulder

Circuit #2- Abs and Chest

– Double Leg Raise with Chest Fly

– Crunch with a Chest Press

– Bicycle Crunches

– PushUp

– Squirms (knees bent and lying down, lift head shoulders off of the ground and switch between bending to the side and lightly tap your heels)

Circuit #3- Butt and Biceps

– Concentration Curl with Static Squat

– Hammer Curl with Deadlift

– Biceps Curl with Side Lunge

– Wide Grip Curl with Front Lunge (repeat on other leg)

Circuit #4- Triceps and Thighs

– Overhead Triceps Press with Sumo Squat

– Triceps Kickback with Chair Pose

– Triceps Pushback with Forward Lunge (repeat on other leg)

– Surrender (stepping back, kneel down and back up to standing position again)

Circuit #5 – Abs (Core)

– Twist Plank

– ToeTaps with Plank (repeat on other leg)

– Crunches (Double)

– Windshield Wipers (lie on back and lift legs in air and move back and forth)

Circuit #6 – Core and Upper Body

– Superman

– Back Rows with Plank

– Pelvic Thrusts (on one leg then the other)

– Scissor with Kicks

Circuit #7- Core and Lower Body

– Kick with Fire Hydrant

– Lying Leg Raise (Side)

– Inner Thigh Raise

– Side Plank

– Donkey Kicks

Everything begins with simple warm-ups consisting of marching, simulated jumping rope, arm circles, skaters, and jumping jacks and ends with a proper cool down as well. A woman can easily jump directly into a certain ‘circuit’ or program that targets the areas of concern that she wants to enhance.


–          The Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones is a clear and concise workout and fitness plan that is designed by Jillian Michaels herself, a well-known fitness expert.

–          Its 50-minute workout includes warm-up, 7 ‘circuits’ or programs targeting different muscle groups, and a cool down.

–          Users can directly jump into a specific ‘circuit’ or program if they want to target a certain muscle group.

–          It guarantees that no muscle group will be left out and not used in the whole program.


–          Some users find it effective and some find it too intense and grueling.

Customer Review

It’s amazing how Jillian Michaels has made herself a household name from the Biggest Loser to the wide range of fitness programs she herself developed. The Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones is considered as one of the most effective and successful among her fitness programs and users agreed with their almost perfect rating as well.

Even though most women noted that they really found the workout very intense and grueling, all of them said it was well worth it in the end. It made their workout feel very fulfilling and effective. Some also noted that Jillian Michaels was a very effective and motivational trainer without being too bossy, pushy, or ‘peppy’. All in all, users have agreed that the Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones truly was effective in pushing them to attain their optimal and desired fitness.


For a price of just around $7 (from Amazon.com), customers cannot go wrong in purchasing the Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones. It’s the most concise and most effective 50-minute workout that a woman can easily do right in the comfort of her own home.