Secrets of a Happy Long-Term Relationship

What is a perfect relationship? It means different things to different couples. Ideal relationships do not exist because there is nothing perfect in this life. What each person should aim for is a happy and fulfilling partnership. There are different formulas of a happy relationship but the ingredients are almost always the same. Relationship experts from Russian Girls Dating site know the recipe and gladly share it with our readers.

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Trust and comfort

The success of a relationship depends on the ability of two partners to be honest with each other. You can be honest with your partner if you know you’ll be understood and supported no matter what. It’s impossible to build a healthy relationship if you don’t trust your partner or don’t feel comfortable with them. Living together means making each other happy – this is why people look for their soul mates. Partners should encourage and inspire each other and love each other for who they are.


Conflicts are unavoidable when you live with a person under the same roof for a long time. But the thing that distinguishes a healthy relationship from a poisonous one is the ability of both partners to negotiate. If there is a problem or something that bothers you, you discuss it with your partner and find a solution rather than make a scene.


You may have different goals or interests but you support your partner and can be happy for his or her achievements. You respect your partner’s ambitions and are always there to comfort and encourage him or her when the spirits are low. You’re always there to share the happy moments of your partner’s joy.


Respect is a foundation of love. If your relationship is based on respect, it’s destined to be successful. If you respect each other, you’ll never make each other suffer because you cherish each other’s feelings. You view your partner as a personality that makes you a better person too.


If you’re confident in your partner, your relationship is going to thrive. Confidence here means trust and a firm belief that your partner loves you and is faithful to you. If you want to hang out with your friends, he or she will not get jealous or suspicious.


A happy relationship is the one where partners are ready to make concessions. They know when it’s better to swallow their tongue to avoid a conflict. They are ready to make sacrifices for each other’s sake. They realize that a relationship is a give and take.


Happy couples are those where partners are compatible. It means they have similar interests and views on life. If one partner pays much attention to self-development and the other one doesn’t want to change anything, the gap between their outlooks will gradually become more visible and it will influence their relationship.


When people live together for quite a while, they stop to notice small details and take each other for granted. One of the secrets of a happy relationship is the ability of partners to express their admiration and appreciation without waiting for a special occasion.