Busy schedule? Tips for finding time to game

With everyone leading busy lives these days, finding time for your favorite hobbies can be difficult. That can be especially true for women, who have to juggle family and work life with their own needs. One entertainment sector that many people like to relax with is gaming, and more women than ever seem to be getting into it recently.

Figures for the gender split in US gaming indicated that 41% of the video gamers in the country during 2019 were women. That was an increase from previous years and proof that more females than ever are enjoying playing games. Of course, this trend is reflected in the online casino gaming sector, where an increasing number of females are signing-up to play. It is thought that the convenience and safe feel of online casinos is behind the increase, along with the number of celebrities who game online.

Fitting in time to game can be tricky when you are busy. The good news is that it can be done when you know how. So, what are the best tips for freeing up some time?

Find ways to game instantly  

Nothing makes it more challenging to fit gaming into your busy schedule than waiting around to play. With this in mind, a good tip is to find ways to play games quickly when you have the chance. When it comes to playing casino games online, look for instant play at online casinos. If you do not know where to start, the Bonusseeker.com website is a valuable resource for gamers. It brings together the most reliable and trusted casinos around that allow instant play.

A traditional way in which casinos do this is by offering players no deposit bonuses when they sign-up. As you do not have to put any of your own money down to start, you can sign-up and be playing in minutes. In terms of video gaming, many people now use Cloud-based gaming sites like Google Stadia to help. Accessing the latest games via sites such as this is fast, flexible, and will undoubtedly help you get more gaming time into your packed schedule.

Mobile play is also worth considering 

Mobile play is now a vast sector globally, with smartphone mobile gaming revenue estimated at $63bn in 2020 worldwide. For any female trying to fit extra gaming time into her daily life, mobile play is certainly worth considering. This is because it can be tricky to find time to game at home with everything else you have on – but most people have the time they commute into work or lunch breaks to play. Playing mobile games allows you to make the most of these situations and to fit much more gaming in overall.

Plan it into your weekly schedule  

While mobile gaming is excellent, you may find yourself only snatching an extra hour or so per week when out and about. While that is worthwhile, what if you want longer sessions to beef up your gaming time? Or what if you simply prefer playing at home on your PC or console?

An excellent tip for all gamers is to make an effort to put home gaming sessions into your weekly planner. Set aside specific days and times to game (depending on when possible) and stick to them. Although our busy lives make this seem difficult, most people can fit an hour or two in a couple of times a week.

Think about upgrading your kit  

Fitting more gaming time into your life can be as simple as using a gaming kit that works fast. Using an older machine or smartphone to game on, you could find that everything runs just that bit slower. When you factor this in over time, it could eat into your overall gaming time. When you think of the difference in processing power between a PS4 and the original PlayStation, it makes sense! Using lightning-fast consoles, PCs or the latest 5G networks for mobile gaming will simply mean you fit in more playing time in the long run.

Finding more time to game is possible 

As the above shows, there are a few neat ways to make more time in your life to play games. Whether it is video games or online casino games, the above tips will help you enjoy gaming more often and to have more time to appreciate your favorite hobby. All you then have to worry about is which game to have fun with!